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It's the best corner of projectpokemon.org you'll ever see. Talk about anything you would like to here. Make sure you read the rules and have fun <3.
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  2. I've recently got Ads on my computer for a game on steam called Palworld. You catch pals like Pokémon and they are very similar to pokemon like for example the lucario spin-off anubus, a chimchar/Pansage one which is green, a woolo, A fluffy headed bear somewhat like ursaring, and finally the one pal on their youtube profile picture: (Drum roll please) A quagsire with an elongated neck resembling a goodra!. yeah I've been meaning to ask if anyone is having any similar experiences. If anyone knows other pals with similarities please reply to this Edit: I found pics on the web of weirder ones: The center one looks like a mix between Electivire and shiftree (The face seems to be resembling Gengar) the one on it's shoulder seems like a mix of pidgey and squawkabilly. The blue duck seems like farfetche'd and a shiny Psyduck. The other blue thing seems like a piplup in the shape of a munchlax (the before metioned woolo is on the left of pipluplax its just really a woolo although you could argue it has similarities to mareep too). (Drum roll for the Pokémon god)Next up the pal on the yellow one's right seems like a mix of Woolo with Arceus. And finally Drum roll please... ... An Eevee! .....Oh!, yeah, it kind of resembles other cat Pokémon but I can only think of meowth's face right now.
  3. It's basically the line of text below your profile picture. I cannot confirm or deny what it is linked or not linked to. Off the top of my head, I don't remember what it would stop you from doing. Just try and find out I reckon.
  4. What is a rank? Does it stop you from doing other things too? Like making a Club Is it tied to the reputation score? And how does the rep score go up?
  5. You're not a rank that allows you to send messages to people. Try again when your rank goes up. (And no, for the sake of keeping the forums intact, I'm going to refrain from elaborating rank progression)
  6. This is the only part of the site that is not filled with technical discussions. And I just wanted to ask: Why is the site saying that "You are only allowed to send 0 messages per day. Please try again later.". Somebody please tell me what's going on.
  7. My fav pokemon type is Fighting because an overleveled Blaziken or any other fighting type could just sweep through flying types outspeeding and OHKOing every single one without taking a single HP in damage.I love blaziken because he made me be able to cruise through wiona effortlessly and even outdoing himself and crushing Tate and Liza with an with the help of an absol. I really like great attack and sp.atk and somewhat great defences. I also like fat hariyama (because of THICK FAT). It is good against fire type trainers especially with fake-out.
  8. What does everyone think of the new game Super Smash Bros. Ultimate? Do you like it and who is your favorite character? Personally I love the game and my main is Isabelle
  9. i think i like Totodile because it have a variety of moves and has a really good movesets for battle and another reason why i chose Todoile because it is a very strong Pokemon and i love the evolution to the Pokemon as well it evolves to Croconaw and then to its final evolution Feraligatr really fun Pokemon to use i enjoy using the Pokemon as well
  10. My favourite pokemon Type is a Psychic Type that is because you can do calm mind and get really bulky in Special Defensive and can start to sweep afterwards. can get really good moves and does not have many weaknesses as well only dark, ghost, Bug that is my opinion
  11. It has always been normal for me Gen 1 brought the powerhouse Snorlax, the undisputed wall Chansey, the ever so lovable Ditto, our friendly lovable Eevee and the pain in the butt to buy Porygon Gen 2 had the likes of our sketchy friend Smeargle, bulky Miltank who should of never been granted the power of rollout, a beastly looking bear called Ursaring, the unsung hero Dunsparce and if that’s not enough they also decided to give the wall an evolution that has EVEN MORE HP!! Gen 3 oh how I thank you!! (Apart for flooding the GTS with Zigzagoon.) You brought me my Behemoth Slaking, the ever so (useless) randomness of Spinda and my Toxic avenger Zangoose Gen 4 has a little bit of a Slow Start (sorry, not sorry) for Normal types then BAM! God himself comes along (Praise Arceus) Gen 5 went cuteness overboard and gave us the likes of Stoutland, Audino, Cinccino and Meloetta Gen 6 came with some of the best designs IMO there was fearsome Pyroar and his little cub Litleo, my new best buddy Furfrou (Pharoh Trim), and the cheeky Heliolisk Gen 7 was slightly disappointing, however it brought me Bewear and that only touches the surface of my love for normal types
  12. Hey people i would like to ask what do you think about the new website of Project Pokemon what is your best feature. i Just made a post to thank you all people of Project Pokemon
  13. Hey, we just hit 20 members here ^~^ That's all.. Stop reading, please.. Umm.. '-'
  14. The games them selves look really good and I excited for the new story elements and move tutors. However, what I'm most excited for isn't exactly USUM per say, but future update to the Pokemon Transporter so that I can bring the last remaining Pokemon from my childhood to the new game and not let them sit on Stadium 2 anymore.
  15. So far the legendaries didn't have overworld sprites. Example was mewtwo. It was a 2D silhouette of it, then it jumped down on you as a shadow, then battle commences. also, stuff with overworld 3D models are typically shiny locked. (lati@s was the exception in ORAS)
  16. I just hope that all of the legendaries will have overworld sprites again, like how it used to be before ORAS. I didn't like how you could only see the warp hoops in ORAS.
  17. Even if the location matches, the origin game would make them illegal anyway. They're just a nice thing to have on a collection, this kind of stuff is somewhat valuable to me
  18. No worries! Anyway those Totems wont be legal, since they ones in USUM will probably get different met location.
  19. Oh ._. derp Never saw that thread (even though I had been lurking for quite some time before actually creating an account), so didn't know about that
  20. We have them dumped already! https://projectpokemon.org/home/files/file/1855-pk7-main-game-totems-and-other-unobtainable-pokemon/
  21. Didn't even remember that version existed ._. well, that solves everything, I guess (Still wanna dump the actual Totem Pokémon tho)
  22. hmmm its kinda easy. Just use Hax version of PKHeX, then change the form count. Kantonian Raticate should be 0 Alolan Raticate should be 1 so Totem Raticate should be 2. Same type of deal with Mimikyu. Mimikyu disguised form 0 Broken form 1, so Totem Disguised form is 2.
  23. Thanks! And yeah, like mentioned before since ORAS didn't do it I think they wouldn't do it for USUM, but then again this is literally every single legendary ever so the shiny lock is still on the table..
  24. Not at all, the more the merrier so welcome I really hope that the shinies aren't shiny-locked but knowing Game Freak I'm only hoping for a miracle.
  25. Hi! hope you guys don't mind me joining the Cool Kids Corner I'm mostly excited for all the legendaries in USUM, assuming they're not shiny locked! I'm already working on an automated shiny hunting program with an Arduino, so I was ecstatic that I could use it for basically all the legendaries

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