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  1. I... did. I was already at the part where you have to deliver the Ranger Tribune or whatever as your first official Ranger Mission, and Starly was officially made my partner pokemon. Once I came back to the ranger base and ended the day, the next time I regained control of my character the Starly was back, but with the hacked pokemon in the first friend slot instead for some weird reason.
  2. That's the funny thing - I didn't use it until I officially got Starly as a partner. How annoying. I'll probably pass on playing this game, then. At least for now.
  3. So recently I decided to try and motivate myself to play through this game, but found myself quickly bored with the droll partner lineup they give you. I tried using the partner modifying code that someone (SCV? not sure; it was on an old pokesav thread) made, but ran into some issues. At first, the only glitch was that the partner assist gauge would not show up outside of battle. A minor annoyance. But then the real trouble started. After a cutscene (specifically, the one where you end the day after delivering the newspaper), I was stuck with my original Starly again - but that's not all - my hacked partner was now stuck in my party at the first slot, eating up a friend pokemon slot and not showing up on the release screen (and not even going away after being used in battle!). Any ideas on how to fix this without having to just start another file?
  4. Capcom - Cody's Theme [03:24] Turn the beat back
  5. Oh lord, I have no idea. I'd say it would be a decent bet that my first game was The Legend of Zelda for the Nintendo, since my grandfather owned both that and Zelda II long before I ever had my "own" video game systems. After that, probably Sonic 1 + 2 + 3 + Knuckles, if not a few random games in between.
  6. Rares that are specifically holo in the actual set can only come as holo and reverse foil unless they come in a theme deck, like the Tangrowth you have.
  7. If it makes anyone feel any better, I voted without even reading a single post in the thread. I voted Deoxys because the minmax image makes perfect sense for a hacking community. :T
  8. And at the same time, their opposition wouldn't suffer from a chunk of their HP being gone and not being able to use Focus Sash. Wouldn't Regice make a decent Zapdos counter at that rate, even? It just seems like a give and take scenario to me, honestly.
  9. I'd love to play some games where it wasn't used just to see how it would work out, but I wouldn't support a ban (I don't support any). The fact of the matter is that it's a one turn attack that takes away a decent chunk of HP from ALL of your opponent's Pokémon, and renders a lot of strategies and items much less useful or even obsolete. It's too stupidly good not to use. Is this a bad thing? Maybe, maybe not. If you're worried about "over centralized metagames" and whatnot, I suppose it could be a concern.
  10. I see nothing potato about this team. 0/10.
  11. One word. wat
  12. It's just as absurd as being emotionally attached to any other invisible, non existent entity. *cough* :rolleyes: Though really, I don't see "using bitter medicine" as "being mean". You have to take medicine in real life, and 90% of the time it doesn't taste good. Oh well? The user will toughen up eventually. :T
  13. God Is An Astronaut - Forever Lost (Reprise)
  14. Exciting to see someone finally making a move towards activity. I'll keep my eye out.
  15. Hey, you go get YOUR head cut off and see how much you feel like fighting afterwords. I don't think any amount of experience is relevant.
  16. Hahaha. Right. How about all the 100% accuracy moves? Those could use some trimming for sure, especially since a lot of them end up causing a OHKO anyways. 80% as a baseline would be perfect. Or how about the lack of hit/evasion attributes along the lines of HP/Attack/Defense/etc? It makes no sense that faster Pokemon aren't also capable of dodging easier. OHKOs and evasion boosting moves aren't broken, they're merely high risk/high reward maneuvers, something that competitive players like to label "luck" and dismiss as "cheap" because they don't like losing to something that isn't 100% predictable. (But lets ignore the fact that matchups alone contain about the same amount of "luck" considering all the viable teams you can build in the game - come on guys, this isn't Chess.) Anyway, as far as anything else that I think shouldn't be in the games - breeding. Yeah, I said breeding. This mechanic, in conjunction with IVs, is the cause of the most ridiculous time sink ever invented on Pokemon. I imagine it also spawned a lot of "interesting material" on the internet, too, but I guess that would have happened either way. Don't get me wrong - I enjoy the concept behind it, but it's application is horrible. Leave two Pokemon with a daycare and run around for a billion steps, only to come back and run around for another billion steps to hatch the damn thing? And then you find out IT HAS BAD IVS ZOMG NO? Have fun wasting as much of your life as if you were playing an MMO trying to get that perfect spread, and God help you if you want a decent Hidden Power. Breeding wouldn't be so bad if the IV system wasn't implemented as it is, but if I had to choose one or the other to change, I'd pick breeding. IVs at least serve a good function - to make each Pokemon unique to the noncompetitive player (I'm looking at the kids, here). Breeding just adds another time sink to an already monotonous end game. +1 to the "Mewtwo can fly but gets hit by ground moves anyways <:D".
  17. Wow, you've been really gunning it to get this stuff completed. Completely off topic, but your title is cracking me up.
  18. I know exactly how much of a pain life can be. Hope you resolve everything and can get back to us sometime in the future, even if it takes years. You're one of the more lively faces around here, so don't give up!
  19. The download link isn't up on the official site. It's been down for a long time now.
  20. I generally use whatever doesn't make people whine. Other times I don't care. Depends on the day. I don't adhere myself to any tier list unless requested to, really.
  21. Welcome to the fallacy of tiers in a game like this. When you ban one thing, something else WILL take its place. That's just how it works.
  22. Turning 22 on the 21st? TRYING TO RACE THE MONTH ARE WE? Happy birthday
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