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  1. Use P{okesav and make a Pokemon holding the Liberty Pass. Generate that Pokemon in game. DO NOT TAKE THE ITEM OFF THE POKEMON but instead swap the Liberty Pass with another item. Liberty pass should register.
  2. Really? I did not know that. .-. We're well aware of the issue. It's been resolved.
  3. You don't. You trade them and trade them back or you just deal with not having them.
  4. http://projectpokemon.org/forums/showthread.php?14900-Dream-World-Game-Sync-Error-Code-13204-FIX Redirect to fix the issue with the 13204 Error Code people have been having when attempting to access GS/DW.
  5. Eh. I'm an angry individual. IT happens. Also, I think the code is for like.... Turns going really fast in battle. Think of it like a sped up battle code.
  6. Which code did you test? And again, we said DO NOT open your Pokedex until you capture a Pokemon. Also, DO NOT hold Select when using the code and opening the Pokedex.
  7. Manual input causes the ARDSi to be unable to use the code correctly as it is too long for it. Put it in Notepad, change to an XML and then try transferring that way is what they're saying, I believe.
  8. Did you choose the correct code for the corresponding game? There's a Black Version and a White version.
  9. Recently many users have been saying they cannot access Game Sync or Dream World due to certain issues. When attempting to access either, the user is met with Error Code 13204, an error code reserved for high traffic on the DW servers. However, the real cause of this problem was a Complete Pokedex Code made for Black and White. For whatever reason whenever this code is used it bars the user from being able to access the Dream World. Why this is no one knows at the moment. However, a fix was made recently. The following is how to fix the Error Code 13204 error: 1) Use the following code. This code completely erases your Pokedex. You will have seen 0 Pokemon and Caught 0 Pokemon. Erase Pokedex [select]: 2) After using the code, DO NOT attempt to access your Pokedex just yet. Since you've seen 0 Pokemon, the game will be unable to display the Pokedex correctly and will freeze if you access it at this point. 3) Go in to any tall grass and capture a Pokemon. It doesn't matter which one you capture. Just capture one. 4) After capturing a Pokemon, save your game. Once saved you should be able to access Game Sync and the Dream World without any issues. Errors should not persist unless the Dream World is down for scheduled maintenance. In the event you continue to encounter the error, go back through and try the steps again. DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES ATTEMPT TO USE THE COMPLETE POKEDEX CODE! Doing so at ANY point in time will result in the return of Error Code 13204. For those of you who are wondering, this is the code you should NOT use: Complete Pokedex Code [select]: Causes Error Code 13204 Don't Try The Following For Now Mewtwo Ex: Users are reporting to be unable to tuck in pokemon after this. Customization data still transfers. If you really want to have a complete pokedex you can test this one: Might fix dream world tuck problem. Credit to Alpha. Have fun with Dream World everyone! -McFizzle Major thanks to DaDeforest from GBATemp for his input on the issue as well as testing this code. Major thanks to Kaphotics for making the fix code in question.
  10. Wrong. Half of my legal Pokemon have incorrect areas in which they were caught. As long as the Stats, EVs, IVs and movesets are all Legal, nothing else will mater. Additionally, it was proven that having Moeletta, Keldeo and Genesect in your Pokedex was NOT the issue with the 13204 error (Danke to DaDeforest from GBATemp for that bit of info) but rather something else entirely.
  11. How did I know? I knew as soon as I restarted my game a fix would appear. Ah well. Issue resolved. Feel free to lock this thread to avoid people asking questions that have already been answered.
  12. Game Sync. I couldn't get my GS code before due to the Pokedex issue. Restarted my game and tried again and it ended up working. Tested again with DW with the Pokedex Code having been used and with it not being used. In short, If the Pokedex code is ever used and you save your game, you're SOL.
  13. Again, I did a test before getting the GS code and after to see if it was possible or not. I'm working as fast as I can here, so I'll have it done ASAP.
  14. Alright. Ran a test or two and confirmed it. I attempted to use the Pokedex complete code and access DW. However, when I attempted to tuck in a Pokemon, I was met with 13204 yet again. The good news is I'm working on a clear code as we speak. I'll keep you all updated.
  15. Aye. Will do. Hopefully this error can be easily resolved like the Union Room error back on HG/SS. I'll talk with Prof 9 and Elixir and see if they'll be able to give me a hand.
  16. Read my post carefully. I said quite clearly that regarding MYSTERY GIFT CODES, they do not work when generated by Pokesav. I'm well aware that Pokesav codes work, but Mystery Gift and Wondercard codes made through Pokesav do not work. Next time, read my post in its entirety.
  17. Sadly (As far as I can tell) there is no way to solve it without restarting your game. I'm gonna wait the full 24 hours and then use the Pokedex Code again and see what happens. If the error persists even AFTER registering to DW and whatnot, then I'll contact some of the Coders at GBATemp and inform them of what's going on.... In fact, i'll do that right now.
  18. If at any point you used the Pokedex codes or anything of that like (Like the Box Codes and such), you won't be able to access it for some reason. Just tested it and finally got my code. EDIT: Just the Pokedex Code screws it up so far. What codes did you use?
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