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Weekly Poll #8: Lugia vs Ho-oh


Lugia or Ho-oh?  

52 members have voted

  1. 1. Lugia or Ho-oh?

    • Lugia
    • Ho-oh
    • I can't have one without the other!
    • Who needs them?

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Sorry for the late post... but here it is.

In celebration of the new HG/SS game coming up, what's coming up should be obvious to you :P

[sprite]249[/sprite] [shinysprite]249[/shinysprite]



HP: 106

Atk: 90

Def: 130

SpA: 90

SpDef: 154

Spe: 110

BST: 680


- The best wall in the game statistically and therefore is able to take a lot of hits before going down

- Signature move Aeroblast has a high critical hit ratio

- Has quite a large movepool

- Is generally easier to obtain than Ho-oh in Crystal version

- Quite speedy for a wall


- Aeroblast isn't quite worth using

- Quickly goes down to status

- Has a lot of common weaknesses (but still workable)

- Stealth Rocks somewhat hamper its defensive capabilities

- Offensively lacking

[sprite]250[/sprite] [shinysprite]250[/shinysprite]



HP: 106

Atk: 130

Def: 90

SpA: 110

SpDef: 154

Spe: 90

BST: 680


- Can attack from both sides of the spectrum

- Is very defensive on the special side, allowing it to sponge weaker special moves and Pressure stall opponents

- Its signature move Sacred Fire has 50% chance of burning its foes, crippling physical sweepers (much more worthwhile than Aeroblast)

- Can Roost off to recover its damage


- Has a 4x weakness to Rocks, hence why Stealth Rocks cut off 50% of its health every time it switches in

- Is more elusive than Lugia in Crystal version, requiring you to catch the three legendary beasts before obtaining it

- Is often forgotten and is a rare sight in Ubers

Vote and state your reason why.

This... is difficult for me. I will post my opinion once I decide here X_X

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I prefer Ho-Oh, but I am not sure why. Perhaps I feel that way because it seems more majestic. Lugia just seems weird... Why does a bird live in water? What are the points of the spines if they do not help in flight and they need to be tucked in to swim?

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I prefer Lugia, simply because I could never get into the strange feathers on Ho-oh's head, or his bright colors. Lugia looks sleek and has a very easy-to-look-at, simple color scheme and doesn't have all the crazy wing/tail feathers that Ho-oh has. And besides his name just seems more reasonable than Ho-oh which makes me want to go get a Hostess Ho-ho and stuff my face full of little pastry sweets! Although the whole Lugia-Lugie comparison is kind of gorss.. ha.

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Even though Ho-Oh has a more powerful attack, the 4X weakness to Rock Types makes me lean more towards Lugia. Of course I think Lugia looks cooler than Ho-Oh, but I'm also more of a "defense prone" player. So if I were to have one of them in my team then I would of course pick the more defense prone Pokemon. Aeroblast's high critical hit ratio also makes me lean more to Lugia, even though it's not the best move ever, since Lugia is more defence prone it's going to need some pretty powerful attacks like "Aeroblast". So I would have to say my vote is to Lugia.

EDIT!: Lugia does also have a weakness to rocks, I know. But it's not as bad as Ho-Oh's


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Why must you torture me like this wraith?! D:

You know i like both of them very much and cant see one becoming better than the other. I honestly have to have both of them together cuase they are 2 very very different pokemon.

Ho-oh is an offensive beast with an insane move pool while Lugia is a defensive pillar of greatness and also sports an awesome move pool. I have always caught either both of them or neither of them in the games i have played. In 2nd gen i was unaware about the EVs and IVs and stuff and was only playing on the basis of type advantages and move pools. I was astounded by both of their vast move pools. Both being able to learn EQ was a shock to me as they were the only birds that could do that. Ho-oh could learn solar beam which i used a lot along with sunny day to hammer the water types.

Lugia learned Hydro pump at level 44 in silver and due to that i thought it was better as it could beat ho-oh with it. hehe i wasnt right in thinking so obviously, cause both have 154 sp.def and Lugia didnt have the best of sp.atk. The 2 were so powerful i could easily beat the entire E4 in silver with just 1 of them. I tried out with both and they had little trouble destroying the league single handedly.

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I choose Lugia... Probably mostly because of Pokémon 2000. I've always seen Lugia as a sort of dragon-bird cross... The seemingly beakless face, the tail... Especially with the living under water thing... Why does a giant bipedal reptile that breathes fire and only comes out to fight three headed dragons and giant moths live underwater near Japan, for that matter? ;) Must be a Japan thing.

Lugia seems more majestic than Ho-oh because of his sleakness, and hey, it can be pink. Can't beat that.

And er... The spines might be like barbels in catfish? But the psychic equivalent? Haha, really can't think of a purpose besides of aesthetic reasons, but better than nothing.

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i just like sleekness so i have to go with lugia xD thats basically my only reason for votin 4 him. and now that i think about it....ugh, lugia wouldnt look so good with a beak. who cares, i just pick lugia . and dont mind my typing, i kno it has no punctuation or anything, get used to it, i get lazier by the day.

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Lugia. I've always perferred a wall that can do decent damage over something like Ho-oh. As much as I like ho-oh, the whole X4 weakness to rock bugs me. Stealth rock MURDERS Ho-oh, and ultimately it's not a "great" pokemon. Lugia acting as a major wall is definately useful for dishing out decent damage AND kicking up some status effects. Lugia FTW.

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I had to go with Lugia on this one. Back in GSC it was the first bird I got. Ho-oH was Uber hard to get in Crystal and I couldn't get Gold =( Also, Lugia's Aeroblast was the best looking move back in Gen ll while Sacred Fire was meh =/

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