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  1. Current version: 0.1.4 Lastest update: 19th December, 2015 Summary Pokémon Light Platinum is a GBA hack launched in 2011 by the ROM hacker WesleyFG. Due to its success -partly because it was one of the few that managed to be completely finished- and that, in recent years, the NDS hacking has gained much more capabilities, I am now remaking this hack in this platform for people who have not played the GBA version yet, and partly to encourage people to start in this new platform; begin to investigate further and explore it. Changes Although the plot, locations, characters and other features are almost the same, there are many changes (some small, some more noticeable) with respect to the original version: There are almost 450 Pokémon more than in the original version. All those that appeared in the GBA version will appear in this version, these new Pokémon come from the seven different generations. This leads to the Pokédex will be a little more difficult to complete, having a total of 807 Pokémon to capture from all generations. Due to these new Pokémon, now trainers have different Pokémon parties from the original game, and in the majority of cases, they will be much stronger. Similarly, the wild Pokémon will differ (although to a lesser extent) the original, with more variety in the different towns and routes and other ways to find wild Pokémon (such as honey trees, Headbutt, fishing...). Slight changes in the game's plot, although they are minor and the only reason they were made is to adapt the scripts to the capabilities of the base ROM. Fairy type inserted (with all its weaknesses and strengths). All Pokémon that in the sixth generation possess this kind, they will in the hack (Gardevoir, Sylveon...). In addition, the weaknesses and strengths of other types have also been updated to the sames they have in the sixth generation. Successfully introduced a new system of berries, that was lost in both original Light Platinum and HeartGold & SoulSilver. Now berry trees will be stationary on the different routes, and they will give one berry each day (at 00:00 everyday there are new berries on the trees which didn't have). The trees of all 64 different berries are hidden throughout the Zhery and Lauren regions, so you have to look very well to get them all. Other small changes, such as increasing the chance of finding a shiny Pokémon (from 1/8192 to 1/257), or changing the stats of some Pokémon that increase them in the sixth generation. Scans They will be updated every so often. Credits and thanks :: Nex, Peyi, Kyledove, Zelda, GSC platinum, Alistair, Saurav, Shiny Lugia, Dewity, WesleyFG for all the tiles and graphics (both original game and this remake) :: WesleyFG for letting me remake his hack :: Spiky because I would never have achieved any of this without his help :: Rafa/Klein for always being there supporting me and being a good friend :: Trifindo because he was one of the few brave who dared with NDS hacking :: WaH, Hoko, NHD and PFG because due to these sites I am today the ROM hacker I am :: The music I listen to while I'm ROM hacking, because whatever happens, LODVG, Mecano, Amaral or ABBA will be with me forever Bugs, errors and possible changes The textures of the maps, and the game generally, works quite poorly in No$GBA. This emulator is not suitable to load homebrew or hack-ROMs, so if you're using an emulator to play the hack, please, use DeSmuME. Some flashcards give problems with the game, although they are only a minority. I'm still researching why it may be happening. As in the original HeartGold and SoulSilver, the game may freeze every so often or give graphical errors when entering a map. In the latter case, just open the Pokémon menu or the Pokédex and close it to fix the error. Neither the minisprite of the female character is changed, or the texts are adapted to differentiate between male or female. Please, select the male hero for the moment. If you pay attention, in some random points on the map you will be able to hear sea waves. This is something that, for now, is beyond my knowledge and I have no idea how to solve it, but I hope to be able to fix it in the future. Changelog Version 0.2.0 - TBA - Added all of 807 existing Pokémon in the ROM (first expansion of Pokedex). - Every map, script and event finished beyond the fourth Badge. - Revised wild Pokémon in previous routes. - Modified most of previous trainers. - Two-thirds of the Safari Zone are now accesible. - Fixed lot of bugs that were in the previous version. - Incompatibility with savegames from older versions. Version 0.1.5 - Private developer version, not officially published. Version 0.1.4 - 19th December 2015 - Xmax special version. - Snowy maps along the region. - New wild Pokémon adapted for the new cold weather. - First Mystery Gift developed so far. Version 0.1.3 - 22nd November 2015 - New title screen for the game. - Added the version number in the title screen. - Finished Route 406 with all of its scripts and events. - Fixed lot of bugs that were in the previous version. - Corrected some grammar mistakes in the English version. Version 0.1.2 - 5th November 2015 - English version of the game, added some little things and the Esmerald City easter egg. Version 0.1.1 - 26th August 2015 - Inserted Pantem Town and Route 406 maps. - Fixed lots of bugs that were in the previous version. - Scripts and trainers of Route 405 are finished (now you can wake Snorlax up). Version 0.1.0 - 17th July 2015 - Version for testing and recording gameplay, filtered and with some bugs and errors. Download You can download the game and check out all new updates in the official page: http://goo.gl/RLR5H9
  2. This patch will (hopefully) allow users to load Pearl version of assets on the debug version of Pokemon Diamond. Patch Repo : https://github.com/novakirby/POKEMON_DP ====================================================================================== -------------------- * Requirements * -------------------- The japanese Diamond debug ROM xdelta3 (windows : https://github.com/jmacd/xdelta-gpl/releases) ====================================================================================== ------------------ * Basic Usage * ------------------ The following command should generate patched ROM (POKEMON_P_APAJ01_00.nds) in the directory: (path to xdelta3) -d -s (path to the diamond ROM) POKEMON_P_APAJ01_00.xdelta3 POKEMON_P_APAJ01_00.nds ====================================================================================== ------------------- * Other Notes * ------------------- Please note that the patch does not actually generate a identical copy of the real Pearl debug ROM. As of now, this patch will modify: ROM Header /ftc/arm9.bin /ftc/overlay (File ID : 5, 6, 16, 18, 54, 80, 83, 84) /ftc/banner.bin /poketool/personal/personal.narc Although overlays are nearly identical for D/P, the link address of overlays are varies from builds. Hence, diff from the retail D/P ROM cannot be directly applied here. In order to make this patch more complete, any feedback about issue of patched ROM or new discovery of version difference is welcomed. ====================================================================================== -------------------- * Known Issues * -------------------- Field debug option "クライマックス" (The first one) would makes Dialga appear instead of Palkia. ====================================================================================== ... it would be nice if someone could make a pret disassembly of the debug ROM, though.
