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  1. Choosing the Gen of a blank save

    Hey, Sorry for this strange title, but i didn't find any better description. I'm gonna explain it better : When you open pkhex, you have a blank file, updated to Gen 7, and this way you can put some random Pokemon files and see stats etc for just easy / fast editing on files; But, the thing is that I've a huge collection of pokemon files from many gens, and when I want to see something (IVs for gen I for example) they're converted into gen 7 Pokemon Files. And so you can't see more in detail. Same with "met" data for any pokemon from previous gen. What i suggest is the possibility to set in option which blank save's generation is set when you open Pkhex (for one time or for everytime, this is not really important I guess), and this way players could see pokemon in the right gen or could even make some transfert to the gen of their choice and see the new file (like Gen 3 => Gen 4 etc) Thanks !
  2. [Gen III] Unable to set Shiny Female

    Hey, Did you re-roll the PID and set the pokemon with the right gender ?
  3. I did that on every game except 1G and 6G. To help you : Offset on White 2 is THE SAME as Black 2, and this is findable here. For 2G/3G, it's all about ASM. So you need to learn that before, it's not just offsets. You have to understand how to edit games, compiling asm scripts etc, before trying anything. There's a Shiny's Chance Tool somwehere here / projectpokemon but not working well. (not good shiny rate) For 6G, not doable at all as far as I know For 7G you need a CFW 3DS and NTR with plugin cheat for editing the Shiny Rate.
  4. Hi ! I've a little problem (i guess it's a special case so I can't call this thing a bug) with Clone Checking on Gen IV. i'm making some order in my Shiny Collection (yeah still me, still with my 4000 Shiny files) and i've seen that, while making some order with Gen IV Cute Charm Shiny stuff, they were ALL makerd as clones. I took a screenshot to show the situation : Of course, the two Rattata are differents, but marked as clones. I know that PkHex read the PID but you can see on the folder there's more than that. So is there any way for PkHex to take consideration of EVERYTHING when looking for clones. Because I can understand if you level up they'll be have different writing... But the thing is that the IVs or stuff like that would still be the same. But in my case, IVs are radicaly different. Any solution ? Thanks (I'm sorry i'm feeling like i did a bad description post but i'm really tired right now)
  5. Hi, Thanks for your answer, but i'm an active user on both sites, and projectpokemon is from far my best bet here. Every huge name in save editing / data mining is here. So, not really good places for that. But thanks anyway.
  6. Hi ! If i'm making this thread is because i'm searching everywhere for this, but I've never found anything good about this... So to do simple, i'm Shiny Hunting A LOT on it, but now it's getting annoying to find always the same Shiny (1* Alakazam is awesome, 5* Alakazam is boring) so I'd like if there's any information to edit the save in order to have other Pokemon (and this way having a different Shiny collection), and i've to admit that finding more informations about save editing in Pokemon Ranch is quite weird. I'm dreaming of a "level editor" with Pokemon for the game, but I guess i'll deal with just save editing informations. Thanks !
  7. Question about pokemon files. (For collection stuff)

    Awesome, because i had a lot of problems with older editors so I wanted to be sure before doing a hard work on it ! Thank you so much !
  8. Question about pokemon files. (For collection stuff)

    Well, I know that, of course. But I mean is save editing for earlier version is SAFE enough in order to have proper Pokemon files and can be used without any problem in the future ? I'm talking about nicknames / dates / encounter place. Thanks !
  9. Hi, I know i'm coming with a stupid question but anyway... For the past weeks, i've started to extract my saves in order to put some order on my Shiny collection (4000+ at the moment, with RNG and all that kind of stuff) but now i've some doubt for the future. In the past, i'd problems with extracted Pokemon from other tools (like corrupted files with Pikasav or Pikaedit for 4/5G and 1/2G files) so i've started to put everything in an usb key but I'd like to be sure that pkhex is enough ready for files from past gens. (I mean gen 5 or older) I've did my collection with 6G/7G because i think it's okay now, but i'd like to know if I can do the same with older gens (long and difficult project in fact) Thanks !
  10. Mass PKX Extractor

    This is amazing ! Just posted some results with differents saves files as an issue (if i can use it in order to help you with all differents save files, it's the minimum I can do) Thanks, gonna spread the word for that. Perle.dsv
  11. [Suggestion] Massive pokemon file extractor

    Well, even if I don't have any skill (but I mean, NOT AT ALL) to edit the source code or the API, i'm gonna check for some help or stuff like that, because right now i'm still lost x_x But it's do-able, so it's already something for me ! Thanks for the help o/
  12. Hi ! I've a little suggestion that could help A LOT people dealing with a lot of saves at the same time. Because of doing some searches on Shiny related, i've started to have a huge important of Pokemon save files. After years, I think my collection is near of the 1000 different saves (RNG, searches, hack-rom etc etc) so I lost track of all my Pokemon. I'd like to put some order on everything and be able to use only one save per game and the PKHeX database in order to have every pokemon at one place. But now, i've a little problem. I need to dump every pokemon file from every save. You can imagine this is quite problematic (not that lazy, i started to do it... But everytime having to put my team on pc boxes, putting in the right place etc needs a lot of time and between my studies + job it's quite difficult) So that's why i'd like to know if we could have a massive pokemon file extractor. This way we just could have to put our saves in a folder, and pkhex starts to extract every pokemon file from them into the database folder. I'm not sure if it's do-able with PKHeX, but i wanted to try, because this could help people like me with many saves. Thanks !
  13. Black Screen with 4Gen Game.

    Hey o/ ! Thanks for the answer. Sadly i've already tried that (because i was sure at 99% the problem was from the map position) with a valid Diamond save. Didn't work. Maybe i didn't save properly / idk gonna retry. But if it's the map position, I know where to look, thanks o/
  14. Black Screen with 4Gen Game.

    Hi ! Because of starting a huge personnal database (from Gen 1 to 7), i've decided today to withdraw pokemon from my Pokemon Ranch AND Pokemon Box (but in fact this, it's not important). But the problem is i lost the cartridge which I used for putting all my Pokemon on Pokemon Ranch. So I dumped my new save (pokemon pearl) and edited only Trainer + TID + SID. I injected the game, launched the game, and after the journal, black screen. I know it's in early stage, and you focus on the Gen VII, but i thought that this problem was important. I can provide the base save + save edited with the crash, if needed. Thanks !
  15. Oh maybe yes ! I've the (bad) reflex of always saying "yes" when they want a nickname X_X Edit : it's not the problem. Just hatched my Riolu. Didn't press "yes" for the nickname, and still flagged as Nicknamed on PKHeX