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  1. This is phenomenal, thank you. I'll have to use it whenever I get around to updating my patches.
  2. This is a modification of Kazowar's BTX Editor. It's used to modify the BTX (texture) files used for overworld sprites in the NDS games. Kazowar stated that "BTX Editor is a horribly wrote program and is full of stupid limitations." But he gave me permission to decompile it, modify it, and re-release it. So I have. This version has been updated to support any of the character overworlds from HG/SS. There are still quite a lot of overworlds that it won't work with unless completely rewritten, like Pokemon, or anything not 32x32, or anything with more than one palette. I've also take the opportunity to change the interface. Buttons are now above the image, and the window will also resize to fit the image, rather than the reverse. I also changed the icon to differentiate it from the original. Usage: 1) Extract BTX files from the game, found in HG/SS at /a/0/8/1. 2) In BTX editor, hit [Open .btx]... and open a .btx file. 3) Hit [save .png as...] and save the image. 4) Modify that image. 5) Hit [Open .png] and open the modified image. 6) Hit [save .btx as...] and save the modifed .btx file. 7) Insert the new file into the game in place of the original. Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/a4zjzn8kr8krgbc/BTX_Editor.exe
  3. I've made a few resources and found a few around the web that seem to have disappeared since. G3DCVTR Author: ??? This converts 3D files for NDS games. It's command line only. Nitro SDK Plugins for 3DS Max 2010 Authors: Nintendo These allow you to export 3D models from 3DS Max 2010 for use in NDS games. These aren't allowed to be posted here, so you'll have to search or ask around to find them. BTX Editor Author: Kazowar Thread: https://projectpokemon.org/forums/showthread.php?9873-BTX-overworld-editor This allows you to export and import sprite sheets from the texture files in the game, most notably, overworld sprites. It's not a great program, and it bugs out and doesn't work with specific files, but it mostly works and is much less demanding than PokeTex. HG/SS US Texts Excel Workbook Authors: HiroTDK This is a searchable workbook of all text files in HeartGold and SoulSilver. The search results in Excel point to file and line numbers so that you can easily locate them in SDSME. I have a workbook transcribed for each language, but I haven't run the organization scripts on the other languages yet because my laptop is currently out of commission. NARCTool Authors: natrium42, modified by unknown This tool allows you to decompress and compress NARC files to and from folders. Since Tinke can easily decompress and extract NARCs as folders, it's only real use is rebuilding NARCs from folders. Tinke Authors: pleonex and various contributors Thread: http://gbatemp.net/topic/303529-tinke-072/ This is an all purpose tool for NDS hacking. You can look at the file structure and import and export files and NARCs. It has a very basic hex editor. You can view, import, and export images, models, textures, et cetera. There's so much more this can do too. This is a very powerful tool for the graphical side of NDS ROM hacking. Mario Kart DS Course Modifier Authors: Gericom Thread: https://gbatemp.net/threads/mkds-course-modifier.299444/ This is another NDS hacking tool like Tinke, that's pretty powerful and has a lot of features. This one is specialized for editing Mario Kart DS, but it has some useful functions for us. It's really good at editing single frame textures, but not animations. There's a function for splitting and rejoining texture files and models. It's very specific, but I used it to pull the protagonists sprites from the Magnet Train animation. It also has a decent converter for graphic files. The Console Tool Authors: lowlines Thread: http://www.romhacking.net/forum/index.php/topic,8407.0.html This is a powerful ROM hacking tool that can be used for many systems. I really only use it for occasionally editing palette files though. It supposedly has a pretty powerful 3D Model viewer, but for some reason, I've never been able to access it.
  4. Is this a list that we can add resources to? Because I have a few more useful ones for Gen IV. When I get home I can provide some download links and descriptions.
  5. Thanks Drayano. For the record though, PokeDSPic DP is still useful for HG/SS. There are a few things that still need it, like trainer backsprites.
  6. That's actually rather simple. When you put the new RLCN and RGCN into Tinke, you should be able to import the other image with swap to original palette. If not, you can manually edit the image to have the same palette using similar methods to the background workaround.
