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  1. Thanks Matt140, that makes sense. It explains why the wondercards are added to a save file and the save file to re-loaded to the cart. I assume that this emans that any particular save file can only be re-loaded back onto a game with a matchign ROM - i.e. a Diamond Save file cannot be loaded onto a Platinum game?
  2. Hi! I want to start manipulating my save files to create wondercard events. I understand that you can save a save file to your PC to manipulate it and then re-save it back to the DS cart. Can someone tell me if it is possible to save the save file on a spare DS cart (on a game cart that I don't use)? If that sort of thing is possible, is it possible to save a wondercard on a DS cart so that it acts a distribution cart? My ideal outcome would be to save a distribution cart wondercard onto a spare DS cart and use that in another DS to send the wondercard 'legitimately' to my Pokemon games.
  3. Thanks Scwib. And thanks Toffey - I love the Togepi/Togetic/Togekiss evolutions. When I first got Gold back in the day I used the Togepi that I got as an egg in my party (which evolved into Togetic). It was the luckiest Pokemon I've ever had - so many attacks missed it and he survived so many battles with only a few HP. It was bizarre.
  4. Thanks for the responses - and hello! ZeroIX, to add the wondercards to a save file, I thought you had to save the save file to your PC and then back to the DS cart. Does anyone know where I am supposed to be asking these questions?
  5. Hi Everyone, I have been visiting the site for a while now and have just signed up for the forums. I was hoping someone could help me. I was wondering whether it was possible to overwrite a DS cart with a wondercard file so that it acts like a distribution cart. I wasn't sure wher to post this question on the forums.
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