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  1. So, I finally got an R4. After waiting for about a week it finally arrived today. Been messing around with it, its cool~ But down to the point. :b I had remembered that now I can get even pokemon on my own and not have to ask people to use up their own time to give them to me. Ive looked around a bit, but since Im new at this whole editing saves and converting event pokemon into AR codes I was hoping someone could explain to me how Id go about getting an event pokemon from my comp > R4 > My game. Like, what exactly do I have to do? Im pretty confused... Thanks in advanced!
  2. Ready For The Floor by Hot Chip According to my zune I listened to it... 37 times since yesterday.
  3. Hey~! If it's not too much trouble... Could I possibly ask for a TRU Shaymin and TRU Regigigas? ; Thanks in advance!
  4. So I was bored earlier today~ o: And decided to play through the Tower, maybe get some BP. >:3 And I just found it funny how I went through 19 trainers in the tower just using a Skarmory with Spikes, Whirlwing, Brave Bird and Roost. I was actually having fun just laying spikes and whirlwinding the offending team until they all died. Anyone else ever played through the Tower and defeated the trainers in a pretty simplistic way? O:
  5. Ive never been so big on competitive battles~ Never really had one, I actually barely started reading up on it when Diamond And Pearl came out. So Im a huge noob at it. :b Even though Ive been playing pokemon since I was like 9. But yeah, to the point! Lol Im kinda making a team, and was wondering if having Absol, Weavile and Tyranitar, and Scizor all in one team a smart idea? My friend says a Fighting switch-in would totally take me down... :b
  6. I know, it's downright romantic. :b I wish someone would chop off an arm for me.
  7. It'd be a nightmare. D: You never see these kinds of things in the anime because its a kids show. But if pokemon were real some would hunt and eat eachother, other would like totally kill humans. x: I mean, just read Tyranitar's PokeDex entry from Ruby. "Tyranitar is so overwhelmingly powerful, it can bring down a whole mountain to make its nest. This Pokémon wanders about in mountains seeking new opponents to fight." Here's a drawing I made of what it might look like: Scary, huh? :b
  8. Her hand was in the box. x: Know how the guy like punched it and broke it? All the glass magically flew back in place, I guess, and stabbed his hand. So then now he cant draw because he was left handed. Then I guess the girl chopped off her own left hand, since she was right handed, put it in a box and tossed it over the glass wall so he could draw with her again...
  9. Y'know, I get bored of the internet pretty easily. :b So I tend to surf around looking at random junk. And I came across this video, dunno if anyones seen it or if its old or whatever. But I was like watching it and was like "Hey, this is pretty cute. :D" But then it got to the end and I was like "Wtf?" o_o Even got goosebumps... Here, tell me what you think. (It isnt anything violent or scary. Id give it like a G rating) Lol
  10. Lol @ Kelly And welcome!
  11. Oooh~ I might just get one now. I never really liked the PS3, the only reason I ever thought of buying a PS3 was for Final Fantasy XIV Online. Now it looks appealing, appealing enough to buy. :b And I might just, all just for FF XIV. I play FF XI Online a lot so I really wanna play this new one~
  12. Not much Arceus love here.... I got kinda bored of it too now anyways... >.> I went back to using my Tyranitar.
  13. Just though I'd post something random I was thinking~ So here it is: To those of you that have Arceus! Do you usually keep it in your party or just in the PC? And when you use it what Plate do you usually place on it, and do you do it because it looks cool in that particular color? :b I ask because I got a Movie Event Arceus from a trade, and I just happen to find myself using him a lot just killing wild Pokemon or using him to EV train my weaker Pokemon and I tend to keep a Dread Plate on him because he looks cool in black.
  14. Im totally getting Soul Silver~ Had original Gold when it came out, also Silver eventually... but this time I wanna get Silver first. I'll probably end up having both~ o:
  15. Absol!!! Just always thought it'd be cool to see like someone walk with an Absol in the anime, so I'll do it in game. Maybe everyone will avoid me..... :b
  16. That's why Av posted here, so they can get one via Wi-Fi trade. :b
  17. Im set too, just hope you get on tonight. PM me first chance you get when you get on. O:
  18. I mean an AR. o_o Is that not what is needed to get them?
  19. Ha, I'd love to see that. :b A Smeargle totally puking seeds in a kids show. And not only puking them but I'd imagine he'd be doing it on his opponent... !
  20. Ha, I know Smeargle can learn Ingrain via Sketch. But Ive never been able to picture anything other than a grass pokemon doing it. Like if I saw it in the anime would he like magically sprout roots or something?
  21. Is anyone out there willing to trade me an event Weavile? o: I'd really appreciate it~! I dont have the tools to use Pokesav so I cant do it on my own... x_x Anyways, FC is in my sig, send me a msg if you can help or whatever~ O: Thanks in advanced! (If Im not on around the time I post this then I will most likely be on at around 8PM Pacific time) COMPLETE! Thanks to KyoMcFizzle.
  22. Theyre both cool. I actually liked Ho-oh a lot way back when I bought Gold, but I like Lugia a bit more... it just looks so cool now.
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