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  1. It seems to have no hack check at all or a weak one it let's permanent megas though has anyone tried to transfer pokemon that don't exist too it? Has any one tried using that version of pkhex to test this.
  2. I found a solution go into event flags tick sys reset rtc enable then go to the event constants tab and enable var sys reset rtc enable export the save and restore it to the cart and hold left select and b it will now let you change the time to whatever you want. If you have replaced the battery recently you want to set it to 0 days idk about the berry's disappearing but yeah its probably bug because your never intended to set the days back so you will need to replant the berrys.
  3. I replaced the battery in emerald now the times wrong. So i dumped the save, but i have no idea how the rtc editing works in pkhex. I want to change the time for example but i can't get it to be the time I want.
  4. You should be able to figure it out just with the trainer id and sid on a ruby and sapphire with a dry battery since you can manipulate the trainer id and sid and the rtc is frozen thats if you started a new game when the battery was dry though..
  5. when you trade a pokemon to gen 1 it gets rid of the caught data and pokemon that were caught in gold and sliver and traded to crystal will have no caught data also so i think it won't care.
  6. celebi doesn't work the new update could be data mined if it checks for an ot and id for a future a event in gs vc
  7. What happens if you try to inject an utlra sun and moon pokemon into sun and moon?
  8. Yes i know but in the post above im doing real time ace so i can write code with the memory editor and have it execute every frame as showen in Crystal_s video
  9. You can do things like make every wild pokemon a certain pokemon. This code here will turn every wild and trainers pokemon into celebi, you can change what pokemon it changes the opponents and wild pokemon into by changing fb into the hex value of another pokemon. To do this put a junk pokemon in slot 3 in your party and write 3e fb ea ed d0 c9 starting from adc3. Then write c3 to ff8a and ad to ff8b then c3 to ff89. do not switch the pokemon out of that slot from now on or the game will crash. To disable the cheat with out resetting change ff89 back to c9. Here are some other codes. all wild and trainer pokemon shiny: 3e fa ea f5 d0 3e aa ea f6 d0 c9 walk through walls :21 a3 ce 22 22 22 22 c9. The reason i wrote the code to a pokemon is so you don't have to write it again once you have all ready done it once. Code swapping also works so say i have a pokemon in another slot that a wrote a cheat to i can swap the pokemon and it will change the cheat.
  10. thought i'd share this https://forums.glitchcity.info/index.php?topic=8100.0 it uses tm 25 wrong pocket ace and you can use the coincase to get tm 25 in the balls pocket tm 25 ace does not require you to listen to crys or do a movement pattern. Theres also a hex editor with just box names but it makes boxes 5 to 11 names a mess and it requires a lot of box naming but you don't need to keep all those items in your PC and not have enough room for your items.
  11. what happens if you do the johoto guard glitch to trade gen 2 pokemon to gen 1 and try to transfer the pokemon to gen7
  12. It would not of been hard to have online play with these games the patchs for local play already increase the delay because its longer the the link cable
  13. its better to glitch mews in this game then rby since the cloning is much safer in this game and won't corrupt you save. also coincase is much safer then 8f i crashed the game once with 8f and my save file is gone ive crashed pokemon gold a few times with coin case and nothing happed to my save . i also can't get mystery gift to work on crystal.
  14. mystery gift does work on these versions and so far i think they left all the glitches in i tested cloning and coin case and they both work. also when you try to print things it just won't let you choose yes
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