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  1. Hello everyone. I have a question: How to exchange music in Pokemon White 2? I would like to make that normal trainer battle music now is eg. Johto gym leader battle music. I tried to do that with Action Replay code, but there is no such a code, so I would like to exchange that manually, but the problem is that I completelly don't know, how to do that. Could someone, please, help me?
  2. I would really like to have that code too. ;p
  3. What does "Healer" in BWTE do? How can I understand this?
  4. Well, I see admins have fun deleting all my posts... If you hate me, just ban my account, because it is boooring. It's also funny, because many of you call yourselves "hackers" and you even don't know how to create a simple code (I would like to belive that you are just too lazy, but... Well, it's impossible).
  5. Well... This topic was made to talk about codes, not about difficulty of the game. Still waiting for code, which allows using items during PWT...
  6. Can I request an AR code for Pokemon White 2, which allows me to choose my opponent during Pokemon World Tournament? I mean, When I choose this code, I can change, that I will be fighting Flannery (but only when I chose Hoenn Gym Leaders, Fire Master or World Leaders). I Would like that code have with XXX number, so I can change those XXX into a trainer with who I want to battle.
  7. Is It possible to edit trainers, that are in Pokemon World Tournament? I tried to search them in BWTE 2, but they don't exist, so where are their files?
  8. Can I request music modifier code?
  9. Will here be music editor too? It would be very great!
  10. Can I request the code for White 2, which revives all your pokemon during battle? I mean, eg. when I fight battles, where I can't use items, I can't revive my pokemon myself, so if my 5 pokemons fainted and I have 1 left, I would like to press SELECT and revive those fainted (or at least one random pokemon) so I can choose them (or him) again. @Edit: Or a code which restores my Pokemons' HP (I found one for Black/White, I don't know how it works, if it restores even the fainted Pokemon or if it restores the Pokemon which are during battle, the best would be if it restore HP Pokemons' during battle and those, who fainted too)
  11. Can someone make/find "Music Modifier" code for Pokemon White 2 US, like it was in B/W? I mean, while battling normal trainer, you can activate that cheat and you hear music from Kanto Gym Leader, not from normal trainer. Please help!
  12. Wow, you really know what you are doing. Well, I can just wait until you will find this, because I completely don't know what to do. I wonder if all trainers have the same music bytes, so eg. XX YY ZZ (I don't know the values of that bytes) are bytes of that music and it is set to every trainer, who isn't special, or if every trainer has its own music bytes which sounds the same, but is different in bytes. In first case it will be able to change music, but it will change music for them all, in the second one it will change music for each trainer separately, so I can do eg. Dancer has Johto Gym Leader and Hiker Hoenn. The second option is better, but the first is still better than nothing.
  13. Hello. I have similar request as XtaLarge but: Trainer named Hiker will have Kanto Gym Leader Music, Youngster - Johto Gym Leader, Worker - Hoenn Gym Leader, Lass - Sinnoh Gym Leader and with champions: Waiter (not Waitress) - Kanto Champion (Blue), Dancer - Johto Champion (Lance), Psychic (man) - Hoenn Champion, I think Sinnoh champion is avaible through BWTE 2.0 and the last music: music which plays, when you fight the last, final battle in world tournament and that music for a Doctor. When I changed someone's trainer class into Brock, Misty or other Gym Leader it was normal trainer music, but with a picture of Brock, Misty, etc... The Best would be if I choose Brock, Misty, Lt. Surge, etc. it will be Kanto Gym Leader, Blue - Kanto Champion, Whitney, Bugsy, Falkner, etc. - Johto Gym Leader, etc., etc., but there are too much of them to set it to everyone, so I think easier is to change just as I wrote on the beginning. The best way to change music also would be to have na Action Replay code which allows You to change music, according to what HEX VALUES do You put in that code - but there is still no code like this for B2W2 (For BW there is a code like that). Thanks in advance!
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