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  1. @theSLAYER Okay got it! Thank you! That does make sense haha it was mostly my fault on that one then! Thanks for your assistance!
  2. @theSLAYER Okay got the error message! It appears to be whenever I try to set a mystery gift Pokemon from any Generation but Generation 7. Here is the promised screenshot! It seems to be most problems are with viewing, setting, and the Mystery Gift Pokemon.
  3. @theSLAYER Thank you! I haven't tried it the way you suggested but I will and see if that will work! I didn't have a previous Gen save only Generation 7 in Ultra Moon so that might be the problem. The error message asks if the Pokemon I'm trying to transfer really belongs in that Generation and it's usually any Generation before Sun/Moon and the Ultra games. I will work on that and see if I can get a fix and I'll post the error message up in a photo when it pops up! When I click Mystery Gift the screen loads with all the event Pokemon but when I click View, PKHeX crashes and has to be shut down. This does not change no matter how many times I try it so I assume maybe it's an update fix. @Kaphotics Oh that makes sense! I'll be looking forward to the next release then, thank you! Thank you both for all your help and I'll post up the error message when I get to it!
  4. Hello! I'm pretty new to the Pokemon modding community especially the 3DS! I've started using the PKHEX Pokemon Modifier program and I love it except for I'm having a couple of issues with it, possibly understanding how to work parts of it haha. I'll give as much information as I can about my issue but if you need more info please just ask and possibly tell me how to retrieve it ISSUES 1) I'm having a huge issue with the Mystery event Pokemon. I cannot view them. It freezes and crashes PKHEX completely. It does this with a few other things but the biggest problem is Mystery Event Pokemon. 2) Also the other biggest concern: whenever I try to access Pokemon encounter database it either doesn't load or freezes. 3) Also Gen 1 and 2 will not transfer to Gen 7. That's all I can think of at the moment and my biggest concerns are 1 and 2. Most of the time the freezes happen when I click view. Below is some information you might need to help me! SPECS 1) Windows 10 64-bit 2) Citra; Canary mingw (I don't have the version because I can't remember and don't know how to find it but its the most recent update done on June 25,2019) 3) Pokemon Ultra Moon 4) My PKHEX folders are as follows: This PC/F:/GAMES/Pokemon/PKHeX Pokemon Modifier And below is what I have in the folders - bak folder -- a list of main saves - PKHeX.CORE.dll - PKHeX.exe 5) My PKHeX version is: 20190515 and if there is an update, I haven't been alerted to one. Thats all I think I know! But if you need more let me know! If it's an update problem then I look forward to the next release! And if there is an update I've missed I would be happy to download with a link Thank you guys! Happy Pokemon'ing and Gaming! Note: I can submit pictures if needed!
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