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  1. Pfft. That's what I get for not looking clearly enough. My apologies. Still kind of a novice when it comes to the in-depth stuff of all this. Thank you for the help, though, I'll keep this in my mind if I ever need to know another location. @BelmontSlayer I see. I searched high and low on GBATemp and never found anything. Guess I just missed it somewhere. Thanks though.
  2. Hello, I'm wondering if someone here can give the GARC locations I need to go about replacing a few things. I have the GARC locations for both battle models, overworld models, and Trainer images, but I'm wondering where the following are: Game Text Story Text All files relating to the Trainer teams (in ORAS it'd be "trdata," "trpoke") I know that Pk3DS can edit the files without telling me where they are, but the method I'm using to get my 3DS to read edited GARCs is different than what I'm used to, and Pk3DS doesn't tell me which GARCs are being edited like the XYORAS version did. Likewise, I don't think anyone has a compiled list of all GARC files yet like there was for XY and ORAS (not that I've found, anyhow) I just need to know these locations so I can insert them onto my SD Card myself. Thank you for your time.
  3. As far as I know, you HAVE to replace a Pokemon that already has a Mega/Primal Reversion. For example, someone on Youtube replaced Audino to get certain Megas to work, and I've replaced Kyogre entirely to get a Primal to work, as well.
  4. Please disregard my last post. Through Hex Editing, I've figured out what I needed to know. With any luck, I'll post a video showing some progress on it in the coming days. EDIT: Nope, nevermind. I overlooked something that made me think I got what I needed. Still working at it in my spare time, though.
  5. Hey, I was wondering if I could get any sort of clarification on this. I'm trying to make a battle field out of OR/AS maps, however the map files in OR/AS don't have the textures packaged into the same .BCH file as the map itself. I'm wondering if it's possible, either through Ohana, Rebirth, or some other method, to add these textures directly to the map's .BCH file. If someone could provide an answer, great! Thanks in advance! However, I'm really not expecting one, to be quite honest.
  6. The Pokemon models are all the files that end in .147. Basically the list for each individual Pokemon will look like this. #.147 Pokemon model #.150 #.164 Normal Texture #.164 Shiny Texture #.164 #.146 #.155 #.147 Ohana cannot open this file. The next Pokemon is right below this one. Then it repeats. Ohana will not open the last .147 file per Pokemon, so don't bother with it. As for which Pokemon is where, idk how to help you with that. Keep in mind that all Pokemon are in order by Pokedex number, so if you're looking for, let's say, Lucario, and the model you open is Blaziken, keep going further down the list. Likewise, if you run into Samurott, you've gone too far. Just keep looking at each Pokemon until you get in the general area of where the Pokemon you're looking to edit is on the Pokedex. One thing that could help for the future is to document all Pokemon files you've tried while searching for the one you want. Good luck.
  7. There are several files for a single Pokemon, the textures are the two directly after the model. For example: Model Normal Textures Shiny Textures After dragging the model in, drag either the shiny or normal textures into Ohana as well.
  8. It's done in the same way as the Trainer Mugshots. The name plates are .bclim images, so basically all you have to do is write a name in an image editor, such as Photoshop, save it and convert it back to a bclim in the same way you would for the Mugshots.
  9. The name plates are in file 2/1/4. "You are challenged by [Trainer Name]" Is done through Pk3DS's text editor. Read through the threads in the ROM research and development section and it should answer most if not all of your questions. Under the "Game Text" button here are the important locations for each thing you'd normally replace. File 21: Trainer Class File 22: Trainer Names File 23: Trainer's Dialogue Likewise, Kaphotics has compiled a list of what most of the GARC files in OR/AS hold. You can use it as a reference to find exactly what you need fairly easily. http://pastebin.com/4bg3q6FL
  10. As far as I've gathered, Gen 4 hacking is well fleshed out. I cannot confirm everything for certain but the basic things such as sprite editing, move changing, text editing, and all that basic stuff can be fully edited. Things like scripts can also be made from what I've gathered off a certain Youtube channel (creator of the video below). Likewise, if you have the time and/or knowledge of modeling you can potentially create your own region in these games. Like so: [video=youtube;btXoS5xzGl0] I cannot go into specifics, as I'm more interested in Gen 5/6 hacking, but I hope I was able to clear up some of what is possible with the fourth generation.
  11. Hi, I'm hoping to get some answers on how to change map textures. I know where the map textures are located (a/0/1/4) however when I open the GARC file is when things start to get iffy. If I open the GARC using GARCTool than all the textures I'm looking to edit are in .133 files. So, I open Pk3DS and open the .133 files and edit the textures as normal using Ohana. Now when I convert the folder back into a .133 and rebuild the GARC the game will crash when I try to load the specific map I've edited. So, I figured it was a problem with GARCTool, so I decompressed a clean GARC and went through the same process, this time with the .133 files appearing as .bin files instead. I unpack, repack and launch the game and get the same problem. I know editing map textures is possible, as I've seen it done on the exact maps I'm looking to edit, but can anyone help me work around this issue?
  12. My apologies for the double post, but how would I go about properly changing the map textures? They're all .133 files, I've used pk3DS to decompile them, recompile them, and then remake the GARC, but whenever I go into the map where textures have changed the game freezes on a black screen. I know it's not impossible, as I've seen another user change the exact two rooms I'm trying to change and it worked just fine. If anyone can help me out, I'd appreciate it immensely.
  13. Did a thing, figure I may as well post it here. The image is rather large do to my video editor, and I'm to lazy to upload another. So, here's a link in case you need it; https://pbs.twimg.com/media/Cby32XcUkAArOqe.jpg:large I may release the .BCH file for it some time next weekend, there are still a few kinks I need to work out, specifically with the bag. I'd like to use it in a video myself before I get around to releasing it as well. Overall, everything seems all right with it. Used: Brendan's body Red's hair (Smash Bros.) Calem's Cap (Not the default hunting hat, the baseball cap from X/Y) Trevor's backpack A good portion of editing was done to each model and such, so it wasn't just a straight port from other things. Also, I'm no model making pro, nor do I claim to be. I simply did what I could with the resources available. One thing to take note of, I cannot edit Brendan's body without the body exploding in a million different ways, so he's still wearing shorts (with the legs textured to look like pants), I also didn't edit his shoes since anything lower than the shorts barely gets seen outside of the cutscenes with Kyogre/Groudon and the Hall of Fame anyway.
  14. Hey, hi, how's it going? You never get anywhere in life unless you ask stupid questions, so here I am. I know this has been asked before, but I figured it'd be best to try and get some answers before going knee deep into a bunch of stuff I didn't need to know. I know a "Fair" amount about modeling, but I'm still just a beginner so please excuse my ignorance on the matter. So, I wanted to be able to insert my own custom characters into these games, but figured I'd tackle something a bit simpler first, as I'm still a beginner and need to learn what the limitations of inserting things through Ohana are. After removing May's default bag I applied Trevor's to her body model, fixed up the textures, and it surprisingly inserted itself into Ohana without the typical, "This model has more faces... etc. etc." error. So, I figured it worked. If it did, I wouldn't be here. To start off, I read this on page 3: I get that, however I didn't expect the model to become this corrupt since I was still using May's body and figured her bones would still be attached to her model like normal. At most I expected Trevor's bag to be the thing to glitch out like this. Laughably enough, it's the only thing that didn't become a jumbled mess. Anyway, here's the image of what happened. Basically, all I'm asking is if there's a way to correct this. Do I need to bind the model to May's original model's bones manually? If so, how? Or is it something else entirely. All I need is to be pointed in the right direction, and I'll do the rest of the research myself. Thank you for your time.
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