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Article Comments posted by Deoxyz

  1. 3 minutes ago, LifeMushroom said:

    I don't see how that could possibly be detected. They must have had something else trigger the ban.

  2. 9 minutes ago, theSLAYER said:

    Not sure.
    Given how prerelease Sun Moon players are still banned, I'll say highly likely.

    Granted, the severity isn't comparable, but if they dislikey, they ban-nie.
    However, it seems like something easy to bypass.
    (recreate save, get new sync ID, transfer sync ID, or something. its on gbatemp: http://gbatemp.net/threads/pokémon-global-link-note-says-almost-6-000-people-have-been-banned-online-for-having-altered-save-da.458837/page-11#post-7046850)

    Yeah, it should be easy to bypass. It may be different this time if it's just Game Sync ID, but with bypassing the ban from the pre-release SM, you basically took someone else's NID and they get yours, thus getting someone banned who's likely innocent. In that case you'll have to not care about being a dick, but hopefully it's different this time.

    Though, anyone with who didn't think for a second that maybe going online before the game was officially released is kinda asking for it. Not surprised permabans were given for being caught for something like that that's literally illegal. Just not going online until release and they never would have been caught. I don't see how the reason with this ban is nearly as major, but maybe through Nintendo's view it's all the same :ph34r:

  3. 1 minute ago, theSLAYER said:

    Well the innocents I'm referring to people can easily be those who received an illegal Pokemon during local trading with their friends or something.
    (and didn't know)
    Given how their [GF] hack checking can sometimes screw up,
    whose to say they there's a possible condition they thought was impossible, and hit legit players?

    That's why we thought bans like this would never happen based on having illegal pokemon, but it looks like they may have started doing it anyway.

    By the way, do we know if these are these "permanent" bans?

  4. Luckily I never use Game Sync functions, so if it doesn't affect normal online, I don't really care if I personally get banned. I only do a bit of direct trading and occasional wondertrade.


    18 minutes ago, karurosu said:


    I was banned too. I have never used the QR island. I think the problem was the pokédex. I used pkhex and clicked on complete dex. That must have been it. You cannot get a marshadow legally or a shiny ultrabeast registered in your dex. I also clicked on give all fashion items but you can buy that and the game will detect it as bought after all...

    Have you used the updated PokeBank? Game Sync within the last week? Going online for GTS/etc within the last week? That may be able to help more exactly pinpoint what's causing the bans.

  5. Odd timing that this happens right after the Bank update. Illegal monsters in Bank never mattered before, but perhaps the update sends flags to their server if an illegal pokemon exists in Bank of a corresponding NID. Maybe it's even the Bank's NatDex that has anything illegal registered. With that many bans being issued, this seems to be a pretty plausible cause. Idk how else they'd issue 6000+ bans for hacking.

    If either are the case, I'll probably get a ban :/

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