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  1. GameMania (Belgium) https://www.gamemania.be/nl/blog/ontvang-een-shiny-zamazenta-of-zacian-in-pokemon-sword-shield Same as Netherlands, but the link seems to work, same expiry date for codes. Only for Residents.
  2. No, afaik only UK Game and GameStop Ireland don't require accounts for codes. Micromania can use your other accounts like facebook/google.
  3. Spel & Sånt *requires an account (Sweden/Norway/Finland) Oct 22 - Nov 18
  4. Starting this week in GameStop stores across North America you'll be able to receive a code card for Shiny Zacian in Pokemon Shield or Shiny Zamazenta in Pokemon Sword. Shiny Zacian October 22 – November 11, 2021 (US) October 22 – November 4, 2021 (Canada) Lv.100 OT: Lancer ID: 211022 Held Item: Rusted Sword Moves: Iron Head, Play Rough, Swords Dance, Sacred Sword Shiny Zamazenta November 12–26, 2021 (US) November 5–18, 2021 (Canada) Lv.100 OT: Arthur ID: 211022 Held Item: Rusted Shield Moves: Iron Head, Close Combat, Iron Defense, Wide Guard Source In Japan, if you show video game stores nationwide (excluding convenience stores and some stores) the Home Menu with your Sword or Shield game, you'll receive a code for Zacian or Zamazenta, and if you have both games you get 2 codes. Oct 22 - Nov 17, 2021 Source
  5. With the movie now coming to Netflix October 8, 2021 called Pokemon the Movie: Secrets of the Jungle, you'll be able to receive a Dada Zarude as well as a Shiny Celebi via serial code distributed by the Pokemon Trainer Club Newsletter. Sign up to the Newsletter by September 25, 2021 to be eligible to receive the codes. SOURCE: https://zarude.pokemon.com/en-us/
  6. Received my EU code from Micromania. Unlike the movie Zarude, this time I was unable to redeem an NA + EU code on the same file.
  7. Code requests outside US GameStop and EB Games Micromania (you will receive the code via email in about 2-3 days) GameStop Italy GameStop Germany GameMania (Netherlands/Belgium) *form only appears for residents Codes can be redeemed by June 30, 2021. PS: redeemed code U100C10N14JY8THH above
  8. They probably want to redeem a 2nd Zarude with a different region code is my guess.
  9. Looks like the UK section finally updated it's online distribution method. So for those in the UK you can receive a code for Zarude by signing up for the Pokemon Trainer Club newsletter by December 18 to receive a code in January. Edit this also applies to other European countries France | Germany | Italy | Spain |
  10. Codes from signing up for the Pokemon Newsletter are starting to rollout today. Interesting to note there is no difference between this and the European Zarude, however you can redeem both a European and non-European Zarude code in your game, so you could get more than one (I redeemed my North American and European code, GameStop Ireland was the only place from signing up online that I received a code from).
  11. Get Zarude in Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield! Add the Rogue Monkey Pokémon to Pokémon Sword or Pokémon Shield. The Event distribution method varies by countries, some which have already began since November 13. Either involving signing up online or attending in person. Links are provided below. The code must be redeemed by March 31, 2021. As codes are not region locked you may be able to sign up for some of these even if you don't reside in the country. Lv.60 Poké Ball: Cherish Ball Held Item: Leftovers ID: 201113 Nature: Sassy Ability: Leaf Guard Moves: Close Combat, Power Whip, Swagger, Snarl SOURCES: US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand sign up to the Pokemon Trainer Club newsletter here by November 20 to receive a Serial Code for Zarude in December. Latin America sign up to the Pokemon Trainer Club newsletter here by November 20 to receive a Serial Code for Zarude in December. UK/Ireland In UK pick up a code at a participating retailer website (GAME) by 13 December. For UK sign up to the Pokemon Trainers Club newsletter by December 18 to receive a code in January. For Ireland sign up online in GameStop to receive a Serial Code between November 13 - December 13 (seems to be open to anyone). France Receive a Serial Code by signing up to the Micromania retailer between November 13 - December 13. Germany Receive a Serial Code through GameStop in person between November 13 - December 13. Receive a Serial Code online starting December 1. *Promotion also applies to Austria and Switzerland. Italy at some participating GameStop stores in person, or go online and use your GameStop account to sign up for a Serial Code which you will receive within 7 days. From November 13 to December 13. (seems to be open to anyone) Spain Request a Serial Code from GAME using your account info. From November 13 to December 13. Belgium/Netherlands Sign up for a code by filling a form on the GameMania BE / NL website. Codes will be sent out within a week every Friday until December 13. *The form only appears for residents of the Netherlands and Belgium. Portugal in person at FNAC stores Sweden fill email on bottom of the page to receive a code. Supplies are running out. Also available through Webhallen. From November 13 - December 13. Reminder to redeem your code by March 31, 2021. I think I sourced most places. If you have any more information comment below so others can see
  12. Seems like a good idea, would be better if the moves were in alphabetical order. I'm wondering why you think Teleport for Mew is exclusive to Ranch / PalCity? It's a TM in Gen I and Let's Go Pikachu/Eevee so it can be tought there as well.
  13. That's amazing, I wonder if they were able to obtain all the pcny listed on bulbapedia, or if there are others not listed.
  14. Are they serious? Spend money for a chance to get a code. What an awful way to distribute an event.
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