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  1. Hi ! of course before posting, i've searched a little and found some documentation on bullbapedia (https://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Trade#International_trading) about my question. Seems the answer is yes. But I really wanted to be sure before going for that. I've a Shiny Mew from a Japanese Emerald that i'd like to trade to my PAL (French) Fire Red. I really really want to be sure that no data will be altered in any way since it's a really precious save. I'll do a basic trade with MyBoy. Thanks o/
  2. Thanks for the answer o/ Could hope for some possibilites with the mass editor from generated eggs from the gen 6 tools, but almost sure that the mass editor doesn't allow some species random generation. It's alright, guess we'll have fun on gen 6 Thanks
  3. Hi ! So the title may be stupid, but there's a little story behind this. A few years ago, my friend and I used to do some race with hatching random 1 step eggs. With a tool from KazoWar, it was possible to set an amount of eggs generated and control the Shiny rates, eggs moves etc etc, something really complete. And we had fun to find and hatch the best stuff as possible. The only issue is that tool is only for gen 6. We would like to have this on gen 7, to have something quite new. But the tool isn't supporting gen 7 (i mean it could, but no gen 7 pokemon support) So I wondered if the Mass Editor of PkHex (or another tool that i'm not aware of) could do something like this. Thanks o:
  4. Heyah ! Well, even if i've some knowledge about this kind of stuff, i can't find the offsets for these, especially with Game Save A or B. If you are short with your time, just pointing me where to search / go for this one. I've the block for OT/TID/SID but i don't find any coordinates around these. I'll DM you the save if you need to. Thanks o/
  5. Hi ! I need some help to correct a save from a friend. He gave me a Fire Red in order to fix an issue he has for years now. Back then, he used Action Replay codes, and in the end, gave him a weird bug : No way to enter in the Elite 4 (see screenshot) He can move forwards, backwards (logic here), the character is stuck to that tile. I checked all the checksums, it works. Checking the Event Flags, Deoxys is here (it was the code used from what my friend says), but unchecked or not, doesn't change anything. Since i'd like to AVOID to recreate a save, is there any solution / thing to try ? Thanks o/
  6. Heyah o/ Well that's the thing I don't understand. I did nothing special with them. The Voltorb + Electrode are the two stationnary in the Power Plant (since they aren't locked). There's nothing i see wrong with catch rate value or anything ? Thanks
  7. Heyah o/ So this time i'm just trying to understand how 90% of my Pokemon are flagged illegal in Red / Blue (when i don't allow the tradeback learnsets) : So of course before i checked a little and found this thread : But in that case it was talking about evolved Pokemon, and in my case it's affecting every stage. AND Moreover, the answer was about hacked stuff. My Shiny wild have been caught with a Shiny Lock Patch for Gen 1, so i don't focus on them (even if the Venomoth is flagged as legal while got with the patch) but more on Pokemon like Voltorb / Electrode which i caught them without saving / restarting the game. One is flagged, not the other. Nothing has been injected / haxed. Just moved from a box to another with Pkhex. Thanks o/
  8. 100% do-able, i've done Shiny Rate Editing from Gen 2 to Gen 7 without any problem. For the Gen 3, ShinyCC is just bad. Wrong rate, poorly done, just avoid that. You're best bet for Gen 3 and FR is really to check for ASM. The Shiny Rate Editing is not that hard but quite boring since you need to deal with a lot of routines. Take a look with some ASM guides in an other forum that relies a lot in rom hacking. Don't want to make ad here. You'll need to create a new PRNG system, you can add a Shining Charm like to have both 1/8192 and new rate. But you need to have knowledge in ASM.
  9. Heya ! First I wanted to say a huge thanks to data-miners for all the data found, because well it helped me for the game i'm developping. I'm posting here because i'm missing some informations that i'd like to know in order to finish and push my USUM update right when the games will be out : 1) Is there any catch rate change ? I've heard for Necrozma, UBs, Xerneas / Yveltal but I wanted to be sure ? 2) What are the new Pokemon catch rate ? (I've seen some informations about that in Smogon, but wanted to be sure) 3) Any information about the Base EXP Yeld for the new Pokemon ? Thanks o/
  10. No Gen 2 RNG is out for the moment, a little group are looking for that (creators of RNG Gen 6/7) but far to be done or easy.
  11. Well i'm back, but it's not something to detect clones, I already cleaned that. I had like 33k of Shiny files because of PkHeX and saves editors like that. With importing pokemon in recent gen but keeping it in the old gen, with backups of saves etc etc, I had too much clones. And I want 0 clones. I cleaned that already. But there's NO TOOL to have a simple move to saves in a Pokémon Box, Pokémon Ranch or Trigger's PC way. PkHeX for example, if you set a Pokemon from a file in a save, it'll STAY as a pokemon file, and it's getting crazy. Just a tool to move from save to save and from a folder WITHOUT any duplicate. I move a pokemon file on a save, it deletes it. You move a pokemon from a save to the box of the tool ? It deletes the file from the save and it stored. Really like Trigger's PC is working but universal gen. Pokecheck was helping me to avoid duplicates etc, but not user-friendly too. But better than what PkHex can offer (since it's not the first use of it of course)
  12. Nah nah you're not getting what I'm looking for in fact hahaha. Backups i've a lot, they are stored on 5 USB Flash Drive + Online in a cloud in case. My saves (clean ones did a huge clean on this) are on cloud linked to each on my computer and i'm setting up on Android, but my major issue is there no tool that looks like Trigger's PC with about moving and not importing pokemon files which create clones. When I used pokecheck, I had the possibility to check my pokemon in a easy way (sprites, stats etc) and which help me to keep track of some clones that i want to avoid. But it'd be still far from Trigger's PC. But something universal like Pokecheck would be amazing, since PkHex database is absolutly not user-friendly in my case sadly
  13. 4Gb for 11k files ? You're way too far. I don't even hit 1Gb. But my 70k files of Normal Pokemon is more accurate about weight, never had to complain about that. Well no news from the OP since one month anyway. So wellp. But better to try haha.
  14. Nah, i'm talking about 11k of Shiny Pokemon files i've hunted / RNG'd / cute charm'd, really need something proper and effective
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