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  1. Use BWOE to replace the overworlds. You can use any custom graphics you want just make sure it is 16 colours (Use photoshop if you don't know how many colors your overworld is). It is simple and there are many tutorials explaining this.
  2. Pokémon Hoenn White 2 The sequel to Pokémon Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald Created by KingDrapion - Hack Details: ______________________ Hack Name: Pokémon Hoenn White 2 Hack of: Pokémon White 2 (U) Current Version: Beta 2.2 Last Update: 25/05/13 The Plot: ______________________ Features: ______________________ > A whole new storyline never seen before on a B2W2 hack! Travel through a new Unova region and take on the challenges that await you! > An upgraded Hoenn Pokedex. All Pokemon from the Hoenn dex will be in the game as well as selected non Hoenn Pokemon for balancing reasons. > Hoenn Starters: Torchic, Treecko and Mudkip. Which one will you choose for your journey? > Difficulty is increased drastically. Gym leaders as well as trainers will certainly test your skills as a Pokemon trainer! > Remixed Hoenn Themes. Listen to your favourite Hoenn themes and be hit with nostalgia. > Edited Pokémon Stats and abilities (For balancing reasons). Now you can choose your favourite Pokemon and not worry about its stats! > Edited Pokémon Move Sets. The move sets for Pokemon are similar to those in Drayano's Blaze Black 2/Volt White 2. > Revamped Hoenn sprites. See the beauty of animated Hoenn sprites. > Challenge the Hoenn Gym leaders (Like you can in Drayano’s Blaze B2 Volt W2). A bonus feature of the hack, the Hoenn Gym leaders are much harder than the Unova leaders. > Old faces: Hoenn people will be put into the game (Only in complete version). Have a more Hoenn experience by seeing revamped Hoenn people that appeared in R/S/E. Progress: ______________________ Storyline: 100% (May be a few minor errors) Music: 70% Graphics:100% Wild Pokémon Edits: 70% Trainer Pokémon Edits: 70% Overall Progress: 82% Media: ______________________ Download Beta 2.2: ______________________ PATCH Can be played up to Skyla. Do not enter the aeroplane to travel to Reversal Mountain! Recommended Emulator: ______________________ Desmume 0.9.9 JIT FAQ: ______________________ 1. Is this a RSE Remake? NO – It is a sequel. 2. Is this in the Hoenn Region? No – This will be set in the Unova region. 3. Do we play as Brendan/May? No – I have replaced Cheren and Bianca with Brendan and May instead. 4. Will you make it so Team Magma is evil in another hack? No 5. Will you change the main characters? Possibly – It is not my main priority yet though. 6. When is the next/full release? When I finish it. 7. Who made the Team Aqua Sprites? I did, do you like them? Credits: ______________________ Drayano – I got permission to use his hacks as a base ROM WesleyFG – For the Hoenn overworld graphics PkmnSoundFontRemix – For the remixed Hoenn themes PKMNRemixStudio – For remixed Hoenn themes TheCoolMuffins – For Beta testing, finding errors and giving me recommendations Bugs: ______________________ These are minor bugs: Text errors – Due to be some Graphic errors – Due to be some Music errors – Due to be some Remember, this is not a REMAKE, it is a SEQUEL!
  3. Pretty much what the title says, if anyone can help me that would be great.
  4. Pokemon Hoenn White has returned! Pokemon Hoenn White EX will be: EX-tra hard EX-tra fun EX-tremely addictive to play ___________________________ To get things clear: THIS IS NOT A REMAKE OF RUBY/SAPPHIRE/EMERALD AND NEVER WILL BE. IT IS DEFINITELY NOT IN THE HOENN REGION ___________________________ Now that is said, onto the introduction Introduction ___________________________ This is my second edition of my Hoenn White hack series. I started this version of the hack about a month ago due to many requests for me to put my old Hoenn White hack back up after I took it down due to corruption of the ROM and my lost enthusiasm of continuing the hack. For those who have played the old Hoenn White before, you will find that this version will be a lot different and much more challenging - I hope. I took my time with this one to make sure it will be much more enjoyable as the other hack seemed rushed by some people. Well anyway, scroll down to see the new and improved this hack has to offer, enjoy! Features ___________________________ # Difficulty - I have dramatically increased the difficulty of the hack. Will probably be too hard for inexperienced players. # Starters - The Hoenn starters will be chosen. They are Treecko, Torchic and Mudkip. # Old Faces - Hoenn people will be around the Region. # Gym leaders - You challenge the Unova leaders to gain badges, but you can also challenge Hoenn leaders as a side event (Similar to Drayano's hack). # Rivals - Brendan and May will be your rivals. # Stats - Have been modified for balancing reasons. # The Pokedex - All Pokemon found in Hoenn and their evolutions. This includes some 1st and 2nd Generation pokemon as well. # Music - Remixed Hoenn themes will be present in the hack. # Type changes - Some pokemon