  3. Information about the project: Engine/Rom Base: White 2 USA Project Grey, ie Pokémon Red Islands, is a sequel to Pokémon BW / B2W2. Elapses three years after BW and 1 year after B2W2. There will be a new region called "Red Island" with new fakemons and legendary. The protagonists are the BW (hence the sequel ). STORY Have already passed three years since that event in Unova. Today they sent me a letter telling me that I, [player], I am invited to go to the Pokémon major championship, organized in the Red Islands. It is assumed that is attending by all the best championship winning coaches of the Pokémon League the past 20 years. When I got there I attended very well, there were new Pokémon, many were friendly, some not so. When the time came to present the championship told us the following informations and rules: "All who have won a championship will have to fight with you to rise ye victory, every week a match is made, it will not be worth cooperate with other participants. The championship will be made in the entire archipelago, ie while fighting can move around throughout the region. While Do not fight in championship notify days in your spare time you can be attacked by bandits. Do not be afraid, assail this as vacation, but Do not trust, if you lose a combat either with whomever in this region, whether in day championship... You are sentenced to death ... Sorry, you can not go back to your regions. Flights are cut and you are surrounded by a glass wall until after the championship. Now, I will tell participants: Rizzo (B2W2), Bruno (RZE), Leon (DPPT), Nanci (B2W2), [player] (BW), Lira (HGSS), Maya (DPPT) Eco (HGSS), Blue (RGA), Aura (RZE ), [...] and Red (RGA). Enjoy your holiday ..." SCANS VIDEOS [video=youtube;BsHzcafj4dg]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BsHzcafj4dg
  4. All 721+ Pokémon will be available in game, with over 100 new Pokémon to discover! New moves given to some pokémon, including some rare moves such as Chansey with Wish. Pokémon have battling potential like never seen before! Mega Evolution and Z-Moves In-depth Story for All Ages 3 Regions to Explore! 3D Overworld!(+) Gen 5 Style! (+) Plus Feature Pokémon caught in this game can be exported as a .pkm file and imported into actual cartridge games via in-game means (requires Action Replay, Flashcarts, Ram2Sav, and/or Pokegen PkHex) Pokémon can also be exported as text to be used in Pokémon Showdown The Pokétab Field Moves and Abilities To be covered at trailer release PokéBodies To be covered at trailer release Introducing The Starter Pokémon There's a new gang in town, and they have one fierce bite! Trailer and More Pokémon Coming Soon Meta Mercury will provide an example of working at the outer boundaries of what RMXP and Essentials can do. It will also seek to improve the current system to be a more viable developing platform. Discord Server is now PublicClick to Join:https://discord.gg/CGYWm9R Want to contribute to the project? Fill out this application Want to see something included? Let us know what you want to see ______________________ Developed using: Maruno's Pokémon Essentials Including parts of scripts/resources from: Klein Studio's Essentials BW Luka SJ's Elite Battle System Heretic's Miscellaneous RMXP Scripts Neo Mode 7 The Entire Original Soundtrack (Work in Progress): Screenshots:
  5. hey guys I'm Suaqua also known as Taro and heres my attempt at a modification of Soul Silver modeled loosely after Crystal Version requires: a clean Heart Gold(U) or Soul Silver(U) rom Features: higher level wild pokemon new pokemon scattered throughout the game no more weak wild pokemon in kanto some level up move edits no need to trade for evolutions rt. 34 now has wild baby pokemon running around increased trainer difficulty pichu can learn some special moves... rival now have different starter pokemon from different generations as well as brand new teams created to match them some pokemon now have secondary types (shinx, starly, magby, elekid) among others special thanks to alpha and SCV for creating PPRE which was used for a majority of this hack if you would like certain pokemon inserted into the game in any way (rock smash, grass, hoenn/sinnoh sound, surf, fishing) just post it here or pm me thanks for the help -Suaqua p.s. this is much harder than the original game especially the gym leaders and rival battles edit 1: new beta is up this one has 300 trainer and all gym leaders and elite 4 completed edit 2:beta 4 is now up with all encounters finished and 550+ trainers edited edit 3: ok I fixed all of the problems and the fully edited v1 is now up enjoy! edit 4: ok so there is a glitch with level up moves on edited pokemon (known on magmortar and electivire) so if you see them learn a move they cant learn, is a tm or is of a different type ignore it PPC with Xdelta HG.zip PPC SS.zip
  6. Pokémon SunGold & Pokémon MoonSilver Info: Base Rom: HeartGold & SoulSilver [uS] Release Date: March 29th, 2016 The idea of making this hack started for several reasons. Several months ago, I completed Drayano’s Blaze Black 2, which is, honestly, the best Pokemon game I’ve ever played, and this made me wanna try out his other hack of HGSS. Thanks to MeroMero’s tutorial on adding the Fairy-type to HGSS, I was so inspired and started to think about making an expansion for Drayano’s famous hack Sacred Gold & Storm Silver in which I’d not only put in the Fairy-type, update the moves, but also introduce some of my ideas about new attacks, Pokemon changes and the more balance and fascinating new Type Chart. At first I thought I’d just make a mini hack with not so much changes for myself to enjoy as soon as possible, but as I progressed, new ideas kept popping up so I add them to the game. Today, when my hack had ended up with a significant amount of changes in Pokemon, Moves and the Type Match-Ups, I share it with anybody interested in returning to the nostalgic but also full-of-novelty Johto region. Pokemon Changes: The main point of all changes is to bring out the potential every Pokemon from rarely-used to over-used so that players can use their favorite Pokemon in tough battles. That also means, not only weaker Pokemon are made better (with reasonable stat boost, new moveset,…) the commonly-seen ones are given new abilities, moves or even type to create a fresher experience. Some notable type change include: • Fairy-type Pokemon: Beside 20 Fairy pokemon in gen VI official game, there are additionally 13 suitable Pokemon receiving Fairy as their secondary type (e.g., Meganium, Mareep line, Milotic, Misdreavus, etc.). • New Dragon-type Pokemon: Charizard, Onix, Steelix, Sceptile and Huntail. • Other than that, some Pokemon have their type modified to match their appearance better (e.g., Gyarados – Water/Dragon, Seviper - Poison/Dark, etc.) and/or, hopefully, more competitively viable (e.g., Ledian – Bug/Fighting, Quilava & Typhlosion - Fire/Ground, Butterfree - Bug/Psychic, etc.). Starters are now more competent with new abilities, moves and type changes such as Venusaur with Thick Fat, Blastoise with Drizzle, Feraligatr with Shed Skin, Sceptile with Adaptability, or the Water/Ice-type Empoleon with Snow Warning. However, to maintain the balance in game evolution level are raise to 25 for 2nd stage and 46 for final stage Pokemon, whose Lv-up rates are also changed to slow. I think it’s great to spend more time in game with the 1st and 2nd stage Pokemon. All details are fully documented. Moves Changes: There is a total of 157 moves receiving changes in this hack. Generally, there are 3 levels of change: 1. Slight adjustments in terms of power or accuracy. 