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  1. Use thenewpoketex to extract the files from the rom, and edit the xml file it produces in whatever way you want, then import it back into the files and make a new rom. For HGSS, you have to put a/0/2/7 into msgdata and rename it msg.narc, then it'll let you rip the text and import it back into the file. Then when you want to make the rom, just put msg.narc back into a/0/2 and rename it to 7 again. http://www.mediafire.com/download/qnlufesb5xyde2d/thenewpoketex.rar That's exactly what I'm gonna do! And nope, all those have been replaced because I've replaced their Incense items with new items just like I'm gonna do with the moves.
  2. Yep I am. Just been busy. I want to release something before XY come out. Hoping to have it go through at least 2 badges.
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  7. I did think about that, but no, they use the same data for each of their stats - the only differences are the sprites and icons of their shapes.
  8. Thanks! I've been working on re-ordering some more things in order to include the new B2W2 forms (which I had only planned on Kyurem getting a new one before all that was revealed). I've had to make some forms separate Pokemon, and I'm hoping to somehow make a script that'll change one Pokemon from another, retaining the stats and such, which is as close to a form change as I can do (if I can even do it haha). Pokesav may be needed it I can't pull it off, and I can at least make a custom version of that. I've been thinking of making two versions like those hacks - one without any changes to stats, and another with some changes. Like the classic and complete versions. And I've been playing that hack, I have over 80 hours in it so far haha. It's been helping me decide the levels and such. __________________________________ Now, a general announcement: Most of the 3rd/4th gen Pokemon were just there because I hadn't had anything to replace them yet, but now I've decided, in the 'empty' spaces, I'll include Pokemon that people have wanted in, and have posted in one of these threads, as long as there's room for them. I've put the Drapion line and Lucario line back in, which are some of my favorites too, as well as the Dusknoir line and Probopass line (since they have cross-generation evolutions, and I had said that all Pokemon like that will be in the game [with the exception of Baby Pokemon]). Most every 3rd and 4th gen legendary has been replaced, with the exception of the 4 Regis, Deoxys, Cresselia, Darkrai, and Arceus. Every starter Pokemon is also still in the hack. All of this is still subject to change, though I am going to need to have a final list sometime soon. This probably will be the final list unless something arises where I need to change something, which I can't think of anything that would do so. I'm also including some fakemon, which are just for fun, and I'm not going to force the player to interact with them - they'll be there if you want to use them, and hopefully I've chosen some that people won't completely hate. One that I'm willing to reveal right now is an evolution of Weezing, which will evolve with the use of a King's Rock. It's name is Choaking. Very punny. Then there will also be some new fake fossil Pokemon, as well as a few joke Pokemon (again, just for fun, since this is a hack and all). I'll list the Pokemon left that have yet to be replaced, and the reasons they're still there. The spaces left are the Pokemon previously programmed as: Shedinja-for some reason, I can't make this space have more than 1 HP, even though I change the values. most likely will be replaced with a jokemon because of its unchangeable 1 HP. Spinda-its randomized spot pattern yields it a unique space. not sure what to do. Castform-different forms, yields more possibilities than other spaces. will probably keep it in the game because it's one of my favorites Burmy/Wormadam-different forms, yields more possibilities than other spaces. these will be replaced, because mothim is gone, but idk what to put there yet. hoping to find/think of a fakemon that has interesting forms... I created a freewebs site for this game, and I'm going to put more information on the site within the next month or so, including the final list of Pokemon in the game (though some of the fakemon I'm going to hide until the game is released). I'll post more info when I'm able to. Remember my twitter! And on a more personal note (though still Pokemon related), ever since gen 2 came out, I had thought of two ideas for Pokemon that I had hoped would become a real Pokemon someday. One of them was a Ghost/Fire chandelier, which happily became a reality. I'm going to include my other idea in this hack, so I'm quite interested in seeing what people will think of it!
  9. Hippowdon is 2 Pokemon after, and it is one of the few to have seperate overworld sprites for genders, which Unfezant required.
  10. What operating system are you using? Did you make sure to patch it to a clean english SoulSilver? It doesn't work with HeartGold yet.
  11. Quick update: Just want to let you all know I'm still working on the game, but I've been experimenting and testing things to see what I'm able to do. I figured out how to do much more than I thought was possible when I first started this project. As such, despite what I had the security guard in the game say, I'm unfortunately not expecting a release to be ready before B2W2's official english release, though I still expect some sort of playable beta version to be ready this year. The list of Pokemon may change, but I'm not certain about anything yet... rest assured, every 1st, 2nd, and 5th gen Pokemon will be available no matter what. I've recently worked on updating the graphics as well, including new sprites for every 5th gen Pokemon, and including the new Pokemon overworlds from B2W2 (and updating some others Game Freak hadn't done). Here's a few new pictures of the graphics: Some Pokemon with their old overworlds/The same Pokemon, but with their new overworlds/And some other Pokemon with their new battle sprites Credits for updated overworlds: Game Freak, me Credits for front sprites: KingOfThe-X-Roads on DeviantArt - link to the sprites Credit for back sprites: Chaos Rush - link to thread Make sure to follow my twitter page for updates on the hack. I also made a website, but I don't think I'm going to update that much. Twitter will have new info first most likely. Also make sure to e-mail me with any questions you may have! Or feel free to contact me any other way, though e-mail will be the quickest.
  12. Check these locations: a/0/9/3 data/field_cutin I'm not sure which the game actually uses, or if it uses both, but anyway: these narcs contain the overworld sprites for when the player uses an HM outside of battle (if I recall correctly). I successfully edited these sprites, so I know it's possible. Let us know how it goes!
  13. Asking for this again. I've been trying to search through the RAM, but nothing's been working. It appears to work differently than the first games however, as the new battle scene background appear more detailed. I have never done anything with the RAM before, so I'm not quite sure what I'm doing. Any suggestions as to what I should do? EDIT: I just gave up doing an AR code and hacked the files in the game. If anyone's curious, here's a VS recorded match made successfully with a dark black battle scene! So forget about my request, thanks anyway though!
  14. That's what I do, and it works for me. Does PPRE produce an error log when you try to create the new rom?
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