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  1. Quizzes have been updated with new questions! Share your scores
  2. The quiz has been updated with new questions as well as the "Which Pokemon are you" quiz!
  3. Impressive score! Anyway, you can just type "Nidoran" or "Nidoran M" or "Nidoran Male"
  4. How many of the original 151 Pokemon from the first generation can you name? Try it out at http://pokemonquiz.net/151-original-pokemon/ and share your scores below!
  5. Hi all! I would like to present to you the Pokemon Quiz, a website where you can test your general knowledge on the game, see how many of the 151 original first generation Pokemon you can name, and find out which Pokemon you are! You can challenge your friends and try to make it into the top 100 leaderboard! Click any of the images below to start a quiz: All quizzes can also be found at www.pokemonquiz.net. Share your scores below and let's see who can get the best scores! Wafflecakes
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