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Found 4 results

  1. well i have one of the GTS Heracross (attached) but i'm not so sure about it's legitimacy, can any of you guys help me check on him? really appreciate it ...
  2. fenzo/Sabresite/Poryhack, or anyone else, please check it. =]
  3. Hello, I am interested because of these PCNY: PCNY NV:50 Cacturne Staryu Item: Water Stone Shedinja Shuppet Duskull and alls GCEA Tokyo Less chimecho. and this Heracross TOM and CRHISTY I offer almost all other ^^. mi FC Diamante: 1719 3855 4706 Nick: Sukeny
  4. Yeah, just asking for people's preferences... Here we have two Pokemon who are often compared to each other: [sprite]212[/sprite] [shinysprite]212[/shinysprite] SCIZOR Type: Bug/Steel HP: 70 Atk: 130 Def: 100 SpA: 55 SpDef: 80 Spe: 65 BST: 500 Advantages: - Gets to Baton Pass Swords Dance, Agility, Iron Defense - Gets a powerful STAB priority move Bullet Punch with Technician to boot its power up even more - Gets an instant recovery move in the form of Roost - Quite sturdy overall - Only one weakness - Looks cool (as Enkidu says, it looks like a red orbital frame) Disadvantages: - Its one weakness is a 4x weakness to Fire - It is rather slow - It did not gain any base stat total when it evolved - Needs trade to be evolved so not as easily as accessible [sprite]214[/sprite] [shinysprite]214[/shinysprite] HERACROSS Type: Bug/Fighting HP: 80 Atk: 125 Def: 75 SpA: 40 SpDef: 95 Spe: 85 BST: 500 Advantages: - Strongest Megahorn in-game - STAB Close Combat is terribly powerful - Learns Stone Edge to hit Flying Pokemon terribly hard - Guts makes sure burn does not hamper this blue beetle Disadvantages: - 4x weakness to Flying - Weak to Psychic, the very type this Pokemon is supposed to stop (although I'm sure it won't OHKO this sturdy bug) - Somewhat slow and requires paralysis support (still faster than Scizor) - Aside from Close Combat and Night Slash, most of its powerful attacks are not accurate - Pretty rare to find in those trees, headbutting trees or honey trees or whatnot. Vote which one you like and give a reason why. I'm going to vote for Heracross. Why? It just so happens to be my favorite. I loved having one since GSC with that awesome Megahorn it had and I was so grateful to see one in RSE as well. STAB Fighting moves like Brick Break and all just gives me some good memories. Too bad it's been outflanked by Scizor as the best bug in the metagame (at least that's what people say... they're EVERYWHERE!!)... but still. Why can't I like this awesome bug? BTW comparing Heracross to Scizor isn't exactly like comparing Heracross to Pinsir. Both play different roles... somewhat. Voting is based off your OWN personal preference. Don't be afraid to vote for who you like!
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