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  1. Last stage before raging I will do a wipe then starting all over again (with the game as well, i will try version per version, till i find the one that works). If i cant use my save file, i will start the game all over as well
  2. I'll try, thanks for the help. In any case i'm doing a big wipe and re-do the homebrew, hoping this will fix all the issues (from the save to the game itself)
  3. well it started as a pkhex question, but then as xddhgze said i need to be at 1.3.0
  4. So i will revert to 1.0.0 then? And if i keep getting the "need to verify" thing? Is there a way to fix it?
  5. I reverted to 1.2.1 but it keep saying "need to verify". At this point i dont know if i shoul re doing the homebrew
  6. I thought that updating the game was the right thing to do, but (as you said) i just messed up (right now i can't even play). And yes the name of the save is "main"
  7. It stopped mid way, lemme try to be clear: i was playing Pokemon, then i used jksv to make a backup, i moved the save file to my pc (and added some balls and $$), moved the file back on the switch, CRASH (but still on 1.2.1). Now i'm trying to updating the game, but i keep getting verify game/damaged files (and idk how to fix)
  8. yea it was before the update. So i just uninstall the update and i can play normally?
  9. yes is my primary and i dont have the cardrige, and i never get prompted to update it (cause i get errors)
  10. Move the data, but now I can't even starte the game (i just updated it to 1.3.0). The switch asks me to "verify the game" and i get the error 2154-0107
  11. Thanks both of you for the replies. Yea it crashes. I will do a recheck of the data, but how can i move the data on the device's nand? I've tried to inject an old one, but still crashing. Pkhex doesn't give any errors. I'm playing on a banned switch, so i cannot connect to the internet to update the game (i'm playing on 1.2.1) My SD is fat32, all the applications are updated
  12. Hi, yesterday I backed up my save file and I was in CoT, right after the train station.I added some balls and money on the save file, and bringed back on the switch.After I loaded the save file form JKSV, I launched Pokemon Sword (and Shield), but both games crashed.I've tried to load up a save file of someone else, but it still crashes.Thanks in advice
  13. I mean: e.g. i can only play game A or game B, or any game?
  14. Even if i have a "real" game, i can edit my saves on computer? And Your second question lacks context??
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