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  1. I don't do pkHex like i did with pokegen and pokesav back in the days, but i wonder why i haven't been banned after all the dumb experiments i do with powersaves and gamesync.
  2. I am enjoying the game very much. Probably not as much as ORAS, but then again i started with Hoenn. I like that the game is mode console than handheld now. I mean that there are more interesting camera angles LOTS more, a good deal of cut scenes, as well as the well known updated visuals. These are things we've come to expect of console titles, but never has pokemon been so generous with these in a handheld game. The story is interesting and despite not being a fan of Hawaii/Alola, i quite enjoy it. I think that the world blends well between different parts of the map. Maybe too good. I always feel like i'm in a tropical island, even if there is a snow cave nearby. So i'd say that can be a minus for me. Another thing is the zombie face of the protagonist... Why is it always the same...? ALWAYS!! Other than these things, i'd say it's a pretty solid game and i am glad i have both versions of it.
  3. I picked Litten solely on appearance and nothing more. Turns out it was fast enough to handle most opponents it faced and still became quite a valuable member of my team. And knowing Leech Life is amazing too. With the added buff and all. Not disappointed by the starters, but i have yet to try the water one.
  4. Greetings stranger

  5. So i will add a few word of my own regarding the recent changes and happenings. I gotta say, getting the news about the site being hacked was quite the shock. I got messaged the same day Sun/Moon were released so with what i can only describe as a bitter taste in my mouth i started playing the new games and thinking about the memories i had here over the past years. I left this place some years ago, but i always came by to check on things knowing the site is still up, and so are my friends here. One never appreciates something until it's taken away from them. All those moments i've shared with people here were suddenly gone by some hacker group. Ironic isn't it? Regardless of their efforts, PP has risen from the ashes and like a phoenix has breathed new life to our community. I am quite happy things are back to normal, and rather, better than before. The new design of the forums will take getting used to, but i'd like to remind people that it's something that had to be done in order to get things running again and to be safer than before. I welcome the change. Thank you to the team that helped bring back everything! It's with a heavy heart that @Alpha is stepping down, but i wish him the best in his future. And congratulations to the newly promoted staff of our site/community! With these words aside - GLAD TO SEE YOU BACK PROJECT POKEMON!
  6. Depends on your device. I am using iOS and i can give you some info.
  7. Just wanted to inform you that the Jirachi you desire will be illegal. And won't pass checks. That is all.
  8. I ban Alpha since i envy his fancy name.
  9. Indeed it has. Im doing well as always as i usually do. Glad to see familiar faces still around. 8
  10. That is correct. The best thing you will get is a bugged shiny. It will appear normal, won't get sparkles, but the dex will have it's shiny image registered. Im my opinion that is the biggest troll imaginable. The only shiny locked legendaries in Or/As are Groudon, Kyogre, Rayquaza and Deoxys.
  11. After around 200 attempts i failed to activate the secret mission... For some reason i had better luck with the second secret mission. It took me only 15 tries... No luck since.
  12. That requires time. I made a special request that delivered the Shiny Charm as a wondercard for these games too. The only reason it came to fruition is because it was already created and it was only needed to be ported to be compatible with these games. Custom requests will be ignored. Most of the requests datel gets are either pointless/stupid or impossible.
  13. Well dear community i have a project i am working on. This project has two alternatives and i have done my best to get as much info and resources as possible as to get the result and answer i seek. I want to find a quick way to get a complete living dex in either a Kalos or a Unova game. My devices are the Powersaves and AR DSi. To migrate them i need a us sav dumped from the game where are all pokemon stored in boxes from Unova. To do so i need to migrate the pokemon and they need to not be hacked. I am well aware what i am asking, but keep in mind many of us don't hack to have broken data pokemon. EDIT -- So i tried with a AR DSi with all 649 pokemon in but it seems my hardware fails to write the sav/duc. I need a Powersaves backup that has all 719 pokemon stored in boxes so i can try to restore it in my retail game, upload to bank, then restore my own sav and download the 719 mons so that the national dex would be achieved easier. I tried to look online at various sites and such, but there was nowhere near thread posted so i decided to be true and ask where i come from.
  14. Waves will crash, Volcanoes erupt, Skies will darken as Hoenn roars the moment i have longed for for so long once the king returns to his homeland. I will get both. First will be Ruby from the e-shop, like in the first versions, then i will get Sapphire so i can use the powersaves on it. Prepare my friends... for soon we will be home!
  15. This is really interesting. I thought i had all the information on Colosseum. I knew there were some leftover information, but not so much.
  16. Considering that post is from 7 months ago, i have to wonder why you'd bother posting a replay.
  17. I used the device a few times today for some work and it functioned fine. I didn't use it in 2 weeks or so so i noticed new codes added. Perhaps they were adding them and were offline while you were trying.
  18. I am quite anxious for Mega Rayquaza... I mean... please. It has to happen. How can two of the three have a mega/primal state and not the Guardian of the Sky?! (Not counting Primal Dialga). I have some slight hope for a Battle Frontier or at LEAST our Battle Tower like in the originals... Please, make it happen GameFreak!
  19. You were not able to get online on your system?
  20. Datel has made it so that when the Action Replays get an error or a jolt of electricity, or a slight shake, they need to be reset. I recently had to reset my hardware for the AR DSi. I suggest you look up on hardware reseting the Powersaves 3DS.
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