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  1. A repository for random distribution devices used across the years. Quick rundown of the images that we have presently Gen 1 (VC) UK VC Mew Redemption (and Save Restore screen on the distribution device!) JP VC Mew Redemption Gen 1 & 2 (Retail) Toys R Us security sealed Mew Cartridge and Gameboy Mew and Celebi Machine (and article) Spaceworld Mew screen (has different sprite than standard Mew) Gen 3 Pokémon Day 2004, Germany - Multilingual selection screen (Eon Ticket?) Aura Mew Distribution Device 10ANNIV/10 ANIV Distribution Device (Groudon GBA SP and Yellow GBA SP) Pokémon Festa 2005, Japan - Festa Metang Device and Redemption Mystic Ticket Distribution, Japan European Shiny Zigzagoon Old Sea Chart Redemption (device can't be seen) Gen 4 Crown Entei (Slot 2) Regigigas Redemption Video (Slot 2) Battle Festa, Diamond - Magmar (Slot 2) 10TH Deoxys (Slot 2) Misc. Distribution carts (User YoshiMoshi's collection photograph) Gen 5 Misc. Distribution carts (User YoshiMoshi's collection photograph) Gen 6 & 7 Various distribution 3DSes: Movie 18, Korea PC Birthday 2017, Japan Pop-up Store Charizard, Korea WCS Mew, Korea Eevee Friends, Korea Melemele Shiny Tapu Koko, Korea Worlds18 Meloetta distribution relay
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  2. Source: http://sgcafe.com/2018/03/singapore-police-teams-pokemon-help-prevent-crime/ Additional reading: https://www.police.gov.sg/news-and-publications/media-releases/20180310_others_pokemon_joint_crime_prevention_campaign_others
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  4. Backgrounds of static maps, ripped by @MegaMinerd. Some files may still look incomplete, as the file formats are being actively researched. Disclaimer: Some map backgrounds may contain spoilers.
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  5. Almost full PAL collection and a few NTSC-Cartridges as well
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  6. This album contains all the Secret Base QR Codes for Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire that where distributed by GameFreak. Different to the regular Secret Base QR Codes from other players these bases will appear in the house with the locked door south of the Poke Mart in Mossdeep City.
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  7. The method of obtaining these will not be disclosed. However, I *think* it's public information, and you can search for it on your own volition. (Don't bug me or our forums, in any form or way, direct or indirect, about these)
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  10. @evandixon's cat Lucy
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