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  1. Well, seeing as the coin case glitch only works in the international releases, there is proof that they changed the offsets at some point. However, are there any glitches that give you a Celebi and work in the Japanese releases? The only other one that I can think of is the coin case glitch, and that only works in the international releases.
  2. Yeah, I guess getting the bad clone would be pretty hard, all things considered. I also agree that ACE would be much easier. The reason I like this so much, is because you can "breed" a shiny Celebi, and that is the closest you can get to a legitimate one. (Edit: without the GS ball event) I don't see why it wouldn't work on a Japanese copy, as far as I know it doesn't use the coin case glitch or something that isn't in the Japanese versions.
  3. What about the Celebi Egg Glitch? That one is one of the more useful ones, IMO, although you have to have two Sneasels, but those can be traded for. Link to the Bulbapedia page explaining it
  4. Huh, I didn't know the machine did that, I thought that it would load it into the cart, and then you would have to reinsert it to get another. As well, was the animation like the trading one, like it would show the Celebi going through the trade cable? I heard that it was like that for the Mew machines:
  5. Hmm. I just found a picture that shows something rather interesting: If I am not mistaken, and I am pretty sure I'm not, this Celebi machine is running a (Modified) Silver cartridge inside. I guess it would make sense for them to not use exclusively Gold cartridges. What is also interesting is that this is in the exact same casing as a Mew machine: As opposed to most of the pictures of it on the internet: This picture in particular was taken in the summer of 2000!(At Spaceworld, Japan) While the one above was taken in 2001(Belgium).
  6. I would assume so. Since the TID and SID could reasonably be between 0 and 65535, most likely all of the numbers you have generated could be legitimate combinations. (Link)
  7. Well, while it may not be official,(and not through PKHeX) there are many fan-made guides and programs that can convert gen 2 Pokemon into a gen 3 save. (Here is a link to a guide made by Doktor Gilda: Link)
  8. I actually heard they were yellow before: (Link to the conversation stated above, it also talks about a glitch in the distribution machines: Link) Strange though, I can't seem to find any pictures of the yellow ones. Perhaps the yellow ones are slightly better in software than the blue ones, not just a colour change? Maybe they could have loaded the Celebi automatically, instead of the employee having to press the button to transfer it.
  9. Do you remember if it looked something like this? As well, did the employee push any buttons? Like, something to get the transfer started?
  10. I haven't found much information about Celebi Machines, even after searching through the Internet for the last couple months, but this is some of the more notable information that I have gathered: There is a (possibly modified) Super Famicom inside, which has a (also possibly modified) Super Gameboy 2 inserted in it. Inside the SGB2 is a modified Gold version(or Blue for the Mew machines). The SGB2 is connected to a modified Gameboy/Gameboy Color, which in most pictures you can see as the "IN" slot. There is a glitch relating to Pokemon in the party having mail. What I don't know: If the Super Famicom/SGB2 is modified How they are modified. How the Pokemon Gold/GBC is modified How the Celebi is distributed. I have heard that it is automatic, but that might be untrue. These are merely my findings on this topic. I would love to hear everyone else's finds into this, whether it is false or true.
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