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  1. Worth a bump attempt. No one really knows how to add new characters? I've seen some crazy language projects before. I've searched on my own but no good results.
  2. Hello. I've been considering translating a game for a while now (not quite sure which one yet, perhaps a GBA one to keep things simple?) to help practice the language as a personal project. My problem is, the language has some special characters, (ĈĜĤĴŜŬ) so I'm wondering how to do it or if anyone knows of a guide for this? Thanks.
  3. Well, these designs are a little surprising, but they look nicer to me than 4th gen's. Pretty pleased overall. Especially considering I like reptiles and pigs, while hate penguins and monkeys. Kinda think they should've done something different with the pig's eyes though. Make it look a little cuter or something, although the current eyes are okay.I don't really like the water type... Not for me at all, and reminds me of 4th gen's style. I'm leaning closer to choosing the grass one but I'm still not completely sure which one will end up being my main out of the two, considering I'll most likely end up getting both games. I'll have to wait and see the final forms to make sure. Just hope they don't look bad when fully evolved, and that the otter will also look good. So I have a reason to choose it if/when they come out with a third version of 5th gen. ;P
  4. Would an easier solution just be making the current Pearl .sav look like the old one to trick PBR into giving your Pokémon back? I really don't know if it'd be that easy or not.
  5. I dislike the first form more... The face looks so awkward.
  6. Aw. Hope you don't leave for good. It was fun debating with you and stuffs, even if we had opposing thoughts. :3
  7. MSN. It's the first one I've used and I've stuck with it. I also like the Plus! features and the amount of customization. I also use Trillian (free version) on the side for my friends who use AIM... It's file sending feature is pretty bad though. I tried to stick with only Trillian but I couldn't get away from MSN.
  8. Enter this to get past it... http://projectpokemon.org/forums/showthread.php?t=4552
  9. I can't seem to find the "New Posts" link. X_x I found "Today's Posts" but they seem to be two different things.
  10. Some people just need some mixture of inspiration and motivation. I'd like to get into writing, but... I doubt I ever will.
  11. I choose Lugia... Probably mostly because of Pokémon 2000. I've always seen Lugia as a sort of dragon-bird cross... The seemingly beakless face, the tail... Especially with the living under water thing... Why does a giant bipedal reptile that breathes fire and only comes out to fight three headed dragons and giant moths live underwater near Japan, for that matter? Must be a Japan thing. Lugia seems more majestic than Ho-oh because of his sleakness, and hey, it can be pink. Can't beat that. And er... The spines might be like barbels in catfish? But the psychic equivalent? Haha, really can't think of a purpose besides of aesthetic reasons, but better than nothing.
  12. Right now there I doubt there's much of a need for one... Barely enough drawn/etc art posted, let alone literature. I love reading and such though, so I wouldn't mind if there started being a need for one.
  13. I'll try to remember... First subbed anime I watched was Love Hina... Besides Sailor Moon, Digimon, etc others I have watched are: Angelic Layer Hellsing Chobits Yami to Boushi to Hon no Tabibito Fate/ Stay Night Full Metal Alchemist Read Or Die Serial Experiments Lain .hack//SIGN Revolutionary Girl Utena Kannazuki no Miko Maria-Sama ga Miteru Mai-Hime Mai-Otome I think there was one called Highschool Girls or something like that... O_o Movies: Spirited Away My Neighbor Totoro Kiki's Delivery Service Laputa/Castle in the Sky Nausicaa How's Moving Castle ... Is Apple Seed an anime? O_o Used to watch some Inuyasha but got bored of it... Need to finish Wolf's Rain, DearS, Tsubasa Chronicles, and some others I can't remember right now. X_x
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