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  1. Of course, without having 2 3DS systems, which should be the best way. I got all my games in digital copies (except for the Gen 4 and 5 games, of course) and would like to know what's the best way of trading with myself in order to evolve Pokémon that evolve only by trade in the least intrusive way (= not heavily editing to evolve them by force, but making them really look as if they were traded). That includes the VC titles. I'd like to do it not only for evolution purposes, but trading Pokémon as well in games which can't use Pokémon Bank for that, in order to fulfill Pokédexes. P.
  2. I'd like to avoid the disadvantages of having the games lose their time events every time I have to change the systems to trade. Beside that, my NDS Lite has some problems in the touchscreen, so I have to use the Gen 4 and 5 games on 3DS sometimes. I know it may not be possible, since both systems may have a slight difference with the clock running, as all clocks in the world, but I had to ask.
  3. I remember that in Generation V, after finishing Pokémon Black, I had the option to transfer some info from its save to Pokémon Black 2, so some stuff on Black 2 could use information from the first Black (the name of my character in Pokémon Black, for example). I don't remember how I transferred such information. Pokémon Global Link registration, I guess.Since Nintendo shut down Generation VI Global Link, I'd like to know if games from Generation VI had that kind of interaction from Gen V among them as well, so I can know what I missed.
  4. A Celebi and a Mew obtained through the famous glitches of Gen 2 and Gen 1 Virtual Console games can be transferred to 3DS games? If so, are they legal?
  5. Hello, people. As I said in other threads (like the thread below), I've been away from Pokémon scene for some years. For short, I didn't have a 3DS, but I used to edit my save files for Generation 4 and 5. However, stuff changed a lot. As you can see on the thread pasted below, I got lost in the scene. You don't need to read it. I'd just like to share (and ask) some stuff I learnt from the New Nintendo 3DS XL I bought (ver. 11.6.0.-39U). 1. It seems I bought it already with Luma, since when I hold Select, then press the power button, it appears Luma config menu (Luma 3DS 7.1). I did
  6. Hello again. Sorry to ressurect this thread, but I have been very busy lately. I've found out a lot of stuff about my New 3DS (ver. 11.6.0.-39U): 1. It seems I bought it already with Luma, since when I hold Select, then press the power button, it appears Luma config menu (Luma 3DS 7.1). I admit I'm kinda frustrated: not just because my pre-installed games are illicit (but, well, that's not important, since they were installed through legit CIAs, so they got attached to my NNID when I created one; got no problem with Nintendo Network and no problem making purchases), but because I lik
  7. I've been reading the 3ds.guide, so since I got a 11.5.0 3DS, I will have to get one of the following flashcarts in order to use CFW without having to get an other 3DS (or soldering my 3DS): R4i Gold 3DS (RTS) Acekard 2i R4i Gold 3DS “Starter” R4i Ultra R4 3D Revolution Infinity 3 R4i DSTT (some flash chips only!) Since my flashcart from NDS Lite is so old that it cannot run even the last DS games, I'd like a new flashcart which could work with it as well. If it's not possible, please just recommend one of them (and a shop to buy origi
  8. It sounds nice. Though, I'm just a newbie at programming/hacking. I don't think I could help with any project at all.
  9. Thank you. I had hope that Pokécheck still existed. It looked wonderful, though most pokémon were hacked. At least, those kinds of websites should have some option to trade pokémon with yourself, so you could evolve pokémon which only evolve by trading, since Pokébank doesn't allow you to do that.
  10. I remember that back in Gen 5 there was a website which worked like a fake GTS, from where you could download pokémon to your saves or upload pokémon from your saves to the website. If I recall correctly, even when Nintendo WFC shut down, you were still able to connect to it and download and upload your pokémon. The questions are: 1. What website was that? 2. Does it still exist? 3. If so, can it do the same thing for later generation games?
  11. Just put like I did on DS. Am I doing anything wrong? Sorry, I'm still trying to know the (new) 3DS
  12. Really? Simple like that? I could swear that I would lose features like growing berries, seasons or visitors/stores on Join Avenue. I thought it was the kind of stuff that could only be fixed and recovered by starting a new game and rebuilding my stuff from the beginning.Thank you. I reckon it would be safe using both systems to transfer pokémon between games without having my saves messed up.
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