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  1. First I would like to thank @Kaphotics and the community that helped create and stabilize the maximum of PKHeX. I have a question and a problem (both in gen2): I some time ago used the pikasav to edit game save of Pokemon gen1 and gen2. When I become aware recently that PKHeX does the same job, I tried to experience. When I edit the save file have the following information: attempted to load an unsupported file type / size. file size 32772 bytes (0x8004). I use the TGB Dual Version 7 emulator to play gen1 and gen2 because it allowed me to trade and so I can complete the pokédex. I wanted use the PKHeX just to get a faster result in the game without having the need to use gameshark or derivatives. --> My question and problem are: TGB Dual emulator is creating a save with a inappropriate size or would my own pc or PKHeX with a failure? <-- Another thing I noticed is when I taking a random save file was that: when I click on shiny icon and then click on the gender icon, the program has stopped working (gen2 to be exact) and when I click to change gender he does not. Note: I am using the latest version of PKHeX present here in projectpokemon web. sorry my english and anything!
  2. Not sure whether contribution is valid, but that contribution not seem to be identical to those seen in people of South Korea.
  3. Not sure whether contributions are valid, but that contributions do not seem to be identical to those seen in people of South Korea.
  4. Not sure if this has been said or seen, but it seems that the program considers gender always random, even if the genre being fixed. By the way, thank you pro this tool!
  5. The second distribution was confirmed, this time will be by WIFI (this time only for Pokémon Black2&White2) starting from February 14 - March 31, 2013 (divided into three periods). Players will be able to receive one of three possible eggs per game cartridge during each of the three weeks the event. here are the distribution periods: February 14 - February 27 February 28 - March 13 March 14 - March 31 source: Pokémon Korea
  6. Genesect will be distributed in Emart stores (starting from January 19 - February 11, 2013) and it seems that this will also be distributed by Junior Naver (주니어 네이버). here are the distribution periods: - Emart stores - January 19-20 and January 26-27 February 02-03 and February 09-11 (note: February 10 hasn't distribution) - Junior Naver (주니어 네이버) - January 16 - February 11, 2013 source: Pokémon Korea Junior Naver
  7. Someone who has the Korean versions of Pokémon Black2&White2, could contribute with these here? Gathered! Gym Leader! and Challenge the Champion Lance! The Legendary Rotation Battle! 2012 Junior Division Challenge Thanks so much to the developer of this tool and to taxpayers of this thread.
  8. Pokémon Details Level: 50 OT: 플라스마단 (Team Plasma) ID: 01193 (not confirmed yet) Ability: Download Nature: ??? Held Item: ??? Pokéball: Cherish Ball Ribbon: Classic Ribbon Location: ??? Moves: Techno Blast Magnet Bomb SolarBeam Signal Beam Distribution Date: January 19 - February 11, 2013 Games: B2&W2 Distribution Type: IR Sources Below: Pokémon Korea
  9. As the Pokémon of Korea is the most faithful to Pokémon of Japan (in matter of: distribution of events, promotions and news of franchise), i think Meloetta will be distributed in theaters in the exhibition of the movie (from december), and the Keldeo in pre-order of a ticket to the 15th movie as in Japan.
  10. I agree that we should compensate the dedication and hard work of Codr, but I have a doubt: 1º As you will have control of who has paid and hasn't paid for the use of the software? 2º You will provide a serial code (if so, there may be fraud and people who have not paid make use of Pokegen.)
  11. The distribution date is only in October 6th, 2012. This is a way to promote new releases of the franchise, Pokémon Black 2 & White 2 in Brazil. This Keldeo will be distributed in the following locations: Saraiva Center Norte (SP) Fnac Morumbi (SP) Fnac Paulista (SP) Fnac Barra Shopping (RJ) Saraiva Iguatemi Campinas (SP) The distribution takes place from 2:00pm to 8:00pm in all locations. Note: Source Note 2: Brazilians here in the forum that can contribute, please help complete our events gallery. Event image in the spoiler below.
  12. Do not have the patience to see if this has already been said, but i guess not. I was researching in website the Pokémon World Champioships korean and seen something that was confirmed this year with the Flying Pikachu WORLD12, the Scrafty WORLD11 apparently also had the english version of the wonder card distributed to korean language games. Note: Source in Pokémon Korea
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