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  1. To bad it was actually ifyfg who brought that up 2 days ago, and me mentioning it may be the case a day or so before that. Just go away. You are just reusing old facts other people have gotten to try and seem 'intelligent'. (And it isn't working.) Also I have tested, just not on HGSS. It works on other carts just fine. As for it succeeding, atleast I am working on it. Where as some people just like to sit and complain about people who are attempting to solve the problem.
  2. Your a moron. If you don't know what the tool does then why are you suggesting you know how to fix it? All things considered I already mentioned that may be the case. "If it doesn't work, then some otherwise specialized work needs to be done to work with the carts." But just so you know, saying 'just forcing save type 3' shows how little you really know on the subject. The save type is just how many extra address bytes it needs to write to the carts memory controller to access the entire eeprom. In fact type 3 works for ANY size eeprom, but its a waste of access/write time (considering how slow the cart is) to do so. What probably is the case is that the cart probably requires special initializer data to be written to a specific address before the eeprom can be accessed. Finding this data should be as simple as reverse engineering the rom. (if anyone cares to do my work for me). -- Yes I realize I am biting off this halpless persons head with this post, but honestly the short know-it-all posts people tend to post bother me a great deal. If you want to discuss the topic, your going to have to post more then a "your doing it wrong". Especially if the person who your saying it to already stated that they may be doing it wrong! ---------- Post added at 08:26 AM ---------- Previous post was at 06:37 AM ---------- That 'extended data' I was looking at is explained here: http://nocash.emubase.de/gbatek.htm#dsfirmwareserialflashmemory However the save doesn't seem to follow the standard, so I need to look into it a bit more. c03 tell it to get read to read (there only for completency...) c05 is busy blah blah (not honestly needed I admit) c9F first byte of identifier <-- Important c00 second byte of identifier <-- Important I will maybe try to enable the WEL before reading and see if that helps at all in next version. But I need to get with one of you on irc when you have a few extra hours.
  3. If it doesn't work, then some otherwise specialized work needs to be done to work with the carts.
  4. need to select type 3, (types 1 and 2 will not work)
  5. Kay kay. Sorry this one took me so long, I had tons of buttons to write, and they keyboard had much debugging to go through (especially the Japanese one... T_T). Oct 10, 2009: r8 + Added Text Editing Support + Added Japanese Text Editing Support + Added Pokemon Name Editing + Added Pokemon Trainer Data Editing (name,id,sid,gender) + Added Trainer Name and Rival Name Editing + Added Pokedex placeholder main menu option. * Moved Pokemon edit controls over for later expansion. * Decreased hold for drag time in pokemon editor * Updated Extended Font (added more symbols) = Fixed extended font render preformance bug = Fixed extended font render colorless glitch = Fixed bug with party reordering (minor) = Fixed preformance bug in name display = Fixed unclosed file pointer in Extended Font Loader = PokeLib: Fixed bug in poketext writer
  6. try keeping the cart out of the DS when you goto select EEPROM -> SRAM once the menu comes up, then push it in. (Sorry its a fallback method, I suppose I should of made it easier)
  7. OKAY nevermind, same link. I added a mode in savhax where you can manually select the EEPROM type and Size. HGSS should be Type 3, with a 512 KiB size. Savsender isn't mine originally so I will try and update that later.
  8. http://www.csdgn.org/files/savhax.7z http://www.csdgn.org/files/savsender.7z Basically yeah, its stuff I compiled/wrote for you people who wanna get your HGSS/save on or off your cart, the savHax is undocumented so I will give a short explination on how it works. The savsender included is a heavily hacked down copy for your enjoyment it also 'should' work. This is all assuming the info I got was globally correct. Its the standard savsender, slot 1 only, friendly. Untested. (hope?) Slot 1 Flashcart: savhax requires some sort of extended ram (3in1, opera ram, etc etc etc). 1. Start savhax. 2. Pull out your flashcart and insert your retail cart. 3. Select "EEPROM --> SRAM" and let it do its thing. 4. Put your flashcart back in the DS. 5. Quickly restart your DS (turn off and then back on) 6. Start savhax again. 7. Select "SRAM --> FILE" 8. Assuming it comes up with the correct size, your done! Slot 2 Flashcart: Not tested.... (not sure if it even works in slot 2 device) 1. Start savhax. 2. Select "EEPROM --> SRAM" and let it do its thing. 3. Select "SRAM --> FILE" 4. Assuming it comes up with the correct size, your done!
