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  1. Same deal (recently started Pokemon Y and didn't even know what I did.)
  2. Looks like my thread was supposed to be a post here so I will just go ahead. Thanks
  3. I hope I am doing this right, you see, pokecheck and other sites are down due to the death of Nintendo WFC, that being said I have been playing some Gen 4 right now and I really want to get a variety of mons for lots of purposes, so... Thanks.
  4. Thanks, I'll check it, actually I should check some flags on other stuff, you think is possible to add Gym Rematches on FRLG with that too?
  5. Well, for the most part my mapping skills are good, I am just editing the roms so I will be able to play them on my K101 and use the link cable to transfer pokemon to my original cardtridges (and then to my DS games and so on), the thing is, I suck at scripting so I need some help, I am making the event islands available without the need for codes. BUT... Is there a way through simple script editing on Advance Map to make the static pokemon in the islands respawn endlessly? I think some hidden items like shards underwater respawn after a while, not sure but that would be the key, anyone can help?
  6. I am talking mostly about items transferred in bulk from the DW to the game, precisely my point.
  7. Held items would need to be transferred one by one, that's kind of a hassle for games where I can't manipulate the whole save, and let's be honest, I will miss DW Pokemon with their abilities.
  8. We need some kind of mock DW server through DNS or something similar to the GTS programs, specially for berries and other items.
  9. What will happen now that the Global Link will be closed in October for Gen V?
  10. How does it work? seriously, looks like I can't load save files from VBA.
  11. I voted for torchic, I wanna make smogonites cry with their banned pokemon.
  12. Oh... too bad, looks like I'll have to rely on my AR then, you know, that stuff is really complex for me, my last experiment gave me a constant 50% of hitting the same frame (altough higher than my target), oh well...
  13. Nope, I am RNG'ing on the real thing, GBAsp and Pokemon emerald, so far I am still calibrating my timing on a 30 second spread, once I get it perfected I can try shinies since they only appear for my IDs on a 5 minute to 15 minute range, not very much for Method 2, I hope it improves for breeding and legendaries.
  14. Thanks... Well I have been trying to do some RNG abuse in emerald, so far no results, I am usually good with my timing on the EMELOOP but maybe there is something I am not doing right, or maybe I am expecting results in less than 3 tries, I'll try a few more times...
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