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  1. Basically, I know of the cheat code that lets you specify the species and level of your next wild encounter. However, I do not know how to modify it to specifically change the forme and shininess. Can anyone here please help? Thank you. This is the code by the way. Thank you. [Pokemon Modifier] xxx - pokemon dex id convert to hex, yy - level D3000000 00000000 105957E0 000000B0 105957E2 0000E1D5 105957E4 0000FF1E 105957E6 0000E12F 105957E8 00000004 105957EA 0000E5C4 105957EC 00000000 105957EE 0000E59F 105957F0 0000FF1E 105957F2 0000E12F 005957F4 00000xxx 005957F8 000000yy 103988DC 0000F3BF 103988DE 0000EB07 103988EC 0000F3BB 103988EE 0000EB07 10398908 0000F3B4 1039890A 0000EB07 DD000000 00000204 105957E4 0000000C 105957E6 0000E59F D0000000 00000000
  2. Here are a few things that I would like to see implemented in PKHeX: Ability to view and modify the trainer passport (Sun and Moon) such as choosing which stamps are achieved in that save This may be a glitch or quirk on my end, but regular-color and shiny Wishiwashi school form did not register in the dex when I told PKHeX to complete the dex completely. Ability to not only select the Pokes that made it to the hall of fame but also the form and whether or not it was shiny (such as not only choosing Mamoswine, for example, but female shiny mamoswine, or not only Keldeo, but shiny resolute Keldeo, etc) Ability to select certain parts of the map as visited or not (depending on the game) Miniature sprites that not only show a star when shiny but also shiny coloration (optional) such as a black greninja or a red gyarados mini sprites Batch editor should at least have the option to modify party mons On a similar note, the HPCurrent and HPMax won't change with the batch editor. Option to automatically make a valid encounter (such as, for all breedable mons, a one-click option to make it look like it was bred from the daycare, or even mons coming from the correct event) Option to see and modify which trainers and NPC on the maps were beaten. Map location knowing, depending on the game, which map number corresponds to which location (such as Sun/Moon's map 96 being listed as the battle tree) These are just a few things that I had in mind. What do you think of these potential improvements? Also, pardon the potential typos in this post.
  3. NOTE: If I cannot indeed place a paid request for a pretty huge rom edit, then please kindly let me know. Otherwise, if you have lots of time and skill with editing the textures cleanly, please let me know so that I can thank you dearly for this request. Also, I skimmed through the terms and conditions, and found nothing that said that I cannot do this. If I missed anything, kindly correct me. When I say big, I mean pretty darn big. On this DeviantArt page (high-jump-kick.deviantart.com) are alternate shinies for every Pokémon thus far. I basically want somebody to edit the shiny textures of each and every Pokémon form to corresponding shiny colorations on said DeviantArt page. Some Pokémon, such as Alolan Grimer and Alolan Muk, have more than one particular recoloring, so choose in that case from the available options. Also, if your result is a few shades off of the image, that I can also accept, so long as it looks like the corresponding image. Of course, I will pay well for this. Please reply if you want to contribute. Thank you. In case you're wondering why I can't do this myself, there are two reasons: The first is that this is not a very good computer and is probably not able to handle the memory requirements. The second is that I do not have that much free time, and while I could muster that up, it would take a really long time before I finish it myself. I am willing to pay money to save that time, and lots of it.
  4. I was experiencing a certain bug when performing a certain series of actions. I wanted to increase the friendliness and affection of each and every Pokémon in my PC. Since I did not want to spend the time doing all of that, nor did I want to punish my hand muscles like that, I wrote a Python script that uses PyAutoGUI (shown below). This is pretty much a way to tell the computer to control its own mouse and keyboard, and you can tell it exactly where to press when and what to press or type. I watched as it, for an entire PC box, did what I wanted: It right-clicked, selected "View", clicked on the "Memories" button, double-clicked the Friendship text box, typed 2-5-5, double-clicked the Affection text box, typed 2-5-5, right-clicked on the original Pokémon again, and selected to "Set", and then it moved on to the next one. I then trusted that it would do this for all of the boxes that I told it to, which took approximately an hour. When I came back to my computer, to my dismay, it reached the end, but the changes were somehow reverted. I feel like this is a glitch on the part of PKHeX. I just thought that I should report this, so that I could receive a solution or bugfix to this issue. Please respond soon if you know what is going on. Here is the script from before. Basically, pyautogui.click(x, y) just tells the thing to click in that location and doubleClick(x, y) tells it to double-click in that area, while pyautogui.press('2') or pyautogui.press('5') told it to press one of these two buttons, in case you were wondering how this worked: import pyautogui import time time.sleep(5) for b in range(1, 31): pyautogui.click(1095, 193) for yy in range(0, 5): for xx in range(0, 6): pointx = 913 + (40 * xx) pointy = 232 + (31 * yy) pyautogui.click(x=pointx, y=pointy, button='right') pyautogui.click(x=pointx+40, y=pointy+15) pyautogui.click(x=759, y=433) pyautogui.doubleClick(x=793, y=220) pyautogui.press('2') pyautogui.press('5') pyautogui.press('5') pyautogui.doubleClick(x=935, y=220) pyautogui.press('2') pyautogui.press('5') pyautogui.press('5') pyautogui.click(x=1016, y=430) pyautogui.click(x=pointx, y=pointy, button='right') pyautogui.click(x=pointx+40, y=pointy+35)
  5. The following is a list of features or additions that I would like to see in PKHeX moving forward. I hope that you enjoy my suggestions and try to apply them: *Pokémon would automatically have maximum friendliness, maximum affection, level 100, and 31 IVs in every stat by default *Related to the first topic, there should be a checkbox that makes every Pokémon level 100 or have a changed species conserve the level while changing the experience and not the other way around, as it looks at experience before level for some reason *Actions that affect every Pokémon in a box, party, or the entire PC or game, such as raising each and every Pokémon in a certain competitive box to level 100 quickly, or giving them all shiny colorations, or maxing out their friendliness and affection in an instant (Note: This came from me trying to max the level, friendliness, and affection of every Pokémon by going as far as writing a script to move the keyboard and mouse to change those values, only to find that, while the script did do what I wanted and saved the changes for each individual Pokémon, the changes were somehow not saved for some odd reason. My next forum entry will focus more on this, if you want more details) *Customizable interface, so not just the same gray and white colors would be displayed but a bunch of different colors, such as a blue theme or a green theme *For applicable games, the ability to control character customization from PKHeX directly and not just unlock max money and full wardrobe *This may be a bit complicated, as it depends on the game, but the ability to check certain trainers as beaten or not from PKHeX directly *This is also a bit complicated I would imagine, but the ability to unlock certain map areas as visited or certain flying destinations active from PKHeX directly Tell me what you think of my ideas. Thank you.
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