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  1. I've found a bug that when you extract the garc files of a/1/9/6 in Ohana3DS the program will crash when it'll be on file_272.bin
  2. where should i downlod it from? Edit: Nevermind I downloaded it from github.
  3. Why when i randomize the trainers all their pokemon have like lvl100.
  4. Ok so many users are asking, how to decrypt the 3ds roms. Ill post here a tutorial made by Asia81. Its in french but u can use Google translate. Link:http://www.pokemontrash.com/jeux-pokemon/decrypter-compiler-rom-3ds.php
  5. no i dont have a backup i must try to make a new one.
  6. Oh god i pasted a wrong link. Was thinking that i copied the right. I edited the link. ☺
  7. Do I must get xorpads of the edited rom? Because when i tried the edited rom when i was getting decryptedexefs.bin and in the cmd i got that .code is missing. I used uyou tutorial on pokemonthrash
  8. Use this tutorial to decrypt. I know that its french but u can use Google translate. ☺ http://www.pokemontrash.com/jeux-pokemon/decrypter-compiler-rom-3ds.php
  9. You can't use edited roms on Sky3DS. You must have Gateway3DS to play edited roms
  10. Can u explain to me how to do it? And when i build the edited rom can i decrypt it after?
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