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  1. Heyah o/ Well that's the thing I don't understand. I did nothing special with them. The Voltorb + Electrode are the two stationnary in the Power Plant (since they aren't locked). There's nothing i see wrong with catch rate value or anything ? Thanks
  2. Heyah o/ So this time i'm just trying to understand how 90% of my Pokemon are flagged illegal in Red / Blue (when i don't allow the tradeback learnsets) : So of course before i checked a little and found this thread : But in that case it was talking about evolved Pokemon, and in my case it's affecting every stage. AND Moreover, the answer was about hacked stuff. My Shiny wild have been caught with a Shiny Lock Patch for Gen 1, so i don't focus on them (even if the Venomoth is flagged as legal while got with the patch) but more on Pokemon like Voltorb / Electrode which i caught them without saving / restarting the game. One is flagged, not the other. Nothing has been injected / haxed. Just moved from a box to another with Pkhex. Thanks o/
  3. Awesome, it was minor (and fixable really easily) but always cool to fix that kind of stuff. Thank you again o/
  4. As said, not at all. There are from a save (got it at Oak's Lab) and transfered to my main save with the level 0 occuring. The issue is more that i'm doing a Party => PC move. Yep i've remembered it after, so that's why i posted the edit, but thanks for the confirmation again. The Stadium 2 relearning feature is not worth it at all for a Leech Seed Bulbasaur. But i want clean as possible so meh
  5. Heyah o/ A few minutes ago, i did 2 Shiny Bulbasaur on Generation 1 in order to move them to my main Blue save. First, when I transfer them from Team (Save where I got it) to the PC (main blue save) the Pokemon is level 0. Little issue since the level is fixed once taken from the team, but still good to show this. (After another problem is that i take a Bulbasaur as lead in order to evolve one, and after a level takes 6 levels (so level 11) But my Bulbasaur didn't learnt any moves (Should have learnt Leech Seed at level 7) which is more annoying.) Edit : I REMEMBER of a fact that you need to hit the RIGHT level in order to learn the move, if not well it's skipped. But need confirmation. Thanks o/
  6. Thank you so much for that o/ ! Gonna try it as soon as possible !
  7. Heyah o/, So since i've started my huge RNG project, i'm fearing one thing : Being absent-minded and set the same seed / pid for two Pokemon. Since i need a HUGE (and ridiculous) amount of RNGs, i really think that will happen, especially on Emerald, Gen 4 and 5. I know Pkhex has a function to see 100% clones, but there's nothing for Pokemon with the same PID. Here's my example. I caught two Pokemon from the same Seed, but at two different places in SS : Same PID, same nature, same 1 ability, same IVs etc etc no need to talk more about this. However, when I search for clones i'm getting this : Quite logic since they don't share same species / level and stuff. But it's really something that matters for some collectors like me. Being able to avoid ANY duplicate PID. Quite OCD, but i really would like an option for this. Thanks o/
  8. Uh... I just opened my Blue save and the recent moving i've done is here, without any bug or anything. I just have NO idea what happened since this time i'm trying on a different OS ? Quite lost. But i'd issues with that. I'll try to recreate that on the PC i got this, and will send you saves if necessary. Thanks o/
  9. So in my case : Box 1 : 19/20 Box 7 : 0/20 (Never used) Did the same with Yellow / Red working well.
  10. Heyah o/, So today, i've decided to put some order on my boxes in every gen. For that I use Pkhex (my major utilisation of it is really to trade stuff between saves and organize PC Boxes). No issues with Gen 2 / 3 / 4 / 5, does the work well. But here comes Gen 1, and especially my Blue version. When I do PC moving, and after saving, i just see that ALL my Pokemon in these boxes are deleted from the game. Example : I move Pokemon from Box 1 and 2 into box 4 and 5. I loose everything inside these 4 boxes. I don't have this issue with Pokemon Red and my Yellow Any idea on this one ? I would like to be able to manage my save finally. Tell me if you need anything to show this. Thanks
  11. Ohhh uh I guess i didn't explained well, i was aware about Pokemon Files not getting the language flags, but i've thought that it was a flag related to the save itself and put to every Pokémon. I had doubts about a flag for the save more. But if it's done by pkhex only for name generation, well it's fine. Thanks o/
  12. Hi o/ ! So first, I guess if it's an issue it's not an important one. And if it's not an issue, I really need some hints on it. I've started to work on a HUGE project in every Generation, and these days i'm having some fun with playing Crystal. I'm using wwwwwwzx lua script to get what I want, but i've seen a weird issue in the end : Some of my Pokémon are set as French, while some others are set to English. My Crystal is a French one, and never used any other ROM, always the same. But some of my Pokemon are French while some of them are English. Without any particular reason. Sometimes, even during the same run, one will be French and the other one will be English : Here's my Shiny Suicune, set as an English one. But here's the screenshot of the encounter : As you can see, i've encountered it and caught it with a French Version. So should be French. And the lua are not really in case since well they don't influence the save AND like 70% of my other Pokemon are set in French without any issue. I'm just curious about this, because i want my Shiny to be as clean as possible, but it's not really an major issue. Tell me if you need some files in anything. Thanks o/
  13. 100% do-able, i've done Shiny Rate Editing from Gen 2 to Gen 7 without any problem. For the Gen 3, ShinyCC is just bad. Wrong rate, poorly done, just avoid that. You're best bet for Gen 3 and FR is really to check for ASM. The Shiny Rate Editing is not that hard but quite boring since you need to deal with a lot of routines. Take a look with some ASM guides in an other forum that relies a lot in rom hacking. Don't want to make ad here. You'll need to create a new PRNG system, you can add a Shining Charm like to have both 1/8192 and new rate. But you need to have knowledge in ASM.
  14. Heya ! First I wanted to say a huge thanks to data-miners for all the data found, because well it helped me for the game i'm developping. I'm posting here because i'm missing some informations that i'd like to know in order to finish and push my USUM update right when the games will be out : 1) Is there any catch rate change ? I've heard for Necrozma, UBs, Xerneas / Yveltal but I wanted to be sure ? 2) What are the new Pokemon catch rate ? (I've seen some informations about that in Smogon, but wanted to be sure) 3) Any information about the Base EXP Yeld for the new Pokemon ? Thanks o/
  15. No Gen 2 RNG is out for the moment, a little group are looking for that (creators of RNG Gen 6/7) but far to be done or easy.
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