will have type changes for balancing and difficulty reasons. # Text edits - Text will be edited to create a twist with the plot. Screenshots ___________________________ Just the early bits off the game - you'll have to play through to see the rest! Videos ___________________________ Download ___________________________ COMPLETE Version 1.0 - Updated 3/03/13 http://www.mediafire.com/?viiiitsskiyvubt Complete version 1.0 can be played through to Ghetsis. Have not edited texts, so storyline is the same as the original Black and White. Credits ___________________________ KazoWAR - His BW tools made things so much easier for me. Elimanene - Sprites. Kaphotics - Information on the ROM. Zero - For the starter editor. PkmnSoundFontRemix - My composer for the hack - please subscribe to him as he is very talented. nothesmartest - For some of the MIDI's he gave me. WesleyFG - For the overworlds. Bugs and Issues ___________________________ *Text errors - Will be fixed later *Graphics - Will be edited later *Event Unova Pokemon - Will be edited later *Underleveled Trainers - Please report if there is any, will be edited later. *Music Errors - Some music instruments and loops may be off. Just a Note... ___________________________ Thanks to everyone who has supported me since my early hacking days. Without people supporting me, I would not have any enthusiasm to even start this version of the hack. So, please enjoy what is offered and report any bugs below. Pokemon Hoenn White EX Complete Patch 1.0.zip
  5. I have tried that and it still messes up. Though i have found a way to remove the animation, all you have to do is erase the sprite parts but leave the black box. You then replace the sprite on the right with your sprite. Only problem is that when inserted, it has an extra layer that is not supposed to be there, such as there will be an extra pixel line. This is the only way i know that works so far.
  6. Guide to Looping an SSEQ file and Inserting it into a ROM This Tutorial does not explain how to edit the MIDI to allow it to work in a ROM. There are plenty of tutorials that teach you how to do it. This Tutorial only explains SSEQ looping and inserting. ~ What you will need: Anville Studio MIDI2SSEQ (Newest version) TinkeDS NitroExplorer2b A ROM (Hopefully one you did not get off the internet) ~ This tutorial might look long, but trust me looping SSEQ files is easy as can be. Here is a video of a looped SSEQ file: Credits to PkmnSoundFontRemix for the vid, please subscribe to him as he is very talented. Now, after you have edited your MIDI file using FL Studio or any other program that edits MIDI files, save it to the same folder as the new MIDI2SSEQ. Open the MIDI with Anville Studio and select the Piano Roll editor. Move the blue pointer to where your MIDI will loop. Note that the numbers above the bar is the time, not the bar number. Select the Edit tab and click on 'Insert MIDI event...' Check both boxes and then where it says 'Kind of Event' click on the tab and search for 'Marker'. When you have done that, in the box below type this: LoopStart This is case sensitive. Press OK. Go to the end of the MIDI, do the same things but this time, type LoopEnd in the box. This is also case sensitive. Click OK. When you have done that, click on the file tab and select 'Export MIDI-format 0 file' Save your MIDI to the MIDI2SSEQ folder and preferably name it 'loop'. Now dragging the MIDI into the new MIDI2SSEQ will not work, so you will need to press 'Control + Shift + Right Click' and select 'Open command window here'. Drag MIDI2SSEQ into the command and delete the .exe that goes after it. now type this after MIDI2SSEQ: loop.mid loop.sseq So your command should look like this: MIDI2SSEQ loop.mid loop.sseq Press Enter and done! Your SSEQ will be created. Now to insert it into a ROM, extract your ROM's .sdat file. Open this .sdat file in TinkeDS and select view in the bottom right corner. Click on the SSEQ folder and search for your .SSEQ that you want to replace. Click on it and select 'Change file'. Now all you need to do is find your looped SSEQ and replace the original file in the ROM and save the .sdat. Now insert it back into the ROM using NitroExplorer2b and test out your new Music.
  7. An example of a route theme is: BGM_MUS_WB_R_A which is the route 1 theme. Just insert a blank SSEQ file to mute it. The route SSEQ's have an 'R' after 'WB' (BGM_MUS_WB_R_A) ,cave/forest themes have 'D', Town themes have 'T' and city themes have 'C'
  8. Wait, what do you mean by rest of the route music? Are you looking for a specific route?
  9. Hi guys, Does anyone know how to use the BWSE for B2W2? I had a go with it and it keeps giving me the error of 'DSDecmp failed to compress the file' Ive also tried Tinke, but that does not insert the sprite properly. This is what I get with Tinke: This is why I wanted to use BWSE instead, to see if it can avoid this. So does anyone know how to use BWSE? EDIT: Dont worry I figured out how to remove the animation.
  10. *Facepalm* Thanks for that Andibad, Cant believe I didn't see it.
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