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  1. Oh right, uhm if that doesn't work, try deleting your fork first then reforking.
  2. example: git remote add chris git://github.com/cwensel/bixo.git git fetch chris git branch chris-fork chris/master git checkout chris-fork git branch -M chris-fork master
  3. I merged shadow-steves main translation fork into the main translation files.
  4. We need some more translations for this: Tutorial / Choose Pokemon Shops 1 AND Shops 2 PC/Box Pokemon Center PLEASE NO MACHINE TRANSLATIONS (this includes Google Translate), we are not idiots, are are more then capable of doing that ourselves if we wished to do so! You can use those as a reference, but do not use them flat out.
  5. I got the PC translated, hopefully that will be in the next release. (whenever such a release is of course, don't ask me, because I don't know when)
  6. Try to focus on the 0000/ files, they are the ones we are working on, 0001 is the exact same thing, just in kanji.
  7. Just keep in mind if your looking for something there are 55+ pages here, use the topic search function, your question might have already have been answered.
  8. The link is incorrect, please provide an external download link. We cannot login as you.
  9. Also didn't take into consideration the limited color palette on the DS from the looks of things.
  10. I tried to keep true to the japanese titles. Making a fully custom one would have been much easier.
  11. These are what they look like except, without watermarks, in case anyone is wondering. Once these get in game its open season, anyone can rip them out agsin. However till then... yeah I don't want any but our translation using these screens.
  12. Kaarosu, here are those title screens. Hot out of photoshop. REMOVED See private message instead. (So that no one else takes them and hosts them as their own etc, private message only)
  13. Obviously I don't. The masterball is far too awesome to actually use.
  14. All the games including platinum and HGSS use 512 KB saves, only some carts set it to 1 MB for some inane reason. Battle States are not displayed in the hex editor, and are thus not able to be edited.
  15. This topic is a bit old, but the latest can be grabbed from SVN.
  16. This topic is ancient, please lock it.
  17. Shiny status is based off of three things the pid is a 4 byte integer, and sid and id are both 2 bytes each split the pid and half and do this (pid0 ^ pid1 ^ sid ^ id) if this is less than 8, then the pokemon is shiny. This means changing the sid or tid of a pokemon will change its shiny status.
  18. I don't actually show the unencrypted bytes in ppse-ds, haha whoops. Yes I am working on r11, its very slow though. Sorry
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