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  1. CURRENT VERSION: 1.2 LAST UPDATED: 13th September 2012 Hack for POKÉMON WHITE ONLY This is a manga-based Hack Rom. That means you will not face the regular characters, but the MANGA characters that we all love, created by Hidenori Kusaka. All of the Unova Gym Leaders and Elite four, including the champion are gone. The "Dex Holders", the most poweful trainers in the world have taken over their roles, and you'll face them to prove that YOU deserve to receive the honor of Being called a Dex Holder. SO, IS THIS JUST A SPRITE HACK-ROM? WHATEVER! LATER, POKÉTARD! Hold it right there! This is NOT just a Sprite/Overworld/Mugshot hack! MANY THINGS on it have been edited. Evolutions, Pokémon trainers, Wild Pokémon... You know, the things you would find in a hack rom. Basically, this hack is a little below some of the Great hacks, such as BB, WW, PB, PW or Pokemon White Deluxe. But that is because this is my first hack. I would really like you to tell me what do you think of this hack as well as suggesting ideas to make it grow and to make it better. I would really appreciate that. NOW. THIS IS IMPORTANT. SO, READ IT This hack has two features you MUST KNOW BEFORE POSTING, BECAUSE I WON'T ANSWER THEM. YOU ARE WARNED. 1. For now, this hack is MEANT TO BE PLAYED ON WINTER. This is for those routes in where Pokémon change. Most notably, Route 6 and the Deerling ones. And Twist Mountain. DO NOT FORGET THAT. This should be fixed in a later release. 2. I have created this hack using a SPANISH hack rom, as I'M Spanish. THIS DOES NOT MEAN THE GAME IS IN SPANISH. It's FULLY in english. However, I have not tried in an english rom. If someone tries and it works/does not work, please, PM me. I will now post the main features of this Hack Rom. Please, give it a try and tell me what do you think about it. I’d really like to improve this hack, as I am a great fan of both videogame and manga, so please, try and comment. Features: -This is a “Clean” hack-rom. This means there are no changes in the Pokémon stats or the moves they can learn. It is like that because it was meant to keep the feeling of playing an original, well-based Pokémon Adventure. -Many Pokémon now evolve at different levels or in different ways. However, you won’t need to exchange your Pokémon to evolve them. Every single Pokémon can now be obtained by playing normally through the game. Some of them evolve a LOT sooner than before, so you can reach their final stage sooner. I am aware that certain people want their pokémon to learn certain moves before evolving them. When you download my patch, you'll also find a .txt file, in which I have written the New evolution levels or requiriments. -The trainers and Wild Pokémon have been heavily edited. But don’t expect to see normal trainers with 4-6 pokémon. That’s very rare in this hack. However, the Dex Holders are NOT like that. From the second gym, every Leader will have 6 strong Pokémon, being the first gym with just 4 pokémon per Leader. Rare wild Pokémon can be found since the beginning of the adventure. -A “new” story. Purely based on Hidenori Kusaka’s manga, I’ve “created” this story, which is slightly different from the original adventure. Cheren and Bianca are no longer your rivals. Instead, you’ll face Hugh, the rival from B2/W2 and White, who is completely based on the Manga. -Face the strongest trainer, said to be stronger even to the one who is called the master of battle, as he is one of the few who had succesfully beaten this new region champion Here you have a few screenshots. I would have added more, but i think these will give you an idea of what you'll find in my Manga-Rom Before giving you the rom, here is a changelog of what has been done so far to the game: -Changelog: Version 1.0 First Release -ALL text edited. Wild Pokémon and Trainers edited up to Ghetsis battle. No post-game yet, but the champion and the elite four have been fully edited. Cynthia's replacement still on work. -Wild Pokemon Edited. Shaking grass up to Route 3. Surfing and fishing not yet. -Mugshots Edited -Battle Sprites Edited -Overworld fully completed. Some of them need to be fixed. Version 1.2 Release: -More Wild Pokémon in Spring/Autumm/Summer routes -A few trainers are Fixed -More text edit -Blue and Silver overworlds improved -All Gym Leader (Except One) Have been changed (Elder GYM Leader+Sprite Replacements) -Altered Plots Have been added -League Totally Edited (Sprites+Mugshots+Text+Pokémon) Diamond's Mugshot is Strange.... -Surfing and Fishing edited Partly (Not Much,I don't have much time to work on this) -Text Errors Fixed (Grammatical+Text on wrong places) Patch:http://www.mediafire.com/?4axqzal3ehr6e5w
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