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  1. Question in the title! I'm asking because I will be mailing my game to someone with a legitimate E-ticket and want to mix records to get the ticket in my other games. I want to avoid sending multiple games in case the mail gets lost but if I could only share it to one or three games at a time I might mail two. Thanks to anyone who answers!
  2. I'm not sure if this is the correct place to request this, and I know this may be a long shot, but does anyone happen to have 2 extra NA codes for the Regigigas/Heatran newsletter event in March? I signed up before March and completely forgot about it, and of course they never sent the newsletter to either of my emails despite support telling me "millions of newsletters have been sent out". All I have to offer for now is just some NA codes for the Target Raikou/Entei last month. Thanks!
  3. If you're stuck in Ultra Megalopolis then you've already been in the ultra wormholes. https://www.serebii.net/ultrasunultramoon/ultrawormholes.shtml
  4. Well in that case if anyone is interested this is what the card looked like haha
  5. I just got a QR Code for the US Movie's Ash's Pikachu. Are these QR codes unique (and only redeemable once) or would I be able to share mine in case you guys need it? Edit: nvm, didn't realize its the same code for everyone like the Magearna haha so you'll probably get a better scanned one from someone other than me. For now I found a PAL QR code scanned online if it helps!
  6. Thanks! And yeah, like mentioned before since ORAS didn't do it I think they wouldn't do it for USUM, but then again this is literally every single legendary ever so the shiny lock is still on the table..
  7. Hi! hope you guys don't mind me joining the Cool Kids Corner I'm mostly excited for all the legendaries in USUM, assuming they're not shiny locked! I'm already working on an automated shiny hunting program with an Arduino, so I was ecstatic that I could use it for basically all the legendaries
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