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  1. In GSC the gender is based on the atkIV, so having a female with a 15 IV in GSC is impossible unless its a female only species (like jigglypuff). It looks a bit like this... X MALE 1:7 1:3 1:1 3:1 FEMALE RATIO 0 M F F F F F 1 M F F F F F 2 M M F F F F 3 M M F F F F 4 M M F F F F 5 M M M F F F 6 M M M F F F 7 M M M M F F 8 M M M M F F 9 M M M M F F 10 M M M M F F 11 M M M M F F 12 M M M M M F 13 M M M M M F 14 M M M M M F 15 M M M M M F atkIV
  2. Yeah sorry, the program was turning out great, until I just generally lost interest. I do not even have the build environment setup currently to build an older version of the binary if I wanted to. These were the last screenshoots from the last version I made screenshots on... (I have a binary flaoting around, but its filesystem handling was buggy, so all it really can do is browse its internal filesystem). Though in fact I made 2 or 3 minor versions past this there was no major improvement. You can find the complete source and other such stuff in this folder on my server: http://www.csdgn.org/files/pokesav/ I apologize for wasting your time, but I wanted to get this out to anyone interested. The source code is included, and while I do not really care about licenses to much but if you really want one GPL v3 looks nice. That way other people can benefit too. But really its nothing 'that' special. Mostly just tables and a handful of small functions. I wanted to finish it at some point but it really doesn't look like it will happen.
  3. Hi, yeah, this is probably dead. For now anyway.
  4. I wouldn't say its so much the difficulty as it is the lack of interest on my part. Till I get back into Pokemon (it tends to cycle these things), it probably will not move.
  5. blah, not dead just.. to be honest not really been interested in this recently. Honestly, it is fairly redundant. I have actually been waiting for Sabre to contact and or get with me about Pokemod, but that really hasn't happened either. I do think Sabre has gotten in a bit over his head though, considering the number of supposed features.
  6. As for the programming language used, it doesn't matter really, its in machine code now. It could be C, C++, Visual C++, Visual Basic or maybe even AutoIt. It probably isn't Java, C#, Pascal, Lisp, Javascript, COBOL, or brainfsck (or any variants there of).
  7. Yes and No What Sabre had done was done in C#, however looks like its going towards C++.
  8. Okay, time for some trouble shooting if you still have problems cplease contact me via PM so we can get things sorted out, and atleast get things compiled.
  9. No offense but Google is not considered an acceptable translator for most people. Also there is no source/code, they just hack the resources.
  10. Yes actually, every time someone suggests something that is not on the list, he edits the list, adds it, and says its already on the list. Because by that time.. it is on the list.
  11. Indeed. If you have a working flashcart for the DSi then it should work on the DSi. (assuming that cart supports homebrew).
  12. Oh right, erm well never released it. Since it was never finished. I released the source of what I had so far awhile ago on the other forum. But I suppose I could make it a click and go sort of thing. (ergo rename your save to something and place it in certain directory, then run the program)
  13. All 31 IV only have a handful of possible PIDs. But almost all 31 IVs, most likely have a great deal more possibility, probably any combination of nature/gender/ability with almost perfect IVs exists. Personally I would just create a PID table but it would be annoyingly large. (about 13 bytes times the number of possible pids (4294967296), ergo about 53248 mb (unless I screwed up my math))
  14. Well assuming the plugin installed correctly.. Open eclipse and find the place you want to work with it, generally this place should be without spaces. Then goto file->import And select "Existing Projects into Workspace" Browse and select where you unzipped the project files I sent you.
  15. Oh that, it works.. but currently only with Gold and Silver and with your party pokemon and boxes 1 to 7.
  16. To be honest I didn't plan to support full editing either. Mostly just editing of PKM files and maybe some basic save editing, such as start date, name, OT ID, SID, rival name, item inventory, etc. Nothing like what you plan to do with pokemod.
  17. Be sure to tell me when your both setup as far as you think you can be.
  18. Visual Studio.. I have no idea how to use it to compile PokesavDS. So if you want to use it and can set it all up to compile an NDS file, then feel free to use whatever you like. But I have an additional library for you at this moment. Having extra things will not conflict, just be sure you have the latest of everything there I linked and installed. Here is my custom uLibrary compiled version: http://www.csdgn.org/pokesav/uLibrary_1_12.7z Edit the Install.bat so that the paths point where they should, also I use drive Q: so watch out for that and change it back to C: or to whatever you have it at. Here is my current working version of my rebuild, so if you feel up to the challenge of getting it compiled. However its nothing special at this point and it doesn't even view pkm files. http://www.csdgn.org/pokesav/PokemodDS.7z It includes both the source and a binary under the Debug directory. Its setup to use Eclipse so if you point eclipse at it and have things where they should be, you will only have to change a few things to get it running in eclipse (mostly directories).
  19. Okay okay, you two i'll get you setup with an environment you can built it in. I'll explain it here. First you need to get devkitpro. http://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=114505&package_id=160396 Install that and devkitarm. Grab a copy of the new libnds http://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=114505&package_id=151608&release_id=661069 and you will need this arm7 binary http://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=114505&package_id=156994&release_id=646293 You are almost ready to start working with it now. I use Eclipse myself for development but it isn't required. But it is very helpful. If you are going that route you need to get it. You will need "Eclipse IDE for C/C++ Developers (68 MB)" http://www.eclipse.org/downloads/ After that you will need the nds development plugin for eclipse. http://dev.snipah.com/nds/updater unzip that into your eclipse directory If you need more specialized help just ask. I am in class so I will get the source and such to you later (if you don't have windows need to find an alternative for devkitarm)
  20. Ermm nevermind, thanks for the offer however. If you knew how to write a destructor it wouldn't be overly complicated to write one for this.
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