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  1. I'm talking to some of my friends and making them a gift.
  2. I would mostly like see a fighting type one and a flying type one.
  3. Hi Jackster mate, how has your day been?

  4. I am looking forward to these games, even tho I would prefer gen 4 remakes a lot more. I am going to get the Eevee version.
  5. Thanks Corni, I am glad you like my Youtube videos.
  6. I really enjoyed and liked their cameo's.Misty and Brock's cameo was cool and that cameo made me dislike Misty less.It was great to see some of the group's old Pokemon again, like Bulbasaur.And the Mega Gyarados vs Pikachu battle was awesome and is my favourite Pokemon SM battle so far.
  7. Jackster 136


    She is the 3rd Kalos gym leader.
  8. Jackster 136


    I have autism as well.
  9. Hi, wanna be friends?

  10. Aww, thanks so much Triox. *Hugs you*
  11. Gen 8 of Pokemon has just been announced on Twitter: https://mobile.twitter.com/animator1965/status/998755270766477313
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