2. More significant revamps such as type or category changes (e.g., Pay Day is now a special Steel-type move with 65 power while its ‘bonus-gold’ effect is still there). These moves are indicated in bold in the document. • Rarely-used early status moves such as Tail Whip, Sand Attack, Smokescreen,… are now either special or physical damaging moves with their effects kept unchanged. Leer is now an early way to get items from wild Pokemon in the first routes since they may now hold some useful items. • Sonic Boom, Peck, Power Whip now hits 3 times in a row with their power double after each hit. 3. And lastly, 30 moves have been totally tranformed into new ones with new effects, type and power (although their animations are not changed). These moves are indicated in red in the document. Some notable groups include: • Draining Moves: Draining Kiss, Vampiric Bite, Vampiric Aura, Purification and Cold Embrace. • Raise-all-stat Moves: Sacred Fire, Primal Light, Nature Grace and Lucky Break. All moves from this group (including Ancient Power, Silver Wind and Ominous Wind) have had their power and effect chance boosted to 72 and 20%, respectively. Lucky Break is the only move in this group having an increased priority and it’s only available to the Lv-up movesets of low-stat Pokemon. • Cool-looking-but-rarely-used moves such as Blast Burn, Frenzy Plant, Storm Blast, Fissure, Mist Ball,… have been greatly revamped for competitive use as well as distributed to the Lv-up moveset of many relevant Pokemon. • Random Effect Moves (like Tri Attack): Dragon Breath, Void Vortex and Ghost Punch • Gen 5 and 6 similar moves: PowerUpPunch, Volt Switch, Steam Shower (same as Scald), and some Fairy-type moves. • And lastly, two ‘theme’ moves of this hack: Sunraze and Moonraze have also been distributed to the movesets of 29 suitable Pokemon. Check out the Pokemon Changes document to see which Pokemon can learn these new moves. In-game move description texts have also been changed to match the new effects. All details are carefully documented. Type Match-Up Chart: There is a total of 32 changes made in the type chart, which also has its own document. Overall, the idea is to, hopefully, further balance the game as much as I can while also considering the logical factor. Not all changes come from my personal experience. There are also ideas that I gathered from fans in many discussion threads and then selected the ones that make sense to put in the game. Notable changes are from the Fairy type. Offensively, Fairy is now s.e. against Dark, Ghost and Dragon; deals normal damage to Fire, Fight and Poison; and is ineffective against Normal, Grass and itself. To explain, I wanna turn the Fairy type into something ‘holier’ or more ‘sanctified’ so that it’ll fit better with the new moves such as Primal Light and Purification. And since fairies are supposed to be good creatures who protect nature, this type should deal less damage to Grass, Normal and itself. To balance the game, Fighting is now weak to Ghost and no longer resists Bug; and Ghost Pokemon are no longer weak to Ghost-type moves. Version Differences: While both versions had all the changes and add-ons I mentioned above, there are still defferences. In SunGold, you’ll play with the followings: • Original story of HGSS. • Randomized Wild Encounter (with similar strength to the original so that it won’t break the game). However, I’ve modified it so that the Kanto, Hoenn, and Sinnoh starters will appear at the first 3 areas in game, Route 29, 30, and 46, respectively. Isn’t this great for Nuzlocke Challenge? • Gym Leaders and Elite Four now all have mix-typed teams with increased difficulty and adjusted level curve. • Instant Text Speed And MoonSilver can be regarded as an expansion of Sacred Gold & Storm Silver since it maintains most of Drayano’s scripts. However, there are changes including the followings: • Most trainers and Leaders’ Pokemon now have their movesets updated with the new moves. • Gym Leaders’ Pokemon’s levels are slightly adjusted to further reduce the gap with player’s Pokemon’s levels. Falkner and Whitney’s first team now has 4 and 5 Pokemon, respectively, instead of 6. Some trainers as well as Gym Leaders have been given new Pokemon in their team, especially those who received substantial enhancement like starters. For instance, Lance (or Clair, I don’t remember clearly), who has the full-dragon team, now has one of his Dragonairs replaced with Sceptile, a new Dragon-type in this game. • The places where you received Kanto starters and Sinnoh starters by Quiz Masters have been swapped so that Piplup (Water/Ice-type) or Turwig (who now learns a rock-type move very early) can assists you in the battle with Falkner. There is also a slim chance that you’ll now encounter Bulbasaur/Charmander/Squirtle in the morning/day/night at the very first place to catch wild pkm, route 29. • Cynthia now gives you a Castform instead of an Eevee since I think having one of the eeveelutions (whose stats are too high for early game) would likely make the game less challenging. Don’t worry, you’ll still be gifted an Eevee later by Billy at Goldenrod City. • A note for those who’re playing this version, when you’ve progressed to Route 43, where an additional event of Drayano (which is indeed very cool) about Team Rocket taking over the Safari Zone takes place, remember to save often since the game may crash at any moment. Other than that, I’ve never had that kinds of issue in this game. Download Link: https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B14JlYsxMtNqM1FGV0tlSHpiOUE&usp=sharing Remember to patch them with clean HGSS [uS] rom. Credits and Special Thanks: :: Drayano for letting me use his hack as a base. :: MeroMero for making the Fairy-type tutorial and helping me with the Fairy-type icon and solving errors. :: JackHack for his useful tools. And all the creators of PPRE and CrystalTiles.
  7. Before you read this stuff, please note that I will update the thread on GBATemp before I update this one. Progress updates will be seen much quicker there than they will be here. You might want to check that thread if you are really interested in looking at the progress of this hack. Also the downloads are there, since I'm not allowed to put them here anymore. Rayless Ruby and Shadow Sapphire are rom hacks that I am currently developing. There are many changes to this game, including plot, wild encounters, trainer battles, and much more! NOTE: The current game only goes up to the 3rd badge, and the game will continue normally after that. I will link several tutorials to this post including how to install it on both gateway and hans, as well as updating the file without losing your save. One of the main changes of this hack is the addition of shadow pokemon. Mysterious shadows from within the region are corrupting pokemon into shadow forms, making them more hostile, and giving them slight but noticeable stat boosts. Due to this corruption, pokemon with shadow forms do not have shiny forms, and each shadow pokemon also loses its secondary typing to gain the dark, or sometimes ghost typing. Now, you may think that this is OP to have in a game. I agree, which is why the shadow pokemon will always have 1%-5% encounter chance(with the exception of treecko, torchic, and mudkip), meaning that they are very rare to find. There are a lot of evolutions that have also been changed. All of the trade evolutions have been made easier to obtain(so you don't need to trade), and a few other evolution methods have changed. I would list them, but right now they are one of the WIP parts that I'm still working on. The overall game difficulty has been increased, giving trainers higher AI's and IV increases, and giving most trainers competitive items. To give you an idea of the changed level curve, the Elite 4 will be around lvls 70-80 instead of lvls 50-60, and the 3rd gym will be at about lvl 30-35 instead of 20-25(the reason I used the 3rd badge for an example is that it's one of the main level curves in the game). I am also looking for a team to put this game together. I want to make this a great rom hack, but if I do it alone, it would either be terrible, or it wouldn't be out for another few years. Anyone that contributes will of course be given full credit. The main reason I need help is because the way the story text and battles are ordered is seriously confusing, and I want to make sure it is all done correctly. If you are interested in helping with the development of the game, the best way to contact me would probably be through skype. My skype is zangoose95(Also send me a message here because I usually deny people I don't know of). NOTE: It is recommended that once the full version(1.0.0) comes out, anyone that had previously played it play it again. There will most likely be changes to battles, some plot, as well as wild encounters. By 1.0.0 I plan to have all 721 Pokemon available without trading. Also, when you play this game, nuzlocke at your own risk. This rom hack is made for all 3ds users, as long as you have homebrew access. There might eventually be a "pro" or "full" version for CFW only, but for now there will only be one version. Edit to the previous paragraph: Since starting this, using a cfw for hacking has become more mainstreamed (since it is much easier and can be done on most versions), so I will likely just incorporate the features of the "pro/full" version into the main version. Sorry That you've been waiting for so long! I've never gotten around to really trying to come back to working on this! I'm going to try to much more frequently (at least every day) so I can increase the frequency of these betas! Known Glitches Some of the story text might be messed up; haven't been able to do a playthrough with the full story text yet. The DexNav will crash the game