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    I was using the dumping method to ease my Battle Tree scouting and I took the time to check for this thing that has been in my head since that time I dumped the Shell Smash Kommo-o. It's nothing important but it's the kind of thing that doesn't let me sleep at night. Back then, I dumped it from a recorded battle since the odds to enter the Battle Tree and encounter it again were just about zero. As a result, it had the "Sun." OT, something that I highlighted when talking to BlackShark, he replied: "It's interesting that it uses a generic OT! That's not the case for every NPC. For example Kukui's Rockruff doesn't have any OT at all", but thing is, when battling in the Battle Tree itself, the OT isn't actually there. The ID and SID are in there and are kept when the battle is recorded (alongside all the other data, including PID), but the OT doesn't appear until that happens. I take it the reason is the game needs to generate an OT in order to keep Pokémon individual data saved (otherwise, it'd be randomly generated when entering the vs. Recorder and that'd bring serious issues), so it enters the generic "Sun." OT (guess it depends on the language, "Sol.", "Soleil.", etc; but not on the version, Moon still uses "Sun."). Take this Golisopod as an example: So, the point is, Battle Tree Pokémon are actually no exception to the "NPC Pokémon have no OT at all" thing, they just have an OT generated in order to keep their random data (ability, gender, PID) when the battle is recorded. It's not that interesting but I wanted to post it anyway xD
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    Very helpful in Colosseum research, thank you!
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    Perhaps I was too innocent as a child, or maybe I just didn't pay attention back then, but now I had a good laugh when I saw this Meganium:
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    Excited to see Meowth is gone? I certainly hope that's not what you were going for. (Sorry, I couldn't resist :P)
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    Again, apologize for that. It really wasn't my intention to do that. I'll be sure to take more care next time.
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    I'll be uploading the EU shiny koko soon
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    Tfw I'm on the bus, and there's this dude boasting to his friend about how he travelled to the states and helped a Friend there Gen Pokemon. Lol
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    My original status message somehow didn't post (it was left blank somehow). I recently uploaded shiny versions of the GP1 files, for Rattata, Pidgey, Mankey, Machop. (I've merged them into the existing GP1 entries) Rattata and Pidgey was released shiny starting from the Pokemon Day 2019 Event, and Machop and Mankey was released shiny starting from the Battle Showdown 2019 Event.
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    At long last, I've finally uploaded every Pokemon available from the Pokewalker (across languages). [all ENG available entries are in ENG, and JPN exclusive ones uploaded to JPN] I've been wanting to get this done since.. 2010? In any case, now I can focus my energy to obtaining Pokemon transferred from Pokemon Go. (which is perfect timing; I've just installed homebrew on my Switch)
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    hey people of Project Pokemon How are we all? ?
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    "Owww, what a sweet little g-- wait, what?!"
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    Hm... so this Cobalion of mine missed 4 Stone Edges in a row and I was flat out pissed off. Then, next day, he saved my Battle Tree streak with a crit Sacred Sword, being my last standing Pokémon and just about dead. RNGesus surely moves in a mysterious way.
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    Thanks to the help of @jasenyoface, we now have a new dark site theme, called "Site Theme Dark", named since it's a dark version of "Site Theme" (I didn't come up with the name, it's an artifact from 2009). I've been using it for a few days, and it's my new favorite.
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    Wanted to RNG FRLG TID, read that it is not possible. Tried to SR 06227, got 06272 instead. #trolltid
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    I have no idea why 410 people wanted to view my meager profile. Sorry, there really isn't anything nifty here yet. But just in case you haven't heard of this yet. >EventAssistant (Event and Item injection, Pokemon Editing right on the 3DS) https://github.com/BernardoGiordano/EventAssistant/releases
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    Having fun with image parsing, but colors aren't behaving.
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    Uploading all these events to the new Gen 4 and Gen 5 download categories is making me nostalgic of D/Pt/SS/B/W2.
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    Hey. thanks for reading. So after so much going on irl, I made a decision to just retire from Pokemon game save researching. I know some of you might think it's due to the controversy that's surrounded the latest games, but it's personally because I haven't been finding recent Pokemon games fun and more of a chore in general since the Sun and Moon games. As a matter of fact, I almost considered skipping USUM and even lost motivation to play through Let's Go. only to now skip SWSH. When I first joined, I was trying to learn how to research the 3DS games' saves in order to find features to be implemented into PKHeX. Some things didn't feel worth the trouble for me in the end, but I'm grateful that I've still managed to contribute even if it was the slightest. Now as the next decade is upon us, I've decided to focus on my new hobbies and just life in general. As for updates on the trade collection, I'll still try to update it, just if I remember to and if people still send me contributions for it. tl;dr I'm retiring for Pokemon save researching; I could come back for save researching if I ever feel like it, but it'd only be for older titles. Anyways, I hope for the best to any vet and new researchers that make all this possible, because we'd not have all this without their love and dedication for the franchise.
