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  1. Last night I recieved an email that someone was apparently trying to break into my account and that after multiple failed attempts at logging in, have been locked out. Please look out everyone and make sure you change your password as I have done.
  2. You would have to use action replay for it to bypass the checks from it constantly making the stats 999. ...also bragging rights are only worth it for IVs and EVs.
  3. It isn't shiny, so i'm assuming you must have the Zorua as the last Pokemon in the party. If there isn't a pokemon that is Zorua in the last slot of your party, your Zorua will transform into that Pokemon. It's how the ability works. A good pokemon to keep back there are Fighting. It'll confuse the Psychic pokemon.
  4. Thank you for the tip. I decided to approach it much more simpler and have achieved a basic, but nice little cgear skin. I am going to continue with experimenting with this. Download (.cgb): http://www.mediafire.com/?yxt04skshuds1r3
  5. I nearly ripped myself a new one through the butthurt this has caused me. The Pokestock downloads aren't working and there is no other mirror on the internet. (photoshop cs4 and pokecgear, the french version) I took it upon myself to just fool around with what I have. So far, this is the product. I gave up on having more than one color. This stuff is hard to work with and the PokeCGear program cuts off the image half-way like the one below on the left. Until this stuff can be reuploaded, this is all I can come up with in terms of custom cgear templates. (the right image) ---> The skin works in both Pokemon BW and Pokemon BW2. (the template bars are obvious in BW2) There is a wee bit of clipping in the top-left corner. (the border of the UI) Unless you're extremely observant, it isn't noticeable. Try this skin out for yourself: http://www.mediafire.com/?l6iaa9pxhfsvw3l Also, this has been killing me...Does anybody know how to fix this? All of my images seem to break off besides the Persona 4 one and official pokemon cgear images. I don't know what I did right on the persona 4 skin. I was hoping someone could help me out. This is my only hurdle from making some pretty elegant skins.
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