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  1. No I updated on accident so I couldn't do the Powersave/Pkhex stuff... It was a legit Shiny Eevee that I evolved into a Shiny Umbreon and I had left it in there and was hatching Eevee's for another shiny so I put a normal female Eevee with my Shiny male Umbreon (Named Shulk). I had hatched several boxes worth of Eevee and wondered what moves the father had learned while in the daycare and noticed my once was Shiny wasn't so shiny anymore.
  2. So I was playing Pokémon AS and breeding for another Shiny Eevee because I wanted a second shiny Umbreon. I was going to gift a friend my first one (I'm too nice sometimes). I recently took out my Eevee and Umbreon from the Daycare on the island and noticed it had leveled up by 5 but wasn't shiny anymore. I'm kinda pissed. One this was for a gift, it was shiny, had 4 31 IVs, and now it isn't shiny. What the crap? I put a shiny Eevee I got from trade in there with it for a while. I had been pretty lucky at breeding shiny and found 2 in the wild (I almost didn't catch the second shiny). Could I have done something to have this happen? Is there someway to get my Umbreon back to shiny? How bad is it doc?
  3. EDIT: Ok scratch all that nonsense... I speak a bit before I think most times... I resolved my problem you may close this thread/delete it whatever. You guys were a big help thanks again!
  4. Actually I'm trying to upgrade a 2DS from a 7.1.0 something to at least a 9.4 something. Don't worry about the specifics of it. I just want to know if it's possible and if so how to do it. I've scouted the net and saw little on the subject. Anything would be appreciated. Thanks in advance
  5. Hey man thanks for the reply! EDIT: ok Nevermind I think I found what I'm looking for... If I don't care what happens to my 2DS in terms of the information like games and crap. Does this mean I can downgrade my 2DS???
  6. Would it be possible by any methods (those preferably cheap or free), to upgrade a 2DS from a ver. 7.1.0-15 to something like 9.0 to 9.5.0-22? I've searched the internet and the only thing I've found was to buy a game (like cubic ninja or something), and when it asked to update the console to go through with the process because it'll only get me to 9.2 ver. which is within my range. Does this work? If so can you tell what you did because I don't want to screw it up. Also if it is not possible can you provide a little bit as to why? Thanx for the help guys! P.S. if this is in the wrong place move it to the right one
  7. Well could you then take the save over to Pkhex edit it and then do the back up? Would that put the file in a different format if edited in Pkhex first? I have a Ramsav and from outta no where 2 of my 2ds' got updated........ Idk what I'm going to do know.
  8. They were a gift from Pokémon Bank just for using it... but I was trading up a few Pokémon from B2.
  9. Well I understand the HA thing like 99% of event mons have them.
  10. I'm still new and have no clue where I should put this... Here seemed ok. So I was using Pkhex to edit my save file on Pokémon AS when I decided to look at the 3 starters I got for trading up some Pokémon from my B2 game. I went to look at the stats and ALL OF THEM had MAX 6IVs! I have NOT touched them prior to that since it was my 1st time editing the save file and hadn't touched them when I was using the PC data editor (I have used the PC editor hack before). All 3 also have their Hidden Abilities'. How possible is this (if at all)? If possible what are the odds of this occurring? Could this be some sort of glitch or RNG something or other? Did I just get crazy lucky? Please note that ALL 3 johto starters are 100% legit and legal, were not obtained by the means of ANY hacks, and were not edited after viewing them. I did get them as a gift from Pokémon Bank and was amazed at the gift.
  11. Dear Everyone that uses Project Pokémon, I have made my entrance as a LONG time player of Pokémon starting with Pokémon Red, Blue, Yellow, Green, and Pokémon Stadium and then working my way up slowly taking a break after Platinum (genwunner for a long time) and not really getting in to B&W but starting back up with B2&W2 then X then AS. (My bro playing Y & OR). Thank you for allowing me to be here and I hope I can contribute to something in the future (near or far)!
  12. I'm still fairly new to Project Pokémon so if you can Please move me or direct me elsewhere if I'm in the wrong place and I will gladly move. No problems. I've looked over the web and over this site and have not found any info on the secret IDs of the GTS Fancy Pattern Vivillon and The Pokeball Pattern Vivillon. I was wondering if anyone had this Information and was willing to share it with the direct info or a link.
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