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  1. Since giving a cia is considered pirating and is against the rules of ProjectPokemon, I can only provide the romfs files that you can use to patch the game and rebuild it to a cia. This is a hack of ORAS, so it is for the 3ds or for citra.
  2. For some reason that was with transparency. I think it was a glitch in photoshop but I found a workaround and now it works. Thanks though
  3. What program are you using to do that? I tried using photoshop to remove the color but all I end up getting is this (edit: Also, sorry the image is so big
  4. So I've been trying to successfully replace textures of battle models of pokemon in sun/moon, so that I could make a tutorial video on it. I was able to unpack 0/9/4 to get to the battle sprites, and found the textures of a pokemon, but whenever I try to import textures, nothing happens. I'm using the newest sun/moon version of ohana3ds from this link: https://github.com/gdkchan/Ohana3DS-Rebirth
  5. Yeah, I made a different thread in the progressing edits section. There updated screenshots & Stuff there. There's also a page for it on gbatemp. The first release is going to be out relatively soon
  6. Is there any qr codes for the alolan forms? I need alolan vulpix but its a version exclusive
  7. I've been using the files from Rising Ruby and Sinking Sapphire. There's a tutorial in the zip file
  8. There is a patch you have to install? I thought that you just had to have Luma3ds on your 3ds to run a .cia with edited cros.
  9. I'm trying to install a cia that takes use of Luma3ds's patch allowing CRO's to be edited. I'm using the CIA tools included in Rutile Ruby and Star Sapphire (and am using the tutorial on that page, but with a different rom). When I try to run the installed .cia file, it says an error has occurred, and tells me to hold the power button and try again. Anyone know why this isn't working? I'm pretty new to cia hacking, and before this I've just been using hans. Edit: After a few tries I didn't get that error, but I got a different one. When I launch it it doesn't get pass the Nintendo 3ds screen, and stays on that until I power it off
  10. Sorry if this is irrelevant, but what program did you use to edit the title image files? I've been trying to replicate a similar style to the oras title theme, but when I do it in adobe Photoshop, it comes out really pixelated.
  11. Thanks for the help, I'm guessing that the other files are animations? I saw another thread saying that those were animations for the models, but I'm not completely sure.
  12. So, I know that the sprites (models/textures) are located at a/0/0/8. I was wondering if someone could help me on which files are model files that I could edit, which files are textures, and if possible, which files are which pokemon. I know this is a lot of information, but if anyone knows, could you please help me? thanks.
  13. Im just having trouble with the image sizing because whenever I upload the image it either doesn't work or is too small
  14. Before you read this stuff, please note that I will update the thread on GBATemp before I update this one. Progress updates will be seen much quicker there than they will be here. You might want to check that thread if you are really interested in looking at the progress of this hack. Also the downloads are there, since I'm not allowed to put them here anymore. Rayless Ruby and Shadow Sapphire are rom hacks that I am currently developing. There are many changes to this game, including plot, wild encounters, trainer battles, and much more! NOTE: The current game only goes up to the 3rd badge, and the game will continue normally after that. I will link several tutorials to this post including how to install it on both gateway and hans, as well as updating the file without losing your save. One of the main changes of this hack is the addition of shadow pokemon. Mysterious shadows from within the region are corrupting pokemon into shadow forms, making them more hostile, and giving them slight but noticeable stat boosts. Due to this corruption, pokemon with shadow forms do not have shiny forms, and each shadow pokemon also loses its secondary typing to gain the dark, or sometimes ghost typing. Now, you may think that this is OP to have in a game. I agree, which is why the shadow pokemon will always have 1%-5% encounter chance(with the exception of treecko, torchic, and mudkip), meaning that they are very rare to find. There are a lot of evolutions that have also been changed. All of the trade evolutions have been made easier to obtain(so you don't need to trade), and a few other evolution methods have changed. I would list them, but right now they are one of the WIP parts that I'm still working on. The overall game difficulty has been increased, giving trainers higher AI's and IV increases, and giving most trainers competitive items. To give you an idea of the changed level curve, the Elite 4 will be around lvls 70-80 instead of lvls 50-60, and the 3rd gym will be at about lvl 30-35 instead of 20-25(the reason I used the 3rd badge for an example is that it's one of the main level curves in the game). I am also looking for a team to put this game together. I want to make this a great rom hack, but if I do it alone, it would either be terrible, or it wouldn't be out for another few years. Anyone that contributes will of course be given full credit. The main reason I need help is because the way the story text and battles are ordered is seriously confusing, and I want to make sure it is all done correctly. If you are interested in helping with the development of the game, the best way to contact me would probably be through skype. My skype is zangoose95(Also send me a message here because I usually deny people I don't know of). NOTE: It is recommended that once the full version(1.0.0) comes out, anyone that had previously played it play it again. There will most likely be changes to battles, some plot, as well as wild encounters. By 1.0.0 I plan to have all 721 Pokemon available without trading. Also, when you play this game, nuzlocke at your own risk. This rom hack is made for all 3ds users, as long as you have homebrew access. There might eventually be a "pro" or "full" version for CFW only, but for now there will only be one version. Edit to the previous paragraph: Since starting this, using a cfw for hacking has become more mainstreamed (since it is much easier and can be done on most versions), so I will likely just incorporate the features of the "pro/full" version into the main version. Sorry That you've been waiting for so long! I've never gotten around to really trying to come back to working on this! I'm going to try to much more frequently (at least every day) so I can increase the frequency of these betas! Known Glitches Some of the story text might be messed up; haven't been able to do a playthrough with the full story text yet. The DexNav will crash the game on some routes! If you want to try to use the DexNav, save before turning it on and save before entering a new route or a new part of a route! Downloads Changelog Progress Special Thanks To Youtube users Mixeli and Shadowth117 for the player models To TyranitarTube, because his Alpha Sapphire Extreme Randomizer series inspired me to make a game based on shadow pokemon. To Asia81, for making a tutorial on how to dump and decrypt roms. To Kaphotics, for making pk3ds, which I used to edit encounters, trainer battles, pokemon stats/level-up/TM & Tutor moves, and the shops; and also for garctool, which I used to decompress the files within the 'a' folder in RomFS To Reisyukaku, for making ohana3ds, which I used to edit the title screen and sprites. To all of the people on my Discord server for helping to give me ideas To all of the Rom Hackers and Homebrew/CFW Developers that made these hacks possible Not going to be too pushy with this, but if you want to see my progress updates, my twitter is the best place to go(@PrimalKyurem) Occasionally I'll also play this game on my youtube channel as I work on it live. All of the streams are archived an can be found on my channel (haven't done one in a while) Okay, this is really going to be the last place to check updates. I have a discord server for it now yay! https://discord.gg/7c6kCny
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