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  1. that is correct @PokemonKing99 and i need help with that
  2. so during the weekend i tried to solve the problem and i still having problems please help me thanks
  3. can't get 31 eevees @theSLAYER
  4. i have been having this problem for a while now but i have no clue on how to solve it please help my problem is that i can not get 31 eves on the box because it would not let me please help thanks
  5. no i have not got this pokemon and yes i do want this pokemon shiny please Thank you
  6. that is what i need as well a save file which is pokemon USUM
  7. i am still hoping that please someone give me that save file thank you
  8. Can i have a Alolan Raichu Choice Scarf Competitive Set please Thank you leave the file below this comment.
  9. that i have tried to use pkhex but it did not work and i could not use it in battles in pokemon USUM Please help me hack a shiny volcaion please thank you
  10. any shiny Volcanion pkhex file please
  11. Can someone give me a legit hacked Shiny volcanion level 1-10 please thank you via pkhex file drop it below thank you
  12. hello people can someone give me a save file on USUM which has all shines and they are competitive as well including the new legendaries thank you
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