on some routes! If you want to try to use the DexNav, save before turning it on and save before entering a new route or a new part of a route! Downloads Changelog Progress Special Thanks To Youtube users Mixeli and Shadowth117 for the player models To TyranitarTube, because his Alpha Sapphire Extreme Randomizer series inspired me to make a game based on shadow pokemon. To Asia81, for making a tutorial on how to dump and decrypt roms. To Kaphotics, for making pk3ds, which I used to edit encounters, trainer battles, pokemon stats/level-up/TM & Tutor moves, and the shops; and also for garctool, which I used to decompress the files within the 'a' folder in RomFS To Reisyukaku, for making ohana3ds, which I used to edit the title screen and sprites. To all of the people on my Discord server for helping to give me ideas To all of the Rom Hackers and Homebrew/CFW Developers that made these hacks possible Not going to be too pushy with this, but if you want to see my progress updates, my twitter is the best place to go(@PrimalKyurem) Occasionally I'll also play this game on my youtube channel as I work on it live. All of the streams are archived an can be found on my channel (haven't done one in a while) Okay, this is really going to be the last place to check updates. I have a discord server for it now yay! https://discord.gg/7c6kCny
  8. Pokémon Emerald, but every trainer battle is a double battle. Yup, inspired by Colosseum and XD, every trainer battle will be changed to a double battle! There will also be increased difficulty and level curve! Features so far: Double battles up to Winona! Every trainer completely reworked, with interesting (but still theme-consistent) teams, using a much greater variety of Pokémon! A steeper level curve, to make the games a fresh challenge. Expect level 40s by the 4th Gym! Emerald Battle Engine Upgrade- Physical/Special split, Fairy type, up-to-date moves/abilities/learnsets and more Super tough main-character battles that challenge you with advanced moves and techniques, from Gym Leaders, your rival and Maxie/Archie! An extra starter, Eevee, with methods provided early on to evolve, including Umbreon and Espeon! TMs, especially double-centric moves, are now available early on in Pokémarts, and are now infinite use Coming soon: Every battle in the game will be redesigned as a double battle! Rematch battles will soon be included! And more, based on your suggestions! If that didn't persuade you enough, here's a few screenshots to entice you! Since this is an unfinished hack, I'd really like to get feedback on anyone playing directly, so I'm only sharing the download in a discord channel for now- it'll be released here when I'm done! https://discord.gg/ZrNAy5V
  9. Basic information Name: Pokémon DarkDiamond Creator: Markitus95 (or Spiky, if you wanna call me like that) Base ROM: Pokémon Diamond (USA) Storyline Living in Twinleaf Town has always been boring. Having a cool neighbour can improve things, but everything has a limit. Tired of the monotonous life and with a growing spirit of adventure, you and your friend go to Lake Verity, with the intention of finding that red Gyarados everyone talks about. But... What's going on Route 201? It looks like a mysterious man is attacking Professor Rowan! What does he want? Features Catch all 493 Pokémon! New storyline Brand-new characters New team: Team xGlite Play as Brendan or Dawn! New graphics, and updates from HGSS and BW! New music And much, much more... Credits Hack's name: giradialkia Sprites: Coronis, minime010, Red6095, n0rul3s, spaceemotion Overworlds: Kyledove, Raven-Lux Music: xXchainchomp01, lala19357, Truearagon, tobinus, themutestranger Special thanks to my friend Arc. This hack wouldn't exist without his great help If I forget someone, sorry, and please send me a PM. Screenshots Beta 2 (Current version) Progress Demo version: 100% Beta 1: 100% Beta 2: 100% Beta 2.1: 100% Beta 3: 10% Bugs/Glitches The rival's name doesn't appear when talking with him in Route 201. Fixed When entering Lake Verity, the game crashes. Fixed Brendan's backsprite has a minor error in the 4th frame. Fixed Dawn talks as Brendan in the lab. Fixed The name of many trainers appears glitched. Fixed Downloads Beta 2.1 (Up to Veilstone City's gate): http://www.mediafire.com/?a81cxtajhgoehoh Update from Beta 2 to 2.1: http://www.mediafire.com/?5j5jws2f4urlcaq Patching instructions are included in the archive
  10. Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Gate of the Shooting Star Here's the GameJolt Page: I was going to put the GameJolt download things in but I see that I cannot insert raw html in the topic editor so.. Hello, I need a few people: 2 People who know how to use FL Studio or LMMS. 3 People who know how to code GM: L You probably won't be paid seeing as this is a free game I can't pay you out of my pocket.... Please consider anyways! Here are some development pics: The backrgounds for treasure town are complete! The town with all of the collision objects. Wan't to message me or anyone else associated with this at any time? Join our discord!
  11. Introduction Hey guys! I am Zephyros and I want to announce to you my first Pokemon Project (no pun intended)...Pokemon Spirit Silver! This is a hack made by yours truly, Zeph (me!). So a bit about myself. I love messing around with video games and I love messing around with Pokemon because I get to do a lot of things that I wish could've happened in my regular play through as a kid. I loved playing Pokemon and I still do so to show my love I decided to hack my favorite game...Soul Silver! I personally found that Soul Silver had so much potential but so little usage of that potential. I hated how the leveling curve was absolutely horrendous, the levels of the wild Pokemon were terrible, the trainer's Pokemon were terribly leveled. (I got more experience from wild battles than trainer battles.) So I took it upon myself to revamp Soul Silver and provide a more entertaining game in the forme of a hack...Spirit Silver. Story The story is the same. You thwart Team Rocket. Obtain the legendary, Lugia. Beat the 16 Gym Leaders and fight Red. Beat the game...ya know. The usual. However, it's more or less the experience that I have revamped. Although as time goes along, you can expect an update to the game with a few additional storylines... Features [The Experience] - All 451 Pokemon are available in this game. (Wild Grass, Water, Etc. + Legendaries which will be obtained from various events scattered through Kanto/Johto) - Pokemon that evolve by trade have now been changed to evolve in a different manner. [Level up, item usage, etc.] (I will eventually release a TXT file disclosing all the evolutions and how to achieve them) - Pokemon Movesets have been updated to Gen V (or may even be updated to GEN VI) - Wild Pokemon Encounters have been updated - Gym Leaders and Trainers have been updated. [Higher Levels, More AI, More challenges, More fun, Different Pokemon, More Fun!] - All events (Pichu event, Celebi event, etc.) are being implemented into the game - New/Different Storylines may be implemented - Red's not so much the same anymore on top of that lonely mountain... - The Kanto Gym Leaders have been gotten rid of. They have been replaced by an even more challenging, ruthless, and fearless group of leaders who aren't afraid to tear your world down... Progress I have done everything up to the second gym. I will update this post as I go along. Now. Don't expect a beta to come out soon however if you want to beta test this game then by all means send me a message. I am considering putting up a beta after the fourth gym...otherwise known as the Goldenrod Gym. I am putting content onto this game as much as I can with the time available. I just need to know how to specifically edit Professor Oak's intro text, mugshots/back sprites, and a bit of scripting help. If anyone can provide this to me...then you will be credit so much, I wouldn't be able to describe my gratitude. Everything up until ILEX FOREST is just about done! Yay! I'm actually considering to add a few more potential events but other than that you can expect a playable BETA in the next two weeks! If you want to see more progress. Head on over to my channel on Youtube: ZephyrosDS where I will post updates, trailers, and other info concerning my game. As well as tutorials for those who are interested to join Gen IV hacking. Credits - PPRE: For most of the work done in this hack. From trainers, to scripting, to wild encounters, to items. This has been the one most important utility in my arsenal. - KazoWar: For developing BTX Editor which I could not have lived without. - Project Pokemon: For help on my hack and all the help I will need in the future.