  7. Yeah, I just found out that Photoshop's color palette sort is a lie and doesn't export. The resource I found for Paint.Net turned out to be a dead link. I found a few of those actually. In Photoshop at least, I found a workaround. 1) Export image. 2) Open exported image. 3) View color table. Note which color is first. 4) Select the Magic Wand tool. Set the Tolerance to 0. Uncheck Anti-Aliasing and Contiguous. 5) Use the Magic Wand tool to select the first color and the background color and hit copy. 6) Go to Image > Mode > Color Table and change the background color in the palette to the first color and vice versa. 7) Close the palette and hit paste. 8) Save your image once again. I'd have to grab a copy of Paint.Net to figure a workaround with that program. EDIT: I'm going to write a tutorial through this, so I'm going to work on the palette problems now. I think I have an easy workaround for the differing palettes though.
  8. I can't even believe it was this simple, but the background color has to be the first color in the palette. In Photoshop, when exporting, you can sort colors by popularity. This will put the most used color at the beginning which will be the background color. TweakPNG says that you used Paint.Net to make yours though. From reading forum posts, it seems that you can name colors in Paint.Net and they're sorted alphabetically. Here's your sprite with the palette modified. It should work now. http://puu.sh/r8oGq/58f8d06a42.png
  9. Wow, I see what you're talking about. Something must be up with the encoder. Let me do some research and I'll report back.
  10. While I've not toyed with that yet, I'd imagine you could just edit the RCGN file so that all three frames are the same. EDIT: For the record, you wont be able to swap out the RNAN and RECN files as you were stating without some editing of the hex. I believe they have pointers for the file RCGN file. Last time I tried that, the game ... bugged.
  11. I just replied in the other thread about this so I'm just going to quote it.
  12. As far as I'm aware, this is because Tile Molester cannot read them. Another trick you may try to correct the palette is importing it into a ROM with Tinke. It doesn't matter what you overwrite; just overwrite any RCGN file, and then export the image again. I've had some great success this way.
  13. That's very odd. I just tried it myself and it seems to work fine. If PokeDSPic isn't reading the newly created files, you might have a bugged version. If you have not already, try the one in the link I posted.
  14. After a ton of searching I've found PokeDSPic DP, Platinum, and HGSS. HGSS doesn't open the files you're looking to work with though. That would be PokeDSPic DP. Step-by-step: 1) Extract the palette file and the garbled image file with Tinke. (6_6 and 6_9 in your case.) 2) In PokeDSPic DP, navigate to Expert > Open Direct and open the extracted image file. 3) Navigate to Expert > Open Pal Direct and open the extracted palette file. 4) Hit SavePng... and make any edits in whatever program. 5) Hit OpenPng... and import your edited image. 6) Navigate to Expert > Save Direct and save the edited image file. 7) Navigate to Expert > Save Pal direct and save the edited palette file. 8) In Tinke, select the palette file and hit Change File. Navigate to the edited palette file and select it. 9) Repeat step 8 with the edited image file. If you need it, I found the tools in various places. PokeDSPic DP / Platinum PokeDSPic HGSS (Though I don't know the difference.) EDIT: For the record, this is something I figured out last year when I successfully put Kris into the game. I had to figure it out again though, because as with the overworld sprites and magnet train sprites, I simply forgot how I did them and forgot to write it down. This is something that BlazingMagmar and MeroMero have both done in their hacks as well.
  15. I recently went through and made a new file list for HG/SS because the existing file list that you mentioned sucked. Mostly, it only listed files that were the same as the ones in D/P/Pt, with some extra data. But they hadn't been updated in nearly four years. I opened up Tinke and looked at every file in HG/SS and wrote down what was in it. I went back and rechecked files I didn't recognize, and I ran a few of them past a hacker in Discord. Gen IV is woefully short on research. I recently have been doing a ton because I want to see more out of this generation. I've recently written that file list, a tutorial on graphic hacking, two on encounter data, with a third in the works, and I'm working on a comprehensive mapping guide. This is what the new HG/SS file list looks like. http://www.pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?t=374965 There isn't a list like this for D/P/Pt because no one has done this research. I would do this, but I haven't played D/P/Pt enough to know what half of the graphics actually are. Someone needs to go through the files like I did and write it down. You should take one for the team and do it.