  9. Why does it need extended RAM? OKAY to be honest I could yes, use extended ram, I could drop a binary payload into a slot 2 so that it could read write directly from a normal cart. I could make it work completely with every slot 1 and slot 2 device and every type of save type. I could even give it full 3D graphics and multiple window support plus press and select on the fly editing along with supporting every language pokemon was ever put it. I could also make it edit every single byte of a normal save file with full compatibility across games... But will I, NO. I will not, unless your going to pay me for all that crap I am not going to do it. I actually already have code to make use of extra ram in slot 2, but I don't use it. (I do not need it, since I can load data as needed). This is mainly for my own use, I am not a community service. I have extended support a little bit for other devices already, but just to be nice. Unless you are volunteering your time to do those extensions (and if you can, you really don't need to build off my app, you can make your own save editor). As for text support, it already supports displaying almost every character that the actual games have in them for writing names.
  10. No real slot 2 support... sorry -.-
  11. Oi, 7.2, Fixed that save error (I decided to take a look at my library and spotted the dumb dumb mistake, it was consisting of 1 symbol I forgot!) Have fun
  12. Alright, I have r7 now. Its much less buggy now. This is mostly a bugfix edition, though there are a good number of good features too. + Added Game Stat Viewer (Not just IV/EV) + Added Numeric Species Reference + Added Numeric/Alphabetic Species Sort + Added Held Item Editing + Added button to return to main menu = Improved Graphical Stability! (a lil) = Fixed Party Stat Calculation (yay) = Changed Abilities to Alphabetic Sort = Internal Rebuilding
  13. I have fixed Dive, there are a few others that are wrong as well. Automatic team resorting will be in r7. As for the 'legit' mode, I do not have the time to create a list of every move every pokemon might be able to have, let alone does the DS have the memory to keep all 493 tables, each with a possible of 467 16-bit entries for possible moves. This comes to 462384 bytes (minimally), that comes to almost having an entire extra save file in memory. By contrast the music takes up 20452 bytes, and my background and logo images take up a collective 393216 (but I store those in vram, so it doesn't matter) bytes. All the pokemon icons uncompressed combined take up 2mb, thats why I do not load them all at once (I have at most 32 loaded at once, which is 32768 bytes). Unfortuantely I cannot do that with data tables (yet).
  14. I try not to leave traces but it happens. R6 is out.. Added Party drag and drop and editing, that might still be buggy. Added pokemon Species, Move, Ability, and EXP/Level editing.
  15. I use a cyclods evo, so that probably works best.
  16. I will be adding a exp edit button later, but no specific (set to) buttons (what with screen real estate being what it is).
  17. Revision 5: I redid the most of the theme engine. I combined the party and box pokemon (cannot edit party or move them around, or even view yet, but you see them there). You can edit the IVs and EVs of your pokemon now (yay for start of pokemon editing?). I know the current edit controls take up tons of room, may change later to more fancy stuff. I shaved almost 200 kb off the file from reworking theme and optimizing code. PPSE-DS? I tried to ask SCV, but I am tired now and he is away. He can reply here or message me or kick me in IRC. I will change it back if he doesn't like it.
  18. No, its not permanent if you don't. (How do you think I found out resetting works?)
  19. It works best in root folder with its normal name. If not then if your loader lacks argv support it has to search the directories for itself and it could take a long time to load.
  20. mmkay, yes.... Revision 4 New update, I completely rebuilt the entire font system. (Waaaa! T.T) I added pokemon box editing, you can now move your pokemon around your boxes, clone them or delete them (only one of those you can not do in the actual game). So safe to say the only thing you will notice is you can clone pokemon in your boxes now. (I must seem slow to you..). ---------- Post added at 05:41 AM ---------- Previous post was at 05:31 AM ---------- Also!!! PLEASE REBOOT YOUR DS AFTER USE. Do not just soft reset, my app writes to certain parts of the 3D system which could cause problems with your games (which isn't reset by your carts or cannot be reset at all), so a reboot is best!
  21. Actually it can, but how it does it I do not know. A few homebrew make use of this already, like eepinator, and the various backup tools. The difference is, would not be able to run the ROM of the cart (or write to/from your flashcarts filesystem even if reinserted). But playing with eeprom is doable. It does a bit of reading of itself at the start, but after that is it mostly done. Thought currently it reads pokemon images dynamically into memory, that would have to be fixed. those should fit fine though. However I say, its not planned, it is not a goal of PokesavDS.
  22. It is possible, but I am not sure how to do it. (and HGSS's save isn't understood yet)
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