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    @Knoxyz pm me Please. Please Help thank u
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    Just wanted to say thanks for all your help dude. If you need to, take your time getting the next patch ready.
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    Please join in our club @evandixon i would like you to join in
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    This is Surfing and Flying Pikachu on Technopark St, Songdo, Incheon. Card # 1141 - 특별한 피카츄를 선물!.zip
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    Hey, sorry it took forever, but I got around to uploading your event cards to our event gallery! You got the Image Contributor for that ;P
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    My country is one of the many ones to traditionally mourn the dead on November 1st, and thus...here's mine (?
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    The game I'm working on now is comming along, Here's some concept art of "The Players Primal Form":
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    I encountered these two Pokémon in the Battle Tree today. Serebii's catalogue said they were holding Smooth Rocks, but judging their movesets, I thought they were supposed to hold Heat Rocks and so decided to dump them and see wether they were actually holding wrong items or it was just an error in the page. And..well...turns out they're actually holding Smooth Rocks. Now I wonder wether this is an actual error or they just did it deliberately in order to give the player some "advantage" in the relatively early battles (between 20th and 30th). I mean, they haven't fixed this in any of the updates, whereas they fixed the Shell Smash Kommo-o, a Hawlucha (Idk what was the problem with that one) and the Battle Royal's Stockpile Shuckle.
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    So I was just randomly using the wall hack thing and I found this leftover room. It's on the same map as MC's mom's room. As you might expect, there's nothing to interact with in there, but due to the layout and the fact that your room and the diningroom seem to share the same map as well I guess this one'd have been the garage. Did you guys know about this? I didn't so I wanted to share it.
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    Hey! (I can't private message you for some reason) I am a huuuuuuuuuuuge PMD 2 fan since I was a kid and I love your editor. However I want to go further and edit the text files as well. Unfortunately I noticed that the only one that was created (by Grovyle91) is down. I am desperate for this. I am wondering if there is any way you could get your hands on it, and I read earlier that you were working on an editor as well (in 2016, lol) Kind regards ~ Kitty
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    In a few hours time, I'll be on a plane. and I don't like flying. Pray for me, y'all!~
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    I ended up volunteering at the Animal Shelter again, yesterday. We found out Grace,(my favorite kitten, shhh) was actually a boy-now Gregory. Adopt or not to adopt, that is the Q.
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    I was unable to find Pokemo AO (JP BLUE) in the wild, so I ended up using HourGlass9 to extract the one I have on my 3DS
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    Just published an alpha test for a game I'm making. I was programming it for a few days strait I think I'll take a few days break.
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    While exploring downtown Indianapolis, I encountered a few Pokémon Trainers that challenged me to battle. What an unexpected delight! We duked it out on a grassy terrain. xD. These Trainers were exceptional! Overall, I prevailed. One Trainer, awarded me a "badge". Picture below: A few more pictures of my adventure: Where's the nearest Pokémon Center; I am wore out!
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    I can't find the image I uploaded, for when I contributed Mega Tokyo Shiny Pikachu and Charizard T.T
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    Some Gen 6 events might get bumped back to first page of their categories, do not fear, they ain't new events. This is happening because I'm adding the relevant images to their pages. (back then, I took photos of the events I'm claiming) You can go look at them if you're interested ;P
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    Attention! Via some methods found on /r/pokemonrng, I have been able to cut down the time needed to get a shiny flawless 6iv Faraway Island Mew from 5 weeks to one day using VBA and Battle videos. My newest post has the save file needed for RNG'ing the mew. Based on this info, for legality testing I created a 3gpkm of a special 6x flawless 31iv Shiny Timid Faraway island mew, with the OT data set to the PokePakku Mew's OT Profile, but with the Secret ID set to 31337. Hopefully this can be legality checked to improve your checkers. Thanks, and have fun! LegalShinyPokepakkuRemakeMew.3gpkm
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    sup man, adorable profile pic :3
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    I can finally continue with Event Gallery Uploading.
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    One of my favorite features from the Old Event Gallery, was how the color of the attack text changed to reflect if it was an unique event move. I'm trying to find some way to implement via data..
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    It feels like it is taking me forever to upload all the Japanese events VI. This is going to take me a while.
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    Also I fixed private messages since the settings got messed up somehow. (All users had a maximum of 0 total conversations for some reason.)
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