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Found 17 results

  1. Flag are 501 502 503, unset them to rebattle them. An invisible Lance will give you another HM05 each time you defeat one (they won't double in your inventory, so it's fine).
  2. Like title suggests, i've been using macros to individually assign each Pokemon with a random height/weight value for a little rental project in the works. Then I noticed that the batch editor was updated to include "$suggest" for TMs, balls, and the like. Would it be possible to potentially enable the batch editor to take a command like: >.HeightScalar = $rand >.WeightScalar = $rand and have it mass-assign random values between 0 and 255 to each file? Additionally, if we could also get a toggle to set the base nature to be equal to the stat nature in the settings for showdown imports that would be amazing, and would save the time of having to click the nature box every time! Or if the batch editor were able to store variables, I could simply write a command like >.Nature = StatNature and have the batch editor assign each Nature to be the same as the StatNature value on every different mon. The ability to make specifications that the batch editor checks each individual file for could be used for a bunch of other fun things, too. I'm sure. As always, great job y'all. These are just some things that would be nice to see.
  3. I believe I once brought up a request for this on Project Pokemon Forums, but I'd like to bring it to light again. My original request was to allow people to be able to set IDs for Pokemon between 0-255 in Gen 1 and to set IDs for Pokemon between 0-65535 in Gen 3. This was implemented via SpeciesID1 and SpeciesID3. SpeciesID1 does nothing in Gen 1 games and doesn't solve the problem Species had. Interestingly, SpeciesID3 works perfectly fine. In Gen 2, Species can be used to set an ID between 0 and 255 just fine (they just show up red as invalid in the program, but load in-game). I wanted this because there was a wide variety of Missingno. in Gen 1 and interestingly there are a wide variety of Decamarks in Gen 3. In order to fix this, I think you could do one of four things. The first method could be to treat out-of-bounds Pokemon the same way they're treated in Gen 2. The second method could be to treat out-of-bounds Pokemon the same way they're treated in Gen 3 and do something like a SpeciesID for each Generation. The third method could be to give them all a Missingno. icon and just give them all the same base stats, even if that isn't the case to save time but still keep the internal species ID. This way stats can be edited directly even for invalid Pokemon. The fourth method could be to allow the Pokemon ID to be set in PKHaX via a text-box, just like how you can via something like EXP, then do the same thing with the base stats as mentioned in method 3. Also, if the same system that was used for Gen 3 could be implemented for Gen 4 or the fixed Gens for Pokemon 0-65535, that'd be great as there's a Hybrid Pokemon for every index at indices 32768-33261 and potentially other Pokemon to find.
  4. Hey, Sorry for this strange title, but i didn't find any better description. I'm gonna explain it better : When you open pkhex, you have a blank file, updated to Gen 7, and this way you can put some random Pokemon files and see stats etc for just easy / fast editing on files; But, the thing is that I've a huge collection of pokemon files from many gens, and when I want to see something (IVs for gen I for example) they're converted into gen 7 Pokemon Files. And so you can't see more in detail. Same with "met" data for any pokemon from previous gen. What i suggest is the possibility to set in option which blank save's generation is set when you open Pkhex (for one time or for everytime, this is not really important I guess), and this way players could see pokemon in the right gen or could even make some transfert to the gen of their choice and see the new file (like Gen 3 => Gen 4 etc) Thanks !
  5. Hi, I love this program and how it improves with each version. It's really just two small things but, I was wonder if it would be possible to add the feature to randomize the Nature by Ctrl+clicking on the Nature tag; I think it would be pretty handy. I was also thinking that it would be very useful as well, if you could re-roll both the PID and the EC by Ctrl+clicking on the Reroll button. Thanks, and sorry if it's too forward to ask!
  6. The following is a list of features or additions that I would like to see in PKHeX moving forward. I hope that you enjoy my suggestions and try to apply them: *Pokémon would automatically have maximum friendliness, maximum affection, level 100, and 31 IVs in every stat by default *Related to the first topic, there should be a checkbox that makes every Pokémon level 100 or have a changed species conserve the level while changing the experience and not the other way around, as it looks at experience before level for some reason *Actions that affect every Pokémon in a box, party, or the entire PC or game, such as raising each and every Pokémon in a certain competitive box to level 100 quickly, or giving them all shiny colorations, or maxing out their friendliness and affection in an instant (Note: This came from me trying to max the level, friendliness, and affection of every Pokémon by going as far as writing a script to move the keyboard and mouse to change those values, only to find that, while the script did do what I wanted and saved the changes for each individual Pokémon, the changes were somehow not saved for some odd reason. My next forum entry will focus more on this, if you want more details) *Customizable interface, so not just the same gray and white colors would be displayed but a bunch of different colors, such as a blue theme or a green theme *For applicable games, the ability to control character customization from PKHeX directly and not just unlock max money and full wardrobe *This may be a bit complicated, as it depends on the game, but the ability to check certain trainers as beaten or not from PKHeX directly *This is also a bit complicated I would imagine, but the ability to unlock certain map areas as visited or certain flying destinations active from PKHeX directly Tell me what you think of my ideas. Thank you.
