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  1. Arcryoshi

    Distribution cartridges

    Almost full PAL collection and a few NTSC-Cartridges as well
  2. Hi everyone, if anyone would like to sell his Y90P cartridge (Shiny creation trio, compatible with german games and not with spanish) feel free to dm me. It's the last one missing for me to complete my PAL distribution set for generations 4 and 5 which is a really special part of my huge Pokémon collection and has a huge place in my heart. Sincerely
  3. Also looking for a few, especially Y90P (PAL Creation Trio, german variant) and the obvious big ones, Liberty Pass and MICHINA Arceus. Also interested in a few NTSC ones (excluding Celebi, Legendary (Beasts), Secret Egg, Meloetta and Ash's Pikachu) but my main goal is the PAL fullset or at least getting there as close as possible. The three I mentioned above are the ones missing for this goal. If anyone would really sell one of those I would appreciate a DM.
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