  12. Hi there, I made some edits to the portraits of selected pokemon so that they may properly be used as the player character or partner. I added: Electrike, Bagon, Aron, Larvitar, Poochyena, Growlithe, Houndour, Dratini, and Zangoose. In the future I may add more upon request. To use the aformentioned pokemon, you must use cheats (unreccommended as both I and PP don't condone cheating), or SkyEditor 3.2 (or Sky Editor 4.0.5 which has more features) To do list: FIX BUGS!!! Add more pokemans Create patch file so no one has to use SkyEditor Create patch file so no one has to unpack the rom WARNING THIS IS NOT A SAVE EDIT - IT EDITS THE ACTUAL ROM First back up your rom file Second, unpack the rom with DSBuff 1.0 Go to the FONTS folder Back up the kaomado.kao file if you opted not to back up your rom file Replace the kaomado.kao file with mine Repack the rom data with DSBuff 1.0 DONE!!! Please report any bugs to me either in message or emai Thank you Psy_Commando for your utilities that helped in the making of this. Thank you maker of SkyEditor. Download kaomado file: [ATTACH]13612[/ATTACH] https://drive.google.com/drive/u/0/folders/0B4K1yEh7ip9EZ3AzbXJzU2tpRGs
  13. Pokémon Kanto/Orange Rom Base Hello ProjectPokémon! It's been a while since I've been through hell and back. Lost all my tools and old NDS projects when I halted development. I can assure you all I'm back for real this time and even more focused than ever. Will be moving into HGSS Rom instead of continuing with BW/B2W2 Roms because who doesn't love a Pokémon following you! So whats the plan and goal before Summer starts? Finish Mapping all the Islands of the Orange Archipelago Spriting Orange Islands OWs Fix all warps, events, OWs and glitches around the Kanto I messed up. Fix and re position Flying on the Map. Creating scripts to enable travel around the islands in Blimps or Boats. (Don't ask if ya can surf around because that'll kill me making more maps) New Intro and starting place Important stuff I'm finished with A Whole New Orange Archipelago Matrix System Island Names appear in the game now but some 3D Maps haven't been created yet 3D Interiors and Outdoors (It doesn't look weird at all #NotOneBit) The New Matrix System I'll be using New Island from the Pokemon Movie (Not close looking but really we just need a castle/tower) In-Game of the empty Island I'll be seeking people who can script/event edit/ and love messing with the Text editor in Spiky DS Map only once I'm finished making the maps of all islands. Most of all I can't really design any of the Islands myself since I can only google the anime version of each Island. So I'm asking you all to make maps using GBA tools of each island and post them up. It'll give me ideas to make them into 3D Models easier without having a hard time thinking how I should make each map. Just don't make Valencia Island because I'm working on it. Tools and Thanks Spiky DS Map Editor 1.9.0 thank you Spiky-Eared Pichu ;P <---- I miss this guy! MKDS Course Modifier(Latest) thank you Gericom! BTX Editor thank you KazoWar! Google Sketchup 2016 thank you Google! FluidImporter Plugin for Sketchup HxD Hex Editor Yes this really is all the tools you need to make maps and Import them.. P.S. Also if anyone ask of course I can make maps in NDS Roms...it's quite simple once you get the hang of it
  14. WARNING!!! This romhack is intended for mature audiences only, you should be 18+ or have your parents permission before playing it. If you are easily offended by crude language, drug references, sexual innuendos and other offensive content then this is not the game for you! I told you guys that I was working on a romhack and now you can finally try it out! If any of you are old enough to remember playing Cokémon (one of the first Pokémon romhacks) then you'll love this. This is still a very early build, the dialogue has only been modified up to the first rival battle and most trainers haven't been edited yet. The Pokemon encounter tables are borrowed from Kobazco's romhack and they were originally created by Drayano. I have also applied several .ips patches that add some excellent features and then compiled the patches for everyone to enjoy. Hope you all enjoy it! === Story === You just moved to the Alola region with your alcoholic mom! She's always looking for the next guy to spread her legs for and Professor Kukui has taken up the challenge. Now it's time to leave home...and abandon your mother to travel across the islands, while gathering Pokémon, seducing innocent lolis, discovering aliens and becoming a Pokémon Master! === Screenshots === === Features === * All Pokemon encounters edited, find new rare Pokemon in Alola! * Very mature script changes, the main storyline is intact but all dialogue is being edited and there are lots of lulz. * Outlines removed, making the game look cleaner and less childish. * Eggs hatch almost instantly. * All Pokemon are rename-able now. * Message boxes instantly display text. * Pokémarts up to after the first trial have been edited, lots of useful items including an Oval/Shiny Charm that you can buy at the beginning of the game! * Access your PC from anywhere! Just go into your menu and select "Options", it takes you straight to your PC boxes! * SaltySD patch, allows you to add in your own files/mods to the romhack by just dragging and dropping them into a folder on your SD card. * SciresM patch, lets you use the QR Scanner to scan a PKHex QR Code and easily load a Pokémon in your PC boxes. Also unlimited QR scans daily. === To-Do List === * Finish editing the dialogue, there's so much text in this game! * Finish editing Pokémart items and prices. * Edit models, planning to chance main female character's breasts similar to the Busty May Mod. * Revise encounter lists, add in more interesting "tropical" Pokemon based on location. * Need to figure out if it's possible to apply the Pokémon Bun logo to the title screen and opening animation. * Edit static encounters and in-game trades, add some unobtainable legendary Pokémon. * Lots of other cool stuff! I have lots of ideas and I'm open to suggestions, but don't be mad if I don't use them. === Download === Current Version v0.1 Pokémon Bun - Project Folder (Google Drive) You can download the tools, patches and instructions to patch your own dump at the Project Folder link above. Please note, I only host .xdelta patches that contain NO COPYRIGHTED DATA. ...and greetz to my friends at Nintendo. If you don't like my romhack, well too bad. You won't be sending me a DMCA or C&D notice, I don't even live in a country that sell your products or cares about copyright infringement. The prebuilt .cia is also uploaded if you know where to look. It uses the same TitleID as Pokémon Sun and will overwrite it when you install. Make sure to backup your saves with JKSM! Project Pokémon does not allow the sharing of any copyrighted files or data, DO NOT ask in this topic where you can download the prebuilt .cia or PM me or other users asking the same. Thank you! === Credits === BelmontSlayer - I made this romhack you're playing! E:3 shinyquagsire23 - Making SaltySD and it's patches. kwsch & SciresM - Creators of pk3DS and the QR Scanner patch. Kobazco & Drayano - For their edits to the encounter data I've used as my base. ProjectPokemon - Provided the tools and some info used when making this. GBAtemp - The best handheld hacking forum on the Internet!
