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  1. I found one picture from other people and knew it was one GBASP that was getting the Emerald aura ticket at Pikachu Bus in Europe.And I want to know what is the silver thing on the top of the blue GBASP in the picture.Any guys know?
  2. Oh no. Only once.I have spent so many time to finish the game. Have you got one way to restart the manaphy egg mission or one save which had finished not blank? Thank you very much.To finish the game again is not easy for me. haha
  3. I got one Japanese Pokemon Ranger card.To my surprise I found the pokemon net had already opened in its save. However i could not see the manaphy egg in ranger net.Yet i could not play the manaphy egg game. So I thought if the egg had already sent to pearl or dimand game.So i tried to replay the game and today i finished it. However,I still could not get manaphy egg.If the Japanese manaphy egg could only get once even restart the game after the ranger net had opened.
  4. Thank you i try to find it in youtube straightly.At last i found i have no way to get" FL MEW".All kinds of languages GEN3 events show " ruby". How disappointed I am.
  5. I still dont know how gen3 Japanese distribution event works besides mystery gift and i am so intersted in it. Have you got some video resourse?Thank you.(Smile)
  6. OH you are right.I tried every 10ANNIV events in firered game.And all of them show HOENN in heartgold. It is so depressed.
  7. I think this means the Japanese hado mew was distributed through one gameboy advance to another and could not choose the character.Then even leafgreen and firered shows ruby area.
  8. You mean even the mew was distributed to leafgreen or firered shows ruby area in pk3?
  9. The hado mew area you sent are all from ruby.Have you got one legal firered or leafgreen hado mew pk3.Only one is ok.Thank you very much!
  10. I want to know if hado mew get the fateful flag because it shows in gen vii.Through which way will GEN3 event pokemon get the flag.And still I want to know how many event pokemons get the fateful flag in GEN3.Thank you.
  11. I have replied the message and still I have some problems not solved. Sorry to bother again Do you mean only ruby and sapphire show a location which will miss" fateful counter" in gen4 or every gen3 games have the chance to lose in gen4?
  12. Thank you.I also thirst for the Japanese HADO MEW (id 50716)files which was distributed in firered and leafgreen not in ruby sapphire and emerald.Because when the mew is transmitted to gen 4, the area shows different.I want the KANTO MEW.I still have not found the files.Would you please help me?Thank you.
  13. I have uploaded the pk3 files.Please let me know whether legal or not . Thank you, 385 - ジラーチ - 772233BDA20F.pk3 385 - ジラーチ - 8A9C15B6163B.pk3
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