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  1. Are we able to change the background music that is played while you use PKSM? If so, what file type is allowed and can we put actual tracks from artists?
  2. I'll check out Excel. Thank you for both the replies and your time. @Kaphotics
  3. That is definitely one way. Thank you. @Kaphotics Is there anything that resembles the neat and simple layout KeySav's TSV layout offers?
  4. So I opened the box data report. How do I copy all boxes to my clipboard? Thank you for your time @Kaphotics
  5. Is there an app like Keysav that allows you to copy the clipboard of 30 boxes of eggs?
  6. @theSLAYER I do have checkpoint on my 3DS. I will read that guide. Thank you for the quick response.
  7. So I use JKSV to create MAIN saved data for my Gen 6 and Gen 7 cartridges on my 3DS. However, Gen 5 games do not appear on JKSV's menu. So, how do I do the same for Gen 5 cartridges?
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