  15. Pokemon Rising Sun and Waning Moon v 0.6.1 (Very early release) Works for both Pokemon Moon and Sun! Pokemon Sun exclusive trainers (Kiawe, etc.) are still un edited though! Download & Information: (Removed by moderator) Feedback is much appreciated and NEEDED Lets start off with some context. Currently, pk3DS allows us to edit the trainers and move sets of pokemon within Pokemon Sun and Moon. I decided to go ahead and create a challenge mode of sorts, similar to that of Pokemon Blaze Black/Volt White. Currently editing wild encounters! Changes: Trial Captains and Kahunas now all have teams of 6 Pokemon. Level curve greatly changed. Team should be in high 70s/low 80s by the end of the elite 4. Trainers have Pokemon not usually seen in Alola. Gladion is literally Owain from Fire Emblem now. (His sword hand hungers.) Moveset editing has begun, Butterfree is a notable change. Youngster Joey has a top percent Rattata. Wild encounters up until Hau'oli City are finished! Instructions: (CFW Required for this method. See other method below if you don't have a CFW) THINGS YOU NEED: - Latest nightly build of luma https://astronautlevel2.github.io/Luma3DS/ - The hack's GARC files (the stuff that actually overwrites the original assets) Get it from the Google Drive link - The code.ips file which is in the patch.zip in the Google Drive. Running extended code with luma - Download the luma nightly release and update ur luma (just overwrite ur old armloaderhax.bin with the new one in the download) - Create folders called SD:\\luma\titles\0004000000175E00\ - paste code.ips - create folder called SD:\\SaltySD\sunmoon\ and place the "a" folder from the GARCS.zip in there. And that should be it! Easiest way to tell if the romhack is working is by checking your trainer passport. It should say: Adventure started on v0.5 This only works for Luma3DS of course, not HANS. Plus, you can combine this with other IPS patches such as Instant Text Speed, No Outlines, SciresM's QR code patch, etc. Instructions(GARC Files/Current): First off you're gonna need a dumped copy of Pokemon Sun/Moon. You really should have done that by now btw. Download Extract Repack, Patch.zip and the GARC Files from my google drive. (Link at the top of the page.) Extract your dump's files. Download Lunar IPS Patcher (Google it) You should have a folder in Extract Repack tilted exefsdir, inside of it a .code.bin (if you don't have the exefsdir folder, you need to extract your Pokemon Sun and Moon dump!) Run Lunar IPS. Select apply patch to file. Select the code.ips patch, and then make sure you can select any file and select your .code.bin. Once its done patching, rename your .code.bin to (last 8 digits of title ID).code Make sure it becomes a .code file. The title ID should be the folder your game was dumped in. Move 00175e00.code (Different name for Sun) to SD:\Hans Create a folder on your SD card like so: SD:\\SaltySD\sunmoon\ and place the "a" and "Data" folder from the GARC files there. Launch Pokemon Sun/Moon from Hans and select custom code path Thats it! Easiest way to tell if its working is by starting a new game or checking your Trainer Passport. FOR POKEMON SUN USERS: RENAME THE "3" FILE IN a\0\8\ TO "2" Layeredfs: (These instructions only apply if you use the Layeredfs files) For usage, the folders are easy actually, just drag and drop both folders in the zip on the root of your sd, and for romhack usage, sd/Pokemon/Sun/ sd/Pokemon/Moon/ Put all of the garc files ("a" folder) in the Sun or Moon folder depending on which game you have. Todo: Re balance according to feedback. Re balance Pokemon move sets and stats once tools are available. Make all 802(?) Pokemon available through wild grass, events, and the such. Finish documentation on the various changes. Credits: Creators of the tools pk3DS, extract repack, etc. Drayano, for being a cool guy that's better at hacking than I am Sellout: I'm a filthy sellout. Follow me on twitter to know when major updates for the romhack come out. https://twitter.com/KobeRobsahm
  16. PokeJoke DS Summary: PokeJoke DS is a parody of Pokemon games. It is a hack of Pokemon Diamond. The main difference between this and the original game is the text. Nearly every line is different. Because of this, you should actually talk to everyone. If you do not talk to people, it would be very similar to the original game. The differences in text include dialog, Pokemon names, move names, item names, town/route names, etc. There are also some slight differences in the maps and sprites. So far, I have: Renamed all of the gen IV Pokemon Renamed a few of the gen I, II, and III Pokemon Changed some of the moves Changed the storyline (The different storyline will become much more apparent later in the game.) Completed editing Twinleaf Town Completed editing Sandgem Town Completed editing Jubilife City Completed editing all routes up until Oreburgh Gate Added an Easter egg to Twinleaf Town Todo: Rename all remaining Pokemon Change most of the moves Complete editing the rest of the story/world Add more Easter eggs Download Demo: An xdelta patch can be downloaded HERE. It requires an untouched Pokemon Diamond USA/ENG rom as the source file. EDIT: This patch is v2, which fixes grass in some houses and a few broken dialogs. Download Full Version: Sorry, but there is no full version currently available. Screenshots: Known Glitches: If you find any glitches, please notify me of them. The invisible wall at the end of the demo is NOT a glitch. It is there to mark the end of the demo. Other Info: I originally started this project back in 2009 under the name Nu11iFy. Now, my most common username is Razema. The project was discontinued, but I have restarted it. The initial thread can be viewed HERE. I am currently locked out of my old Nu11iFy account, so I cannot remove the old thread.
  17. Pokémon Hoenn White 2 The sequel to Pokémon Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald Created by KingDrapion - Hack Details: ______________________ Hack Name: Pokémon Hoenn White 2 Hack of: Pokémon White 2 (U) Current Version: Beta 2.2 Last Update: 25/05/13 The Plot: ______________________ Features: ______________________ > A whole new storyline never seen before on a B2W2 hack! Travel through a new Unova region and take on the challenges that await you! > An upgraded Hoenn Pokedex. All Pokemon from the Hoenn dex will be in the game as well as selected non Hoenn Pokemon for balancing reasons. > Hoenn Starters: Torchic, Treecko and Mudkip. Which one will you choose for your journey? > Difficulty is increased drastically. Gym leaders as well as trainers will certainly test your skills as a Pokemon trainer! > Remixed Hoenn Themes. Listen to your favourite Hoenn themes and be hit with nostalgia. > Edited Pokémon Stats and abilities (For balancing reasons). Now you can choose your favourite Pokemon and not worry about its stats! > Edited Pokémon Move Sets. The move sets for Pokemon are similar to those in Drayano's Blaze Black 2/Volt White 2. > Revamped Hoenn sprites. See the beauty of animated Hoenn sprites. > Challenge the Hoenn Gym leaders (Like you can in Drayano’s Blaze B2 Volt W2). A bonus feature of the hack, the Hoenn Gym leaders are much harder than the Unova leaders. > Old faces: Hoenn people will be put into the game (Only in complete version). Have a more Hoenn experience by seeing revamped Hoenn people that appeared in R/S/E. Progress: ______________________ Storyline: 100% (May be a few minor errors) Music: 70% Graphics:100% Wild Pokémon Edits: 70% Trainer Pokémon Edits: 70% Overall Progress: 82% Media: ______________________ Download Beta 2.2: ______________________ PATCH Can be played up to Skyla. Do not enter the aeroplane to travel to Reversal Mountain! Recommended Emulator: ______________________ Desmume 0.9.9 JIT FAQ: ______________________ 1. Is this a RSE Remake? NO – It is a sequel. 2. Is this in the Hoenn Region? No – This will be set in the Unova region. 3. Do we play as Brendan/May? No – I have replaced Cheren and Bianca with Brendan and May instead. 4. Will you make it so Team Magma is evil in another hack? No 5. Will you change the main characters? Possibly – It is not my main priority yet though. 6. When is the next/full release? When I finish it. 7. Who made the Team Aqua Sprites? I did, do you like them? Credits: ______________________ Drayano – I got permission to use his hacks as a base ROM WesleyFG – For the Hoenn overworld graphics PkmnSoundFontRemix – For the remixed Hoenn themes PKMNRemixStudio – For remixed Hoenn themes TheCoolMuffins – For Beta testing, finding errors and giving me recommendations Bugs: ______________________ These are minor bugs: Text errors – Due to be some Graphic errors – Due to be some Music errors – Due to be some Remember, this is not a REMAKE, it is a SEQUEL!