  7. There have been many times where I accidentally delete a pokemon, accidentally place a pokemon on a slot that deletes another pokemon, etc. and theres no way to re-do it. I would then have to open the save again to re-do it and I would have to do everything else again which is really annoying. Please add a re-do command/button so I don't have to keep doing this ;-;
  8. Codr , i love your pokegen but it jugt helps to edit Pokemon it doesn't help to edit the whole game like editing the items and creating events . i would like to tell u that u could improve pokegen by making it a whole pokemon game editor by helping to create legal items. pokesav cant create legal event items like Liberty pass. so i think that u would take my suggestion :smile:
  9. I have a few suggestions for the site, which may be implemented later in the long run, i don't know. I hope i got this right, but right now i don't see any official topics. One suggestion would be to add some kind of competitive Pokemon Gaming ladder to the site, for those who fight competitively on the site. I'm not sure if you guys are going for that kind of thing, though. On my own site that i am making now, i installed this mod onto it (i am using phpbb) , and it allows me to make ladders, and manage clans that people make. However, managing ladder matches can be a hassle, you would probably have to assign ladder mods... i don't know. I was wondering, though, if that would be a good idea. I know it would really appeal to the competitive pokemon players of the site, and this might attract more people. I can understand, though, if this isn't a good idea.
  10. we should have a suggestion section somewhere for members who want/see something better? like there should be an add on to the forum like youtube videos on post ,and others like thanks button
  11. Hello all. We have decided that a re-programming of the main site. This should make it more powerful/flexible/dynamic. It should be possible to add many "features" that enchance user experience. In that spirit we open this thread to hear some of your suggestions. What sort of things would you like to do on the main site besides read information?
  12. I don't remember where I found it, but I found this smilie somewhere: I am requesting that this get placed with the existing smilies. [edit]:Hello? Is anyone out there?
  13. Sorry if this is the wrong place to put this, but I was looking around for a place where we might be able to discuss the chat etc. like if we have problems connecting. The reason I came up with this idea is because, while attempting to connect to the network I got this error message: (1:29:46 pm) * Connecting to irc.defianceuo.com (6667) (1:29:47 pm) * Unable to connect to server (Connection refused) So yeah, if anyone can help it'd be greatly appriciated Thanks.
  14. I think Project-Pokemon should have a Irc it would be a better way for everyone to chat ect. It could be used to find quick battles instead of having to post. Or you could add the inferno shoutbox to the Forum it's a vB mod :kikkoman:.
  15. Okay, I'm new to this whole thing and I've read a couple of guides and stuff and have made myself a team, but I'm not sure if I've done it right and just need a little feedback. Team: Ninetales - Shuffler Jolly Nature Charcoal 252 Speed/252 Defence/4 HP Will-O-Wisp Roar Flamethrower Toxic Salamence - Physical Sweeper Jolly Nature Life Orb 232 Attack/24 Spec. Attack/252 Speed Dragon Dance Outrage Earthquake Dragon Claw Alakazam - Special Sweeper Timid Nature Synchronize Ability Choice Specs 252 Spec. Attack/4 Spec. Defence/252 Speed Psychic Focus Blast Signal Beam Hidden Power - Fire Vileplume - Sunny Solar Timid Nature Heat Rock 4 HP/252 Spec. Attack/252 Speed Sunny Day Solarbeam Grass Knot Sludge Bomb Magnezone - Shock Dancer Timid Nature Sturdy Ability Damp Rock 4 HP/252 Spec. Attack/252 Speed Rain Dance Thunder Zap Cannon Gyro Ball Slaking - Physical Sweeper 2 Adamant Nature Choice Scarf 252 Attack/120 Defence/136 Speed Earthquake Ice Punch Shadow Claw Thunder Punch
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