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  1. Derp. Only thought I could choose one So went swampert. That thing has served me best throughout the years. But if I could have, I would have gone Charizard, who's served me as the rock to ground my Blue/FireRed teams on. That thing... oh, Charizard. Remember the days when submission was a great move because Charizard in the anime took out a magmar with it? aaaaah.... Gen 2: Typhlosion. That thing was amazing! (gen 2, that is. Not HeartGold.) I probably would have gone for Feraligatr, except that thing didn't make it to 100 like mine did and it hadn't got ditched at goldenrod Gen 4: Torterra. Chose him as my first starter and good grief! He's a beast! A tank! Pure good fun for ingame! Close tie with the other two though. They're all quite balanced (ingame, not for realz.... poor torterra....) Gen 5: Samurott, but I haven't played with any of the others, so it's hard to say. Samurott's a great set-up sweeper, but so is Serperior.
  2. <p><p><p><p><p><p>Looking for Shiny Unova pokemon will trade any shiny for it</p></p></p></p></p></p>

  3. Do you have it hosted somewhere? My browser's not letting me download stuff or upload stuff :'(
  4. mmmmm.... very nice :3 Danke schoen!
  5. Bahahahahaha, I love it! Could you possibly rotate bibarel or make the bottle a little smaller so that you can see more of the bottle?
  6. Hey, so I was hoping for another sig; this one's a bit of a mashup. This bibarel holding this bottle in his left hand, a la , with the caption "Aye, me bottle o' scrumpy."I'll leave the rest up to you. Perhaps some explosions.... :wink: You guys rock, in case you hadn't heard.
  7. Simply because something is hard to believe doesn't make it impossible. Although the odds of intelligent life evolving in any given solar system are miniscule, it is practically certain that, given the number of solar systems in the universe, intelligent life will evolve somewhere. And will that life form not marvel at the miracle of its existence? But that does not make its existence a miracle. When you take into consideration the size of the universe, it is merely a statistical certainty. As for the random blobs of matter exploding instantaneously: that is not what is believed any more. That is impossible. There is no place for a creator in the current hypothesis: each successive universe is created from the previous universe. To go back to a starting place is meaningless; it's like finding the start of a circle.
  8. Team Fortress 2. I swear, I'm addicted to that game.
  9. @ rnstyip: try the rate my team section, as that's what your post seems like. Also, you'll probably want to include more info (details about stats/IVs/EVs/moves/items/abilities) @asafarakaratara: Pokemon available in-game (including legendaries) have randomly generated PIDs and, as such, randomly generated IVs. They can have any set of IVs at all. They can even be shiny! Event pokemon can be different, though. Some events have fixed IVs, some have fixed natures, and some are completely random.
  10. Try the GTS, if you've got a wireless connection. You'll probably manage to find a Tornadus/Thundurus on there.
  11. Good to see you guys back!, new game, new sig, I suppose. Can i get a bidoof sitting sideways on a building as though he's climbing up it, with the text "Spiderdoof"?
  12. Grabbed vaperon for white after a few tries.
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