  18. Do you want to play Fire Red but you want cool new Pokemon`s from Generations IV and V? In Black Red you play the same old story with new Pokemon`s like Tepig,Lillipup,Combee and Victini! Get ready for the good old game with Pokemons you have never seen in GBA! Changes -Pewter Gym is now Metal Gym -Almost all Kanto Pokemons replaced with Sinnoh and Unova Pokemons. -New evolutions like Electivire,Magnezone and Tangrowth. -All gyms and some trainers stronger. Progress -About 65% Pokemons chanced to IV or V Pokemons. -Four gyms ready. Downloads Black Red 0.6 http://www.fileden.com/files/2012/11/11/3365798/Pokemon%20-%20Black%20Red%200.6.zip.zip Black Red 0.7 and Let`s play coming soon! Videos [video=youtube;kzkvrlLGVEc] [video=youtube;VxXTMK-5wtY]
  19. Introduction Hi, I'm DarkRisingGirl & This is POKEMON Dark Rising. This is my 2nd attempt to complete a full hack with a new epic story, new characters, and a new region. I've always felt the Pokemon series needed a much stronger impact with story-telling & that's what this hack is all about. Within the hack(look to features for more information) you'll encounter pokemon from all 5 generations, the newest attacks, a brand new deep storyline evolving many characters with actual emotions compelling them to move foward, and last but not least, 2 regions with 16 badges & 1 final boss included. I thank you all for playing, I hope you enjoy! ^.^ The Adventure The Story begins in a dream. A Pokemon suddenly appears and chooses you, a young boy/girl, to save not only it, but the world itself. You awake asking yourself questions. Deciding to ignore the dream for now, you step out into your home town known as Fells in the Core Region. Your best friend, who also had the same dream, stops you at the front door to inform you of an emergency message from the town's Professor. When you encounter the professor, he quickly informs you of the disasters and climate changes occuring all over the Core Region. His workers in panic, he asks you to visit the delivery station and pick up a package for him from Prof.Oak. As you set out on this simple task, you encounter a mysterious girl who appears to know knowledge of the dream you've had about a creature name DARUGIS. After recieving the package, a powerful pokemon is within you and your friend, Pete, sight. Eager to test your early skills against a powerful pokemon, you quickly engage in a battle with it. The pokemon uses it's powerful winds, easily defeating your pokemon and knocking you out in the process. After awakening in your room, you see Pete and your mother patiently waiting for your recovery. You soon begin to realize this is the start of a journey into many mysteries and powerful pokemon you can't wait to challenge. Characters: Screenshots: Fan-Made Titlescreen: Fan Made Box-Art: Features: The game starts off in the Core Region & later, the Omni Region. 386 Pokemon from regions Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, & Unova, all appear in both. There will be 16 badges in all. Each gym leader will have his/her own signature Pokemon that is not obtainable in the game. All Original Characters & Trainers, including some fan favorites from the anime such as: Ash Ketchum Misty Brock Aside from the anime favorites, Yami Yugi from the YUGIOH Series will also have a short apperance in the hack as a Gym Leader. There will be newer generation moves. Some to note are Shadow Claw, Roost, Scald, & plenty more. DW Abilities (Yes that includes the overused fan favorites of Drizzle Poliwag, Drought Vulpix, & Speed Boost Torchic.) All Pokemon will learn some of their best egg moves from gen 3-5 by level up instead of breeding. (Serebii.net Pokedex was used for this information.) Inside every pokemon center, there's a Nurse Joy & Doctor Roy. Doctor Roy will be the one to heal your POKEMON. Nurse Joy will be next to him and challenge you to a double battle along side Doctor Roy. This is helpful for exp points. Support Us! Banners: Youtube Walkthroughs: Credits: Tajaros (Scripting/Support Banner/Ideas) Wesley FG (OW Sprites) Kyledove (Tiles) Mewmasterifly (2 Evil Fakemon Sprites) MidnightShine (Darugis Sprite) Kyle_649 (Kyurem Black/White Front/Back Sprites) NO_obslayer (Titlescreen) Nightkymz (Tile Inserter) Evil Arms (Fan-made Titlescreen) BETA 1 RELEASE: July 30th-August 5th 2012 Beta 1 Errors(Will be fixed in future releases) All are very minor & do not affect the gameplay at all. 1.The introduction sprites for the Hero/Heroine/Rival are Not Inserted. 2.DRAY's trainer sprite's hair is Grey, but his OW's sprite's hair is Dark Blue. 3.New Moves do not have their correct descriptions or animations YET. 4.Kaz's OW sprite has a Black backpack, but his trainer sprite has a Yellow one. 5.The Pikachu at the start of the game's menu is cut off. It will be replaced with another pokemon when I get assistance in changing it. BETA 2 RELEASE: End of the Year (Will go to the 8th gym leader.) New Music. Cries identical to the Pokemon. Beta 1 Download: http://www.4shared.com/rar/OcUBIOWP/PokemonDarkRisingBeta1.html?
  20. Pokémon Light Black DS Rom Info: Hack of: Pokémon Black (USA) Language: English Current version: v1.01 Features: - Trainers are stronger. - Some places have new pokémon! - Evolutions in-game. - Cheren specializes in third generation Pokémon, and Bianca specializes in the fourth generation Pokemon. - Some trainers have more pokémon. First, second, third, fourth or fifth generation. - Now you'll be able to catch Ditto at Route 3 and breed him from the start. - Moveset of certain pokémon is diferent! ~Screenshots~ First two battles Route 1 ~Videos~ [video=youtube;Vp8yV3CeMTc] [video=youtube;2TbmlNy8FLg] ~Download~ MegaUpload - UPS Patcher ~How to evolve certain Pokémon~
