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  1. How do you edit those small pokemon sprites that appear when looking at a PC box or in a menu? I think the raw files are in a/0/9/1, but I'm having a problem converting them into images that make sense. Has anyone else done this? Thanks.
  2. I recently started using Ohana3DS to extract assets from ORAS and noticed it's tedious to find a particular pokemon's model and texture. These files are found in folder a/0/0/8, and are labelled with file_#### instead of pokemon names. I searched around for an easy way to find which file goes with which pokemon, like a search function or list, but haven't found anything. Has anything like this been made yet? If yes then it should be made more public. Well anyway I started mapping the files to pokemon on my own, and it's pretty crazy. There are over 8000 files! So I'd like some help with this, and possibly make it a public project to identify all the model and texture files in a/0/0/8. Here's what I've got so far: https://github.com/mradocy/pokemonModelList. I've also discovered some things that would make this easier. About half the files can't even be opened in Ohana3DS, so that reduces the work a lot. There all also patterns with how the files work. In general, it seems a pokemon consists of a block of 8 files. These blocks tend to contain the following files: Pokemon model (geometry) (.pc file) A (<10 KB) .pf file that can't be opened. The texture of the pokemon (.pt file) The texture (shiny version) of the pokemon (.pt file) A .pt file that can't be opened, size varies a lot A medium (<100 KB) .pb file that can't be opened A medium (<100 KB) .pk file that can't be opened A small (<10 KB) .pc file that can't be opened Also, does anyone know what the significance of these extra files are? Are they animations? Note there are separate blocks for different forms of pokemon, which includes gender differences. This makes it hard to come up with a general formula for mapping pokemon to their corresponding files. Even if there was such a formula, there is still value in attempting to open the files. It'll be useful for bugtesting Ohana3DS; for example finding pokemon whose textures don't render correctly, or at all (Charizard, for instance). So would anyone like to help? A list like this would be very handy to have. Most importantly, if someone already did this please share it before we do a lot of work for nothing... (wouldn't that be embarrassing huh?)
  3. Hi, new member here. I'm a computer science student and I do game development as a hobby. Huge pokemon fan for a long time, I love the mainstream games, but I've got ideas on how they can be better (doesn't everybody?). Recently I heard about advancements in the 3DS hacking scene and I wanted to see what it was all about. And it's awesome! I want to contribute to the 3DS Pokemon modding community and make something great! I can program and have experience in game design. I am also the creator of Pokemon Evoas, a fan game made from scratch with a revamped battle system. Unfortunately it was shut down by Nintendo way before it was completed . So that's my story. I can't wait to meet new people and contribute!
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