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  1. I'm having difficulty trying to apply the patch to the game. I've tried NUPS, xdeltaUI, and UPS patcher. All of them give a similar error such as "The patch doesn't match the file." I've downloaded the newest 0.97 patch and have a clean iso of Pokemon XD.
  2. Thank you so much! No where in my google searches have I been able to find anything that outlined or mentioned the save structure of Pokemon Stadium. Let alone direct me to the tool uCon64 that makes it possible. I can finally start to find where registered party Pokemon are located in the save file. However, uCon is being difficult to setup so it will probably take me a few days to get it running.
  3. Can any one tell me the hex coding to input latios name in japanies.
  4. What is the 85h for raquaiza caught in the embeded tower
  5. From what I under stand the 85h should be 00 since the pokemon was not caght in grass or in a cave or in a building and most defently not given to you by some one so it only leaves the 00 value
  6. For the Suicune that wound be caght on route 25 would 85h be 02 thought it is not in grass just like darkrai
  7. I would like to know the 46h 47h and the 85h for the Dratini that is given to you in the Dragons Den.
  8. Also the values 9F and 00 for route 11, and AD and 00 for route 25 is being used for my Pearl. So I was wondering if the numbers are inputed in the 46h and the 47h. Lastly would anyone know the 85h for the Suicune caught in SS and HG.
  9. Would any one know the hidden value numbers for Pokemon captured on Route 25, and Route 11.
  10. I got that form the Project Pokemon's Pokesav Section on the home page then the Pokemon Edit page. http://projectpokemon.org/editing/pokesav/pokesavpokemonedit.php
  11. Another Question would Hidden Hex Values 85h still be 02 for Platinum.
  12. Can some one tell me the Hidden Hex Values for the Shaymin you catch in Platinum. I've looked at the Project Pokemons Pokemon Edit Page and I get messed up when it says "In Platinum, the 46h value is also important." Can some one help.
  13. I think the Pokedex show have a trash byte section so we could make other language easier. The reason for suggesting this is I am trying to make a Japanies Gallade but I don't know the trash bytes to make its name.
  14. The max EVs it can have is 100 by giving stuff like Iron EX Hp 100 Attack 100 Defence 100 Speed 100 Sp Attack 100 Sp Defence 10 Yes one has to be ten to make the sum of 510
  15. When is the Japanies Movie Jirachi from the GBA going to be on the download section.
  16. They can't just make it for the DSi due to the fact not every one has one so not just makeing it for the DSi will keepp there sales up and that is all they realy want. But they may give the games a few DSi features.
  17. If you think about it they all ready did this trick. They put the jagged ear pichu into a question mark and everyone thought it was a new pokemon. So I dout they are going to be new pokemon. I think they are just arcues, pikachu, and the third one i think could be raichu darkrai sky shaymin or a realy messed up heatran.
  18. Could you post the ar code to the Pichu my pokesav can't display japanies writing
  19. Ok I am not able to make japanies pokemon on my pokesav, so do to this i can't make this Pichu. So... could someone post the ar code for this Pichu.
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