  21. Here is where the Progress will be shown on a German translation. For now it will be a place holder.
  22. Alright guys last thread got locked due to piracy getting out of hand, I ask that you please read the rules. Do not ASK about downloading ROMS, do not SAY you downloaded a ROM, do not give advice on how to locate ROMs. Otherwise you'll be banned. Rules in a Nutshell Don't need to remake an intro to this as you should know what it is. So I'll just copy and paste what we had in the last thread. Contributing to this Project For this project we have decided to set up a git repository to make contributions easier. The link to the repository is here: http://github.com/projectpokemon/Pokemon-Black-White-Translation-Files. The procedure is the following. If you want to contribute, fork the project on github, translate the text in a file, then commit your changes, all commits will be revised and the ones deemed adequate will be pulled into the master branch of the project and used in the patch. To install git on windows you can follow the instructions here: http://kylecordes.com/2008/git-windows-go orhttps://git.wiki.kernel.org/index.ph...InstallMSysGit a recommended git gui tool is git-cola but feel free to use it through command line or any other gui tool. Help for github can be found at http://help.github.com/ or you may ask in our our #projectpokemon irc channel. Translating to languages other than English: Spanish: Spanish Thread Italian: Italian Thread French: French Thread Portuguese: Portuguese Thread The use of the native language to those threads is allowed but restricted to those threads. IF you don't see your language thread here and want them up, PM me. Thanks. Update: Release V3 is Out Now V3 Changelog: v2 Changelog There are other random updates but these are the only ones I got around to actually writing down. Credits: Translation contributions in no particular order: Troubleshooting! Union Room If you want to use the Union Room but can't apply Rudolph's v2 patch to your game: http://gbatemp.net/t217811-rudolf-s-child-s-play-patch-pokemon-hgss-and-b-w Save Issues Desmume To use your old saves with this translations in this emulator try the following: Make sure the .save file name is the same as the .nds If it's still in Japanese, in-game go to Options and change 'Button Mode(5th option down)' DSTT Errors?: Check this helpful post: Click Here Patch Instructions: Obtain a clean ROM (Dump it yourself or find it elsewhere don't ask us or anyone in here for it) Obtain a copy of xDelta GUI (Decided to be nice and link the one I used to make the patches: http://www.mediafire.com/?b7em3n4sn7hhmtr Open xDelta Gui Click "Select Patch" and choose whichever patch you downloaded for your version Now choose 'Select ROM' and navigate to the clean ROM Now click on "Apply Patch" wait until it's done Try it out and give some feedback? Known Issues: 16.txt still needs localizing but it's more bearable now P.S. Please use http://kazowar.pbworks.com/Submit-Errors and http://kazowar.pbworks.com/Submit-Typos to better keep track of these thanks! Downloads: BEFORE YOU DO ANYTHING YOU NEED A CLEAN DUMP OF THE GAME *******DO YOU NEED THE EXPERIENCE PATCH? IF NOT JUMP TO #2******* Apply Rudolph's Child's Play patch to your clean dump to remove the Anti-Piracy BlackV4 - Download WhiteV4 - Download [*]Choose one of the following patches that appeals to you the most: Patches Folder: http://www.mediafire.com/?l5fmxrle7p5w5 Mirrors: Megaupload
  23. Pokémon UnovaHGSS Rom info: Hack of: Pokémon SoulSilver (USA) (HeartGold will be supported at a later date) Language: English Current Version: Alpha v1.1 (goes up to Ilex Forest) Last Updated: 10th April, 2012 Summary UnovaHGSS is a hack of Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver that integrates the new fifth generation Pokémon from Black and White into the game. The new Pokémon are not meant to replace the original 251, rather, my intention is to have them alongside the original Pokémon. Not all Pokémon will be included in this hack – very few third and fourth generation Pokémon appear. To include the Unovian Pokémon, I had to replace existing Pokémon, so most third and fourth gen Pokémon are gone. This is my first actual hack, so I’m still new at this. The battle sprites for the new Pokémon are placeholders, simply taken from Black/White and put into the game until I create original sprites for them. All but a few overworld sprites for the new Pokémon were created through a community endeavor over at DeviantArt; I made a few myself, notably the larger Golurk sprite. Shiny Pokémon are also fully supported, in-battle and overworld. Features: -Every Pokémon from Unova will be obtainable in this game, alongside every first and second generation Pokémon! Some third and fourth generation Pokémon also available! -All Unovian Pokémon will follow you around for the first time! -Slightly increased difficulty – stronger trainers, wild Pokémon, etc. -More features will be added in future versions FAQ: Screenshots: Videos: (Might be loud - complete silence for a few seconds, then music starts) [YOUTUBE]dkB8NwL0xQ4[/YOUTUBE] Credits: Tools used: DeviantArt community – for making all the Unova overworld sprites. Link Chaos Rush – for his wonderful endeavor in creating resized sprites. I’m using the Reshiram and Zekrom in the game for now - Link Poryhack – for pointing me in the right direction for hex editing Pokémon icon palettes (whenever I learn how, I will make a program that will make editing the icons and palettes easier than hex editing them). Also thanks to Poryhack and the Project Pokémon community for creating a list of the HGSS File system - Link Stratocaster - for creating a guide on how to change every aspect of a Pokémon. This hack would not have happened without it - Link PokeCommunity – for giving me the desire to hack Pokémon games back in 2007 when I knew even less than I do now MediaFire – for continuing its services through this stupid anti-piracy craze… Bugs: Changelog: Downloads and Documentation: Link to patch and xdelta (used to patch the original rom) List of Changed Pokémon
  24. Hello everybody, I am currently working with my team on a Dutch version of Pokémon Black and White. I know there already is someone busy with this, but he's not far and it looks like he stopped translating. So, that's why we started! The files we have currently translated: Main text: Dialogues: Green = Finished (and tested) Red = Being worked on, not finished yet Also, behind each text file between the ( )'s is a description of the text file. Thanks for reading and supporting everybody! We will keep you up-to-date in this topic.. >Please don't forget to use the word ROM, Download or Piracy not too much!< >Talking in Dutch in this topic is allowed!< Our website is finally done! Check it out here: pokemonzwartwit.servegame.com Credits: mptje - Translating almost every file, testing game Harmtaro - Translating some files and making Logo, testing game Dlaor - Translating some files jasperp - Testing game Kevin Richter - Translating some files Mathijs Romijn - Translating some files david23 - Adding logo in-game http://www.wix.com/theguardiansoul/bw-nl - For additional information Projectpokemon.org - For the English translation of the game Kaarosu - For additional help/information And everybody else who helps and supports me!! Download V0.1 nu snel op onze website!!
  25. Introduction: The Story: Features: If I do say so myself, a well-written storyline is to be found in this game! There are eight gyms and the Elite Four to beat, just like a classic Pokemon game, yet there are plot twists around every corner! A special post-E4 challenge is available, too! All legendary Pokémon from Kanto, Johto, and Hoenn make an appearance! You have the freedom to choose any of the first three generation's starter Pokémon as a starter. Choose wisely! Teams Rocket, Magma, and Aqua all make appearances. What could their reasons be for showing up in Centiq? New items will be included in the game. This game is sure to provide players with many new items to collect and use. Modified TM list. Forcing players to re-think their options in this category adds to the excitement! Changed movesets. Pokémon will be able to learn moves they normally were not able to. It will be a surprise to find out what! New in-game trades. The player will certainly need these Pokémon to complete their Pokedex! Programs Used: AdvanceMap 1.92 XSE Overworld Editor RE Unlz-GBA Advanced Pallet Editor Cygnus Hex Editor Advance Text Advance Trainer NTME Door Manager Item Editor Move Editor Tile Molester Alternate Yet Another Pokemon Editor Media: Screen Shots: Box Art: Music: Progress: Mapping: Pretty much done. The only maps left to be made are for events that take place after beating the Elite Four. Scripting: Scripts have been written and inserted up to the second gym. Almost the entire game's events have been planned (their scripts just need to be written!) Spriting: In need of this, in particular Trainer sprites. If somebody who is talented would like to help, I would like to hear from you! Releases: Beta 1: From starting town to 2nd Gym (Marvelight City) [ Download from 4shared ] [ Download from MediaFire ] [ Download from Minus ] [ Download from RapidShare ] Support: Like Pokemon Rose on Facebook! Use any of these support banners in your signature to show your support for Pokémon Rose Version! Support Banner 1: [url=http://www.pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?t=200227][img=http://i49.tinypic.com/6qidlz.png][/url] Support Banner 2: [url="http://www.pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?t=200227"][img=http://i33.tinypic.com/2rcojsy.jpg][/url] Support Banner 3: [url=http://www.pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?t=200227][img=http://oi39.tinypic.com/110lj5d.jpg][/url] Help Needed: ASM. There are a few features I would like help implementing into this game. Music. Knowledge of inserting, looping, and changing in-game instruments are all welcome. Sprites. A talented spriter with lots of experience is desired. FAQ: Q. How do you play this game? A. After obtaining a clean copy of an English FireRed ROM (find this yourself), use a patching utility like Lunar IPS to patch Pokemon Rose to the English FireRed ROM. It's very easy, but if you do need a detailed explanation, one can be found here. Contributors: Art - Black Rayquaza, Metagross, Xous, NP CSS - Charizard88 Music - SuperiorLarxene (Youtube) Sprites - NiKaNoRoU, Amachi, The dragon tamer ASM, Hex Editing - Darthatron
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