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  1. Phione is found in the National Dex, and is therefore unnecessary to complete the Sinnoh Dex. If it is the spot between Manaphy and Gligar then the Pokemon you are looking for is Rotom.
  2. I really wish for the day a Pokemon evolves based on hatred and this could be the Pokemon. Really unlikely considering that Pokemon's demographic is children, but it would make an interesting movie plot. Anyway, I like the two designs, but someone decided that light green equals light blue and that is incorrect.
  3. Effort Values are all kept when you transfer from any game that is compatible with another. So even if you train your Pokémon in Emerald and Pal Park them to Diamond, trade them to Platinum, and then to your HeartGold, the work you put into that Pokémon with continue to be there.
  4. I believe he was referencing the Bible. And the way it was written suggests to me that he was joking. By the way, does the Moon not orbit around the Sun with Earth? If something is orbiting around something then that would also be in the orbit of Earth. Or is it that there are things that actually are in trail that Pluto takes around the Sun, but is not actually connected to Pluto at all? As for the Uranus to Pluto thing, that same problem occurs with Neptune. And I am pretty sure that is actually Pluto's fault, not the other two planets. That is like kicking two people out of a clique because some weird kid wants to play with them.
  5. You should understand that important people in the scientific world discuss the definition of a planet each year and decide what is and what is not a planet. The reason Earth and Uranus are not considered dwarf planets is because the thing orbiting them is not of similar mass, it is just a satellite. There has to be distinction so that we can differentiate between the two celestial bodies. Scientists made the word Dwarf Planet pretty much specifically for Pluto. I suppose scientists believe that Pluto just does not fit in with the cool kids, or Planets, it is a Dwarf Planet. So Pluto is a loser.
  6. This is a tough decision, but I must go with Torterra. Torterra is more aesthetically pleasing than Venusaur and if you were to ride one there is a place to hold on to, the tree. Looking at Torterra I realized that it might work with Trick Room active. I just think it would be hilarious watching a giant earth tortoise out speed a Weavile, and then beat it.
  7. PokeDaemon


    Hi, and darn you for making me lose... Is your name a reference to Ender's Game? I hope you enjoy "doing stuff" here at this forum! Also, that signature is really cool!
  8. Well, first, congratulations on getting your game! Now for your answers: The man with Professor Oak was Mr. Pokémon, yes I know what a strange name, and he really is not that important, but he tells you to bring and egg to Professor Elm back to New Bark Town. Elm calls you when you leave Mr. Pokémon's house and asks you to run back because a strange and mysterious person has stolen a Pokémon. Short and simple, you have to go back to New Bark Town before proceeding past the youngsters. Now your problem with the Pokéwalker is that you only have one Pokémon. A trainer with no Pokémon is nothing at all and just like how you cannot place all of your Pokémon in the PC, you cannot put them into the Pokéwalker until you have another Pokémon to keep with your character's in-game party.
  9. To make sure, the feature that allows one's personal Safari Zone to be transferred is only through Wireless Connection, correct?
  10. Question: After one has taken care of the Rockets in Mahogany Town is the player allowed to travel east and into the Ice Path, and by extension Blackthorn City? I want to know so that I can better plan my in-game team.
  11. Acid Rain is still possible. Using Pursuit on Green/Blue's Exeggutor after Trick Room makes Trick Room permanent. If one shuts the DS after the battle recorder is used and does not wait until it goes to the next screen the save will be gone and unrecoverable. Sames goes for doing the same thing during the Suicune. There are a ton of minor glitches that should not be much of a problem, but there are a strangely large amount of them. Some include the Haircut Brother's price being said as 400 but actually being 300. And other stuff like the soil being incorrectly discussed in a conversation at a shop, but correctly labeled in the bag.
  12. In that case, if everything else is as you want it, than yes, your Eevee is perfectly normal, IV stats are from 0-31. So cheers to you. :grog:
  13. There are few good reasons to do that, but there are reasons. They are: -Pokémon Attacks would be separated into the modern Physical and Special differences. -Touch Screen Capabilities. -"Better" Graphics. -Important People and Pokémon sprites have more than one frame. Honestly, that is not enough. FireRed and LeafGreen are good games as they are and a DS version of them is unnecessary, it probably would not sell very well either. Along with all of that the effort to get GameFreak to even consider making it would probably be wasted... I think I just, more or less, ended the thread. PS: I am not saying that it is a bad idea... Just a bad idea for a business to try, you have to remember that Pokémon is a franchise so the makers are looking for revenue.
  14. Yeah... Those are way off the norm for a level 1 Pokémon in general... Those stats are a lot higher than they should be. Eevee should have 12 HP and 6 everything else, or close to it. I, unfortunately, can not help you make it legit, but someone should be able to help. I hope you get it fixed!
  15. Here: Protein: Calcium: Carbos: HP Up: Iron: PP Max: PP Up: Zinc: That should help you. Good luck with whatever you are doing!
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