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  1. Is it possible? This does not include BW2, when Destiny Knot was introduced.
  2. Thank you for replying, @BlackShark
  3. Does this Palkia have a chance of being shiny?
  4. @Kaphotics I noticed it had a TID and SID tab on batch editor, but I have no idea what I'd have to input. Some help would be appreciated.
  5. Good evening, So is there a way to change the Trainer Name of all your Pokemon in your boxes, without having to change them individually, one by one? Including TID and SID? Thanks, Iz
  6. I have access to PkHex on my Switch with CFW, so I can easily clone on that system. With that said, it is annoying having to trade back and forth between consoles for clone desires. So, about 10 minutes ago, I found out about the Missingno and Ditto trick to clone on a non-CFW Switch. I came here, seeking that Missingno file (or raid if not available) just to come across this thread. Glad I did, before I got a hold of the Missingno anywhere else. I guess I'll have to stick with trading back and forth. I definitely do not want to have any problems like the thread creator did.
  7. Does this charmander have a chance of being shiny?
  8. Hello I wanted to know what measurements PkHex is using for SwSh? I assumed PkHex automatically added the weight/height when you are genning a Pokemon, but I can see now that is not the case. I opened up a legitimate shiny Rilllaboom, which I obtained by breeding. PkHex says it's height is 114, and weighs 86. I'm thinking the weighting measures might go by kilos, as Serebii has Rilaboom as 90 kilos. Not sure what the height measures may be. I just noticed something very important. I am viewing all the eggs I have bred of the same specie. They are all different in height and weight. Is this due to the fact that the Rillaboom parents I used, when gen with incorrect height and weight? Or is this an error on PkHex?
  9. Iz.

    Clear Boxes like PKSM

    It didn't work when I tried it last night. However, I tried it an hour ago and I successfully cleared all 32 boxes. Thank you @theSLAYER
  10. Iz.

    Clear Boxes like PKSM

    Don't know what to do there.
  11. Iz.

    Clear Boxes like PKSM

    I have all 960 slots filled on my PC in my copy of Shield Version. Is there a way for me to clear a box without having to delete them manually, one by one?
  12. I didn't use checkpoint, to make a backup file of my current Shield save file, to open up in pkhex. I removed my sd card as soon as the screen turned black, after hitting restart. I can't recall what I chose. I was in a screen where I had to use the volume buttons to move up and down. I used the power button to select my option. I think I only chose reboot. I didn't bother playing close attention. I have a little too much going on that I wasn't properly focused. @theSLAYER
  13. @theSLAYER I did not make a backup of my current save. I was too excited that I didn't do that first. XD
  14. Actually, I didn't enter back into CFW. I guess I must have chosen to enter in normal mode. Now I will have to go to this person's house to re-enter into CFW.
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