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  1. New version (1.5.0) available! Support for OBJ and PNG exporting has been added, as well as multilanguage support (Spanish). The model list has been given a 3D renderer, too. You can find it here: http://www.mediafire.com/?kq77b55j47mr18l
  2. I'm bringing you a new version (1.4.0). Texture support has been added to the 3D renderer and a demo tileset editor is available. Get it here: http://www.mediafire.com/?kq77b55j47mr18l Hope you like it!
  3. And here's version 1.3.0! It includes the paint button, and major bugs have been fixed now (hacking Platinum is now safe). Get it here: http://www.mediafire.com/?kq77b55j47mr18l
  4. Map editing is a priority, but before starting work on the .OBJ exporter I have to ensure the native 3D renderer fully supports textures. Unless you want textureless maps in your game... Currently I'm trying to improve the speed of the permissions editor with a new paint button. That way, if you want to change a lot of tiles to the exact same value, only clicking will be required
  5. Ever wanted to edit Pokémon DP maps, but you couldn't because you didn't know hex? Ever wanted to make interiors look in 3D instead of 2D? Now you can, with Spiky's DS Map Editor! Specifications: Creator: Me (Spiky-Eared Pichu/Markitus95) Supported games: All Gen IV/V games in all languages Current features: Map header editor Matrix editor Individual map files editor (includes importer/exporter and dedicated editors for permissions and buildings) 3D Viewers Wild Pokémon and event editors Script viewer Text editor (based on Thenewpoketext) Trainer editor Planned features: Model importing Tileset editor redesign Event and trainer editors for generation V Pokémon B2W2 scripts Screenshots: Download: Version 1.8.1 (23/6/2013): http://www.mediafire.com/?kq77b55j47mr18l Note: .NET Framework 4 or later is required to run the tool. Enjoy!
  6. Yes, and the next beta is going to be big. If you want to know why, take a look at these two videos I uploaded some time ago: [video=youtube;U3DjReYznUE] [video=youtube;4Jr_lFBQIXg]
  7. When transferred Pokémon evolve in Black and White, their name is automatically corrected to the Gen V standard. However, if you have a Pokémon that doesn't evolve or that is fully evolved, you'll have to use Pokésav. The same goes to nicknamed Pokémon.
  8. Lol, another one who has confused me with the creator of Bloody Platinum. I didn't create it, I'm another person who is in DS hacking since two years ago
  9. Why do you say it may not be fully possible? IT IS POSSIBLE AND EASY. I know how to do it for Gen. IV and I guess it's the same (or similar) in Gen. V, so it won't be difficult to hack. The only thing I need is a day or so until I find the table. Thank you EDIT: So far it seems that BW use a different format. I'm sorry, but I won't research further in this area for now, as I have other things to do. I'll leave you some data, though (in hex): Elite Four Battle: 046F Champion Battle: 0470 Cynthia Battle: 0479 "Kanto Champion" Battle: 048D These are the internal values for each song. In DP, there's a table of data that sets values like these to each trainer class and pokémon, and changing them leads to custom battle music without touching the SDAT file. Try looking for bytes that look similar and replace them, you'll probably end up finding what you want
  10. Ok, I've prepared a step-by-step tutorial for you: 1. Extract the file "wb_sound_data.sdat" from the game and open it with a hex editor. 2. Go to offset 0x256B4 and replace "A047 1200 0440" with "0032 1700 443F". 3. Go to offset 0x18B88 and replace "7004 5E1E" with "8D04 5C1E". 4. Save the file. 5. Reinsert the file to the game and save the modified game. 6. Enjoy!
  11. It's a remix of the RSE Elite Four battle theme. It appears there because of the hack (that's a video of Pokémon DarkDiamond).
  12. Basic information Name: Pokémon DarkDiamond Creator: Markitus95 (or Spiky, if you wanna call me like that) Base ROM: Pokémon Diamond (USA) Storyline Living in Twinleaf Town has always been boring. Having a cool neighbour can improve things, but everything has a limit. Tired of the monotonous life and with a growing spirit of adventure, you and your friend go to Lake Verity, with the intention of finding that red Gyarados everyone talks about. But... What's going on Route 201? It looks like a mysterious man is attacking Professor Rowan! What does he want? Features Catch all 493 Pokémon! New storyline Brand-new characters New team: Team xGlite Play as Brendan or Dawn! New graphics, and updates from HGSS and BW! New music And much, much more... Credits Hack's name: giradialkia Sprites: Coronis, minime010, Red6095, n0rul3s, spaceemotion Overworlds: Kyledove, Raven-Lux Music: xXchainchomp01, lala19357, Truearagon, tobinus, themutestranger Special thanks to my friend Arc. This hack wouldn't exist without his great help If I forget someone, sorry, and please send me a PM. Screenshots Beta 2 (Current version) Progress Demo version: 100% Beta 1: 100% Beta 2: 100% Beta 2.1: 100% Beta 3: 10% Bugs/Glitches The rival's name doesn't appear when talking with him in Route 201. Fixed When entering Lake Verity, the game crashes. Fixed Brendan's backsprite has a minor error in the 4th frame. Fixed Dawn talks as Brendan in the lab. Fixed The name of many trainers appears glitched. Fixed Downloads Beta 2.1 (Up to Veilstone City's gate): http://www.mediafire.com/?a81cxtajhgoehoh Update from Beta 2 to 2.1: http://www.mediafire.com/?5j5jws2f4urlcaq Patching instructions are included in the archive
  13. I was interested in this too while working on a hack of Pokémon Diamond and managed to discover how it works, but only halfway. In the arm9.bin file, there's a section with 31 "entries" of 4 bytes each. The first two bytes set an animation, while the others set the battle music. Editing them you can do what you want, but the problem is that I don't know how each Pokémon is assigned to an entry (that's why I said it was "halfway"). And if you assign a town/city/route theme to one entry, the sound effects don't play. I was able to do this: [video=youtube;bZ7ZFEY6J0I]
  14. Hi everyone! My name is Marc and I'm 17 years old. I'm from Spain, and I've been interested in Pokémon hacking since four years ago. Some of you may know me by another nickname: Spiky-Eared Pichu. Yes, I'm the person behind all the work on Pokémon DarkDiamond (which I'll post soon in this forum too), I've only used my "traditional nickname" this time instead of the Pokémon one to avoid confusion. So yeah, I'm a Nintendo DS researcher and hacker who enjoys a lot working hard to achieve great things, and I also remix Pokémon music from time to time (not very much lately, however). I really hope I have a good time here You can check my Youtube channel for hacking-related videos and remixes, if you want http://www.youtube.com/Markitus95
  15. Hello. I've been using PPRE for about two years to edit many things in Pokémon Diamond for a hack I'm doing, and I've encountered a really annoying issue after editing trainers with PPRE. Many trainers, including Gardenia, have now their names messed up. Instead of showing their actual name, they display a huge blank space and the player's name. I've checked the text files and they are perfect, and the rest of trainers behave as usual. Has anyone ever experienced this before? Any ideas to fix it? Thank you very much. PS: I'll upload a picture later
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