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  1. Don't leave us hanging, man; how were they generated?
  2. One. I would not recommend to post 0 after this.
  3. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/APNG#Support Not supported on MSIE and Edge. Support introduced in Chrome in June this year.
  4. To add to that: Read through @SciresM's excellent writeup on the topic of game encryption. That aside, a seed shouldn't go up even just a second earlier. The time it goes live seems to be some kind of automatic mechanism as far as I know. However, it seems that occasionally, it is unlocked for short periods of time; I presume that is part of testing (from the linked writeup: "The Legend of Zelda: Triforce Heroes, for example, had its content lock seed published a month before its release date, despite being pre-purchasable. This meant that anyone who was paying attention could have been p
  5. To me, Project Pokémon is, first and foremost, a community about researching Pokémon and collecting events. There's nothing to be gained from joking answers when someone asks a question about how some game mechanic works; it's annoying at best and causes actual confusion at worst. The tone of the forums matches the nature of the topics at hand. Additionally, I understand if you feel that staff are being a tad too professional, but excessive friendliness may also be very uncomfortable. That feeling of uncomfortableness may expand rapidly into the territory of feeling sexually harrassed as
  6. On a different note: adblocker interstition notice requires JavaScript to go through this (CSS magic should also help, or just display them all at once) hosted on some shared host that actually blacklisted one of the IPs I tried accessing it from question 3 shows a Latios, which isn't even a flying type Did I accidentally walk into some really postmodern spam?
  7. Update 4.2.0: blaze it Quintessential Twitch emoticon translation: "BabyRage"
  8. Dear coltonsmogon, In accordance with the site-wide rule "Do not spam," you have been banned from participating in Project Pokémon. Project Pokémon has a zero-tolerance policy about spam. Further details have been recorded below. Sincerely, xorhash
  9. According to the Japanese Pokémon Global Link website[1] as reported by Serebii.net[2], thousands of people (5,954 to be precise) have been hit with bans from Online Play (Game Sync, Battle Competitions, Rating Battles, Global Missions). Banned users will see error code 090-0212.[1,2] The Pokémon Company has announced that they will continue their pursuit against people with edited save data.[1,2] We urgently recommend not going online until we have more information on how these bans were triggered. Sources: [1] https://3ds.pokemon-gl.com/information/b87bc53f-71
  10. Please refer to https://projectpokemon.org/forums/files/file/2066-pokésav/ instead.
  11. The issue is known and the administrators have been informed. Due to real life being a thing, this, unfortunately, will probably take a while to resolve.
  12. Well, Iunno about you guys, but a Java app that ships separate versions for three OSes and differentiates between 32/64-bit platforms is pretty fishy to me. Write once, run nowhere, anyone?
  13. That's just pretty sloppy coding. Party -> box should really just generate a warning that the stats will be regenerated if the Pokemon is removed from the box. Box -> party should just automatically generate the stats, given that the formula for stat generation given stat exp and DV is known.
  14. https://github.com/iimarckus/pokered will make everything considerably easier for you, in particular sprite replacement and making sure that the sprite given is valid (IIRC the limit is 64x64 and with two or three shades of gray). Then you'll want to just replace the name and sprite of some mon, like Rattata, and adjust the route 1 encounter table. If you want your scenario to happen with the first battle (i.e., before you even get a Pokemon), you'll also need to change the default battle type to the Safari Zone battle type. grep(1) is your friend here since the source is relatively large.
  15. Man, you had me thinking you were a spambot. Then I read the rest of the thread title. Welcome!
  16. I can confirm receiving the e-mail for a break-in attempt from the same IP address.
  17. I've been wondering... If you're writing the code in Java, why do you have separate versions for Linux x86 and x86_64? I haven't taken a look, but this strikes me as odd.
  18. Actually, the relevant code for exporting mons from Showdown (which is what the end users want -- they're sent over the write to the server in a different format, see fastUnpackTeam in tools.js of the server repo) in js/client-teambuilder.js in the function toText of the Showdown client, which is in a separate repository.
  19. As much as I hate being a naysayer all the time, I'd suggest you intentionally drop support for Windows XP, which has been end of life for quite some time, and thus it does not receive security updates. Anyone who is still using Windows XP should arguably be forced by third-party developers to do so, for their own sake.
  20. If you're targeting Windows and Windows only, definitely go with C#/.NET. It's been advancing to become the de-facto standard for applications on Windows, period. The .NET ecosystem is large, getting help for C# is trivial and if you're coming from a C++ background, you'll adapt fast. Needless to say, that convenience comes at a price: Hard portability. .NET binaries require the CLR (common language runtime), which is provided by essentially only Mono on non-Windows platforms (though there is Xamarin, but I'm unsure about its qualities, never having worked with it) and the .NET framework itsel
  21. I'm not sure how up-to-date it is, but http://projectpokemon.org/wiki/Pokemon_X/Y_3DS_Structure should give you an idea.
  22. It seems that A-Save is using a hard-coded directory separator of \, which breaks running A-Save on Mono running on platforms that aren't Windows and on Japanese versions of Windows (which apparently use ¥, but I couldn't test that), since it's unable to find the Data folder or anything inside of it. This can be worked around by renaming everything in the data folder recursively, but would you mind fixing this by using the Path.Combine method and create a new release? Alternatively, I would fix this myself, assuming you'd provide me the source code. I'd, however, have to build with Mono, and
  23. Feel free to write a guide yourself; staff may sticky it if they deem it good enough. Please do note that the opening post of the PKHeX thread contains a link to an introductionary video.
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